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  1. View Advert Brand New Terrier Book Bought this brand new for my partner a year or two ago and he’s never read it it’s just been sat there on the bookshelf since. Advertiser MissRhianL Date 21/03/19 Price £10.00 Category Miscellaneous
  2. Does anyone have any EU polecat kits in South Wales for sale
  3. Looking for a pet lamb in South Wales if anyone is selling any
  4. For sale Trio Eating and laying well £25 South Wales (Rhondda) Can send pics of u pm ur mobile number
  5. Hi sorry if it's in the wrong session but does anyone have the very first book of the "Terrierman's Life" series
  6. Yeah I understand about the bacteria and virus I'm a medical student =) there was only 1 qualified (I think lol) vet that would see them nobody else dealt with ferrets which I thought was bad
  7. Can anyone recommend a good terrier book? There seems to be a few good ones by J. Darcy it's hard to narrow it down
  8. Hi I managed to get an appointment with the vet. As they were both in season he explained their immune system drops a little and become more prone to things. But on oral antibiotics now and recovering well
  9. Hi guys thanks for commenting. Bedding is fine they live indoors. I took them to the vets and said because they were both in season their immune system drops and are more prone to things. Both on oral antibiotics and doing really well.
  10. Hi guys just wondering if anyone has come across their ferret having cold flu like symptoms? It's come on today and just wanted to see if anyone could advise anything or best to take her down to the vets
  11. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has come across their ferret having cold/flu like symptoms? Come on today and want to know if there's anything that people can advise or is it best just to get her down the vets?
  12. Thanks for the genuine answers guys.
  13. I love the way people jump to conclusions straight away thinking about putting 2 dogs in the same Earth at the same time don't you ever think to ask first? Wank wods!! I enquired if you can link 2 collars up to a box as when out on a walk the other day and one of the dogs happened to fall down a 16ft man hole. It's just as a safety precaution for the future incase something like this happens again on a normal walk. I got a pup to bring on and wanted to check if there's something out there like the bellman or another device you can link 2 collars too just to see their where abouts incase you lo
  14. Trying to find out if it's possible to link more than 1 collar to the bellman box?
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