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  1. She's a lovely stamp of a presa......I imported mine from Moldova on the advice of the son of the Spanish fella that first brought presas to the UK the line is known forthe temperament being 100% true to type for a presa canario, there a funny breed different to other dog's I've had I'd say mines by far the cleverest dog I've ever come across and easiest to train but he was alpha male of a pack of 12 if a young dick head had a dog like this walking about the streets it would be an accident waiting to happen but I'd never be without 1 now
  2. Suppose it all depends on the individual dogs and owners I wouldn't advise an inexperienced dog owner to go anywhere near one but like most breeds there are different bloodlines of presa some i'd love to own some i wouldnt go near with a bargepole
  3. Yea mines the same he's bomb proof round me missus little poodles just doesn't like strange males dog or human but the most loyal dog I've ever owned
  4. No mate I ended up with him by accident really and ended up keeping him brains like an old collie very clever dogs
  5. Not a dogo but similar with a very High prey drive
  6. My grandads had it all his life nearly 90 and only just finished working on sites has to have injections every day but it hasn't stopped him living a good life
  7. Fensarefar had a little pure similar to her fastest pure I've seen it was nose to hares tail bend a second
  8. Looks a very good pure that sandman has it produced anything?
  9. A good indica will put you out but you don't feel the head high like a sativa the old grand daddy purple not a bad choice as pure indica smoke
  10. My little girls got 2 shih tzu x poodles bush like f**k on there own and forever catching birds in the garden
  11. They will 100% appoint alonso because regardless of him playing for liverpool or not, he's been turning heads with what he's been doing in the bundesliga. He's the most highly regarded young up and coming manager about........mourinho was never ever a fit for liverpool and never will be he couldn't compete with utd with all their wealth and Tottenham with a team that had just reached the champions league final great manager will be known as 1 of the greatest but top class dogs don't stay top class forever
  12. Alonso will replace him 100%
  13. Only got different faces so we know who's is who's
  14. I've got a load of EU passports from different dogs I've had but never had. To use any yet
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