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    Reading, writing. The countryside. Working dogs and a way of life that seems obsolete. I should of been born 40 years earlier.

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  1. Simoman


    I lost 6 kilos in hospital, i calculated if i stayed in until June i would be classed as "normal" weight............
  2. Simoman


    pre, post or during surgery a photo of my head is never a pretty site......
  3. Simoman


    Hi everyone, just wanted to say a HUGE thank you from myself and my family for the kind words and positive thoughts. My wife printed off the thread and read it to me in hospital, it meant a lot. Unfortunately after brain surgery I developed diabetes insipidus followed by suspected meningitis and pneumonia, basically last week we thought I was on the way out. I am home now and it will be a long road to recovery but thank you for taking the time to post a kind word, just goes to show the reality is hunters are salt of the earth people. Many thanks to you all.....................
  4. A very nice idea, but i think to be self sufficient you must be able to do away with many mods cons, but whats more actually mean it. Best of luck
  5. Simoman


    Common misconception it's all flat, it ain't!! We have the wolds, the fens and personally i love the county, great little villages, country pubs and slower pace...........
  6. I cry every time I see my mutt run!! That's because your screaming "have it" as he closes in on his rabbit and it disturbs him. Mick i'm confused, whats an "oft cnut"?
  7. I'm sensitive, I even cry during romantic films.........
  8. I hate the term "kiddy fiddler", its seems to make light of the most serious crime anyone can commit..................Sick sub-human scum
  9. To be honest i love a good natural history show.......that was not a good natural history show...........
  10. Depends on an individual case, who was warned for what though del?
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