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  1. Sorry jock just seen this, I have the number and letter templates if your still needing a borrow mate give me a shout
  2. Wow they really are quality bits of work! I’ve been millling with a chainsaw for a few years and recently bought a portable bandsaw mill. My woodworking skills are nowhere near your mates tho! And I’m still waiting for my timber to dry lol so green oak benches are about all I can make at the moment lol gonna build a solar kiln this year hopefully
  3. That’s smart, has he milled it himself? I’ve been making a few bits Myself from windblown oak
  4. Seeing quite a few of what I believe are Ceps, what’s the best way to cook them?
  5. That’s pretty cool, fair play to man and pooch
  6. Looks good that lot GL! Any chance you could save me a few seeds? I’ve got a poly tunnel frame I’m gonna get set up for next year 8.5mtr x 16mtr and I’m wanting as many different kinds of chilli as I can lol gonna do some toms to but I’ve no experience with anything else lol
  7. I’ve culled a fair few chickens now, and always thought that although they looked ready for the pot, once dressed they always looked a little “flat breasted” and thought i was doing them to early, now I no why they didn’t look as plump as the Tesco ones lol I’ll stick to home grown!
  8. I don’t see that video as the police dishing out the punishment tho? I sincerely hope the little brat will now be charged with robbing an old lady, affray, abh etc and sentenced appropriately via the judicial system. The officer was just trying to make the arrest, if she held her hands up a said “yep it was me” it would have gone a lot smoother lol
  9. Just seen your other post, is it a telemetry thing?
  10. It was Lancashire till last year so I’ll let you off lol
  11. I am in Scotland! That’s what inspired me to do it lol
  12. I was thinking that before? Did we ever have prohibition in the UK or was it just America? And if anybody asks I’m making bio fuel for my lawn mower I can make 2500ltrs of that per year apparently. Might need a licence for that to tho lol I should look in to it really
  13. Yeah you can get them over here to but there about £500 and that air still was only £200 so a cheaper option to just see if I enjoy it. Anyway I’m not blind and I didn’t even have a hang over this morning! Pure and clean spirit
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