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  1. Bert Gripton.

    Jim Meads used to run a lot to get the great hound pics.
  2. Border collie stud dogs

    Perhaps Black dogs collies are a fast type
  3. Throw away your shock collars

    The vibrate-whistle can be seriously handy for recall. Shock collars can be cruel in the wrong hands but how many dog haven't had to be PTS because the collars sorted out their bad had habits?
  4. Your Trail cam pics

    That sounds like it would suit me GM- i've always hated the night time pics anyway lol
  5. Your Trail cam pics

    Have you found one make of trail cam outshines the other Greyman?
  6. Your Trail cam pics

    Insert other media Badgers never look up! lol
  7. What's the best tracker?

    Keep the Alpha but use the dc collars? Then everyone knows where each other is ?
  8. Labour Party Animal Welfare Plan

    No mention of halal slaughter?
  9. Marking !

    Is that dog for sale GL? lol
  10. https://youtu.be/1k23WIDGyd0 This trail cam was fixed to a solid post WR it did a good job of spotting lots of creatures , including a lager drinking poacher one day lol
  11. Garmin dc 30 charger

    Cheers Dai- Dabhand, i couldn't find the link either
  12. Dog just ate mine! Anyone have a spare?
  13. I'm sure a P Mgrah (dublin)was breeding and selling bull xs to England late 80's
  14. Hunting Ban Repeal

    Wasn't it the scottish girl who put a spoke in the only realistic chance of a repeal?
  15. Lurchers That Tree ???

    Trackin a critter Dan lol