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  1. theres a small oring on the brass where you screw the cylinder onto . or fill cylinder off the gun so you will b able to tell if its gun or cylinder at fault
  2. save your money stick with the bsa just as good as any top rifle .
  3. i use eley extra longs in mine 18g 5 or 6
  4. why wouldnt you want it for rabbits ? these ultras are good straight out of box even better when tuned
  5. i dont mind them the more the better for me
  6. full airtech tuned and reged ultra .22 and 3-12x50 airmax 30 scope and nm 800 red pill
  7. went out for couple hours last week around the feed sheds and around the farm yard .got 10 in total but couldnt get to the others
  8. you wont go far wrong with that
  9. same to you mate you have a good night
  10. is that at glasson or just off net . been a while since i was there
  11. here you go phil 325mm cylinder fully airtech tuned drops of reg at 75 bar i get 100 shots from 200 bar but ive never take it as low so it drops off reg so probably get more. using 16 aa fields . got these last week in straw bales got six but couldnt get to the other two.
  12. all the polish put hand lines in overnight where the op has fished . and now pac own lancaster canal and glasson basen knocked it on the head for me .
  13. ok i used to fish it alot . i you cast to the right of that slipway on oposite side at the mouth of canal or if that big boat there get your rods tight to it .lamprey is a good bait on there. also big jerkbaits do well . just a few pointers for you .i aint fished it for a while . average depth is about 15ft and around 10 near mouth of canal
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