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    UK near lots of rabbits
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    I am interested in .22 air rifle shooting both hunting and target shooting I have a Gamo phox pcp which I love and a Gamo whisper x which is such a great rifle. I am lucky to have quite abit of land by me that is great for rabbit hunting.
  1. Gamo whisper x is a great break barrel and with a hawke scope I find it spot on
  2. Thankyou soooo much for your kind help guys I am very grateful Also Thankyou jonjon that is really helpful I am fine skinning etc and practice daily on my land before going rabbit hunting but also wise words on what we can eat thankyou
  3. Sorry to ask I have tried looking but I cannot find a list of what is legal to hunted e.g rabbit,pigon,rat etc could any supply a list or a link it would be most helpful. Very sorry if this is a common question
  4. tired it and your all right it was not the greatest in low light I did get off a few good shots in the light but will be getting a better one from my air gun shop at the weekend least it was only a few quid
  5. well i am working from home today and I have just fitted it and gonna do target practice in a hour it was all boxed and got instructions for zeroing and what not looks really good as i say just not branded
  6. I have just bought my 1st rifle and i decided to check ebay for scopes and bags I found a great camo bag for £10 free shipping and a scope unnamed 4x20mm for £6.65 free shipping and both are really good, I wont say any names as i have nothing to do with selling on ebay and was just giving a tip for people.
  7. Ah I see that is what mine is 12 ft/lbs. thankyou for the info Phil
  8. Very nice piece and very well written,I am just starting out in hunting/air sports and if by the time I hit 65 I still feel like you do I will be very pleased. I did pick up on one point am I right in thinking there are some airguns you need a lisence for?
  9. Not sure if you Guys have tried this yet But I have a persmission from a local church/graveyard (i'm sure others must have this problem)which is full of all sorts of wildlife. Rabbits love the flowers put down on graves and this is not liked by people buying them and putting them on loved ones graves,also the trees are loaded with squrel ruining the bark so I get some lovely shooting and people get longer lasting flowers and tree's not getting exposed so much.
  10. I will try the air arms field Thankyou as I have the H&N but it just seems a little loose over distance.
  11. I only have a break barrel whisper x at the mo but i keep hearing about rapid rifles and feel i may need to invest in one if they are far better then break barrel
  12. Sorry I dont wanna be "that guy" who keeps asking stupid questions but I have just bought a break barrel rifle .22 is rapid much better and if so why? sorry very new to the sport
  13. Cool thanks for that I will try the Air arms field pellets
  14. I have just bought a whisper .22 which I love and was looking for a good scope to start with for day hunting but then night time once my skills are higher any help on this matter would be great.I have bought a cheap one off ebay but not sure it will be any good
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