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  1. Traded mine in for a stress free life… me ears don’t ring any more and me hands are soft as fcuk now
  2. My mates washer set on fire and Another mates freezer burnt his house down luckily it was in an integral garage as they all got out, happened in middle of the night Think I must just be a tight northern cnut cos I ain’t got a dishwasher either
  3. Not had a microwave for bout 6 years, came home from work to find mine whirring away with the door open the house stunk like burning electrics so I opens back door and evicted it to back garden… it’s a pain in the arse not havin one. got tempted to get another and read some reviews and saw a few more that were still doing it
  4. bit of an extreme example but this is when wall ties rust and lift brick work. like foxdroper said throw some expansion into the mix and it will push the corners out or belly in the middle as all the strength has gone and it just slides on the corses below the failure. been a bricklayer for over 30 years
  5. Don’t do it.. they fly super flat but just pass through and keep on going .177 sub 12 all the way Bout 10 1/2ftlb is optimum what I’ve found messin with them over the years. I’d put a photo up of what one did running at about 10 1/2 but I’d prob get loads of for it nige
  6. There was a little fat fcuker in town the other day singing her head off, sounded like a cat being strangled! was wearing a lycra rainbow unicorn jump suit wanted to take a photo but just couldn’t bring myself to do it
  7. these are the ones id use though " below"as there a stronger fix.. there are other ways too where you can use threaded bar and resin! when ive done dodgy gables for insurance jobs its usually stipulated about the resin but for standard replacement where the house aint falling to bits these are fine. Mechanical Remedial Wall Ties Box of 100 BSFIXINGS.UK Remedial wall ties can be used where existing cavity walls are without ties, or when the original ties have perished and are unable to perform their primary...
  8. if its not lifting the brickwork dont bother and just drill new holes at the measurements above! but if you need to find the ties a metal detector. it is an easy job to do yourself but there are specific ways around windows and doors as there every 225mm high and 100mm away from the masonry edge.
  9. Sometimes they rust and lift the brick work… you have to chop the mortar out knock them back and re-point! there are replacements that you drill through the first skin of brickwork, through the cavity and half way into your house internal wall… you hammer them in. you can work out how many you need by every 900mm length ways and 450mm high
  10. Glad they didn’t have them when I was younger and drove like a Cnut, I’d of been permanently band bet they don’t catch may now with the price of fuel, I’m 50mph everywhere now
  11. I live in north York’s and there are no fixed cameras just loads of mobile cash cows! but that’s not enough for them, saw the local countryside cop struggling to set his speed camera up on the 4x4 tail gate yesterday times must be hard
  12. Took my lad camping the other week, farmers chickens have been getting snatched.. took him to a copse bout 1/2 mile from farm and let him take his 410 as said bandit would be close do between two houses! he didn’t find the culprit but smashed a woody that he couldn’t find in the overgrown copse.. but he found the remains of palmers chickens and some cubs. Was a great night doing it again this weekend
  13. Just driving home bout an hour ago I saw loads of woodys flattening the barley, looked like they were taking it in turns to jump from a sitty tree to flatten a safe area bout 20 yard into the field🥷
  14. Get some mint sunrises on way to work.. sunny Scarborough castle
  15. Was at a bbq last night with a few mates who beat for the big estate shoot where I live, we were talking about the charity clay shoot that happened a few weeks back! I nearly fell over when me mate bought out a letter of thanks saying how much they had raised.
  16. this is the stuff you want stav, was getting eaten alive one night last summer by them midges up the dales! quick blast with this suff then they just stopped, cheap as you like and it dont me you smell like a Nancy
  17. That tit got exactly what he deserved… imagine how many punters he’d piss off and try and intimidate on a night out! good job it was another black guy who smacked him…. Bet he’s loving his new found fame the fcukin tit
  18. Just googled this as I’ve heard about it with living in area
  19. hes been mixing it up this morning.. 20bore with 3" 35gram 2's
  20. hunt about for a second hand reloading setup stav.. if you can rebuild a truck engine you'll find loading your own a pice of pi55.. costs about 34p for me to load a ,223 round and you'll be able to stock up on lead before this copper ban gets under way, I saw some 6.5x55 at that shooting show£65 for 20 rounds .. I load mine for about 70p each and there more accurate than shelf stuff
  21. It’s a sad state of affairs… was great when I left school cos every bloke knew his job inside out and I learnt a lot…. This new breed are fcukin dummy’s
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