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  1. Think your confusing me with someone else, easily done with limited brain cells
  2. It's a forum, not the last outpost in a post apocalyptic Orwellian 1984. Is the word n*gger humourous and essential in a "free" society?
  3. I'm having the corvid jab. I've read the reviews and people are raven about it.
  4. Nice to see we have moved on from 1971 Alf Garnett. And wouldn't that be a barista.....
  5. I didn't see your comments. I just find it sad we still have the mentality to drop to our base instincts as soon as a woman appears.
  6. She was about 10 in this photo and in summer condition, she always muscled up easily enough with bike work.
  7. You keep on doing what you're doing mate. I enjoy your posts and at least you're out there doing it and not theorizing. It's disgraceful that a photo of a woman or a female post can't be made without the dickless knuckle draggers wanking themselves off over their Hugo Boss tracksuits
  8. Totally agree. Roe fold like an origami swan, fallow will knock a dog around like a red headed step child. Pre ban I was given the opportunity to run red, I was realistic enough to know my dogs MAY of had the heart, but they certainly didn't have the tools
  9. Do you not remember Joe, we spoke about this in 2009 lol. My ex wife was a student nurse at Runwell so i was there every week lol
  10. I was at Wickford most weekends at that time and remember driving past the next day after the shootings and seeing all the police cars and wondering what had happened. It was the range rover and the bodies
  11. I've found decent box sets are superior to films now. I just watched North by Northwest, classic Hitchcock
  12. Novikov is a beast. I really wanted Brian to win another title. Eddie was lucky enough to meet me a couple of years ago
  13. In what way matey? I think sometimes a dogs versatility is curtailed by a pre conceived idea of what they are capable of
  14. Well if covid would die too that would improve 2020
  15. Thanks Ray, they are everywhere here. All photos were taken a mile from my front door
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