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  1. im sure id feel the same as you ben if id been in that situation! but ive had the flip side.. they told me and the wife at one of the scans that our youngest daughter had soft markers and would more than likely be disabled and recommended an abortion and pushed for there and then! we said no and went home and read up about what they were on about and the chances were so slim we agreed to keep her, she's the brightest and healthiest kid ive got.
  2. I’ve only had one jab as it made me ill as f… I looked like a junky coming off meth my x mrs is a hospital manager and my mum worked all her working life at the local hospital and I’ve been watching and listening to horror stories about the nhs for years! think this COVID malarkey has used as a get out of jail free for them as it’s given them a chance to blame the government for it being fcuked. the nhs ate the nhs through mismanagement, I’m all for it being scraped.. I’d rather pay into private and get a quality service
  3. Had a walk out with a mate this aft, god knows why… it’s not got above 2 over this way, surprised there’s not more snow than there is because it’s never let up! the 12’s in the drying out clinic had to sit in truck for half hour with heaters on full blast to thaw out so I could Wright a birthday card me hands were that cold
  4. That’s some season with a modern gun never mind what you were using nice one sd
  5. I use that fac air gun with nightvison on it when there’s no cattle about! shoot rats all the time as I can do it out of the truck window and it gets me out of the house when I can’t be bothered walking about:) Got the farmer who’s land the rats were on badgering me to shoot the crows cos he’s been drilling! he doesn’t get the concept that I work and he definitely ain’t gonna fund the ammo
  6. Never stopped this year, there’s more about than ever… was out foxing with a mate the other night, we were walking through a bean field that had only just been cut a couple of days before and it was crawling with them. me mate was looking through his thermal and thought they were partridge when I said they were rats he had a right freak out they were in the hedges climbing trees all over the spot
  7. I’ve been thinking about this for weeks and waiting for the reaction.. was bound to happen now it’s a given! had 200 of the fuckers in a hotel in town, they smashed the f****r up and are putting in claims for being put in a shit hole
  8. use to work with an old boy when I was younger, he lived in a chicken coup cos it was closer to the pub than his house! all I ever saw him eat were boiled eggs he was telling me about how he grew up on a tiny terrace in middle of nowhere and there was a 3 block of toilets at end of the garden with drop boxes, can still remember the smile on his face when he was telling me about stinging peoples arses with nettles and running off
  9. its the highways bloke who insists on the bw, he dont trust the lads to concrete round them worked for a firm who did a pay thing similar to yours and the mad fckers gave us £5ph bonus when it rained. did blockwork for retainer on Friday bed banged down with the shovel, just on with wrapping it in brick work.. will have 19m of brick on edge to bang on it tomorrow mate chose a good week to go centerparks. on plus sites less than a mile from my house so I nipped home and took the ferret for a mooch today while falks had a puncture fixed
  10. There’s a Mcains chip factory where I live and the sky’s black with the bloody things, safe to day they’ve never been scares round here As for the licences they’ll probably specify first light with an air gun, just set up a few fac ones for the defra contractors
  11. Tossers up this way are demanding one brick English for anything in the rd nowjust done two of these, won’t be doing any more.. straight measure, told him to get fcuked.
  12. They make barrels for loads of companies but it’s not broadcast, it groups like you wouldn’t belive
  13. Think this sites a bit fcuked on my phone, this is first time it’s shown this post the .204 is great and I like it a lot, easy and cheap to load for and it’s put down 30 odd fox’s since Christmas.. it didn’t like the vmax though:( the one I did whack last night dropped on spot at about 200
  14. There based on a Remington 700 action with all the crap bits sorted out.. saw a lad I know at chicken farm on Sunday testing his 6.5 creedmore at long ranges he’d just put his in a grs stock, weighed a bloody ton:( be easy and cheap to find a new stock but the bolt would still be on wrong side… I’m a bit weird and can load left or right but my right eye is dominant
  15. I had to many runners using 40grn vmax in my 204 and switched to 32grn sierras and they stopped running… nearly smashed rifle over a fence post one night cos I was fuming
  16. Cheers nige To say them bergara’s are one of the cheapest rifles you can buy ive got more faith in it when I pull the trigger than any other gun I’ve owned! was out last night with the .204 and missed a fox, it was a fair old distance and fairly windy like.. think it’s time the 6.5 had an outing dressed with the thermal
  17. Here’s one for shot placement sl look on the deck, it didn’t move very far! Last day of buck season, he had two hours to keep his head down before dark.. rare bullets them sst First photo as I walked up to it, shot off stix at bout 170yard
  18. Back on for same firm I was when I got me last shovel… 3 years forward and I’m 55p down a trench blockafter a management shake up! will still do alright but I’ll be having a new shovel.. if you’ve got a good anvil you can have me old one
  19. I was on a site in Cornwall and a bloke stuck a pick through the power supply to a cow shit power station… he got a fair tingle since then I’ve had insulated stuff
  20. I nicked mine groundwork firms supply them so they just get left all over the spot
  21. Them spades are good ive been using them for years but there big… good roll over so it don’t fcuk ya feet but steels a bit soft and dints on rocks
  22. done the same dc... stepped first foot back on site Tuesday since the first lockdown! come to conclusion customers are nowt but a pain in the arse... been knee deep in footings throwing blocks about and its a breath of fresh air
  23. I used that stuff on a mid terrace that was riddled with damp years ago, just dot n dabbed it too! when the lad I did it for flogged his house the surveyor thought his damp meter was fcuked cos it didn't register anything
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