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  1. air gun ant

    Distilling spirits at home

    It was Lancashire till last year so I’ll let you off lol
  2. air gun ant

    Distilling spirits at home

    I am in Scotland! That’s what inspired me to do it lol
  3. air gun ant

    Distilling spirits at home

    I was thinking that before? Did we ever have prohibition in the UK or was it just America? And if anybody asks I’m making bio fuel for my lawn mower I can make 2500ltrs of that per year apparently. Might need a licence for that to tho lol I should look in to it really
  4. air gun ant

    Distilling spirits at home

    Yeah you can get them over here to but there about £500 and that air still was only £200 so a cheaper option to just see if I enjoy it. Anyway I’m not blind and I didn’t even have a hang over this morning! Pure and clean spirit
  5. air gun ant

    Pickled Squid

    Sounds nice mate! And cold flat cider is the best kind
  6. air gun ant

    Distilling spirits at home

    You lot crease me up sometimes lol how many pages was there on the weed thread?
  7. air gun ant

    Distilling spirits at home

    If I get put away for anything, I’d love it to be making moonshine lol I’ve just stashed all my gear in the woods anyway so I should be fine
  8. air gun ant

    Distilling spirits at home

    Tonight’s the night! If I’m blind in the morning you all know why
  9. air gun ant

    Going light tonight

    Looks a nice light piece of kit socks, think I’d still just kip in the truck for the sake of a few hours tho lol
  10. Does anybody on here run a still? I’ve just got my first “wash” on the go last Tuesday and it’s nearly finished fermenting and ready for the next stage of the process im just wondering if there’s any other “moonshiners” on the forum that have any tips on do’s and donts
  11. I’m thinking of building a ladder to put on the shoot up here, saw a thing on the internet about attatching a permit number? What permit do I need? I thought it would be covered under the general licence but I no the laws are different in Scotland for snares so thought I’d ask you knowledgable lot cheers ant
  12. air gun ant

    Fathers day

    Surely even kids that are “raised” by lesbos still have a father somewhere. They should at least pay tribute or something?
  13. air gun ant

    9mm garden gun

    Where about a are you mate? Always fancied one of these
  14. air gun ant

    Scottish Independence - indyref 2

    Oh yeah, was that the day after they didn’t get what they wanted last time? But now they blame brexit so it doesn’t look like they’re a bunch of whinging kids that should just suck it up and stop with the tantrums lol
  15. air gun ant

    Scottish Independence - indyref 2

    I must of missed that? Has Scotland voted to have another referendum????