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  1. He got touched by a Muslim babysitter swear down me granddad told me and a movie in 4k would definitely blow his mind
  2. Load a curry bums killing each other I'll watch it and pretend it's accurate to a tee and enjoy it as much as Adolf would
  3. Used to keep them as pets as a kid couldn't belive me eyes when u seen 1 in middle of some big open land in shrewsbury
  4. That the difference between good stud and bad buddy went to shite and still produced
  5. I had a bitch off slinky x candy wouldn't mind it now
  6. Yea Aby dog that kill 6 in winter they gotta be right enough but them 6 hares she killed be fair longest run was about 1 minute
  7. A greyhound man mithered me to take a brindle and white track dog to put it on something live because it was stone useless on track I put it on 2 hares on fields and it splattered the 2 never made it any quicker on track tho
  8. That was when i was fat I'm bk to me fighting weight now
  9. No way I've seen you run you look like a border terrier running on 2 back legs
  10. Shock collar would do trick whop him every time he does it
  11. I still do more in a week than you in a year haha
  12. I think if your running fens once a week you can sacrifice wind for a bit more speed once you start hitting it 2 times plus a week any weakness will show it's not the same sport as getting a dog ready for 3 hares once a week
  13. Fast daz bitch off him got to the final of the fur cup this season a pup off him got to the semis of fur cup beat gaskins good bitch there's loads he's chucked some tackle this season like him and Romeo the standout dogs
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