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  1. I'd have to disagree as I really dont like the vermiand say the raiders the best here
  2. I'll leave that between you and him as he'll be at mine soon??
  3. I've seen the exact same thing with Jimmy and his Verminator, and we have to go get it 15 yards from where it was shot check it all over and still in the kill zone
  4. Sorry I should have explained better bud, I ment as in running away before dropping dead and when picked up and checked still hit in the right place, just I dont seem to have that problem with .22
  5. I just missed the stopping power of the .22, many of rabbits hit in the kill zone and still ran off. First rabbit with it so far and stopped it in its tracks, was hoping it would flop a bit so I could retrieve it easier as as soon as I walked towards it I just sunk up to my knees in a muck pile
  6. I would have another in .22 anyway just a shame I couldn't get on with it in .177
  7. Wanted a change from .177 back to .22, and Sean said to have alot at this in the RFD, sharp made a deal with the HW110 and walked away with this
  8. This says it has 100-140 shots, self regulated, and for only £500 new, I can only find 2 reviews online. BSA Scorpion TS Multishot Bolt Action PCP Air Rifle - Bagnall and Kirkwood BAGNALLANDKIRKWOOD.CO.UK 2023 BSA Scorpion TS PCP Air Rifle Are you after a BSA rifle that doesn’t break the bank? Well, this may well be the... Jason
  9. I'm just wondering what's people's opinion on the new Scorpion or if they've heard much about it? Atb Jason
  10. I do indeed and it's my pride and joy, only thing im looking to change is the biathlon lever, and maybe eventually find someone who makes a custom stock for it, mine loves the hades up to about 30 yards and the JSB heavies up till about 60 yards
  11. Where did you get the biathlon lever from bud?
  12. believe me, it would be in the bed next to me if i can figure out how to get rid of the Mrs
  13. ive got one in .177 and its absolutely unbelievable, by far the best pcp ive used or owned
  14. He's still got one now, and it's his pride and joy?
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