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  1. ands

    Trail cameras

    I use the little acorn cameras they seem to last forever- even had one submerge in a reservoir and still came back to life!
  2. ands


    Some real porn! F*cin squirrels
  3. ands

    life below zero

    What time is it on +2 Tomo?
  4. ands

    Chris Packham CBE

    Would hunting him with two hounds be more humane?
  5. Thats the one! Cheers GM
  6. I thought you mentioned a cam that instead of being motion triggered it took constant pics, say one every 5 seconds (on another thread?) Greyman. I may have got the wrong idea though.
  7. What was the cam that constantly took pics Greyman?
  8. ands

    Rock Dogs

    Ate her way through a fox perhaps Ziggy?
  9. Given the chance (and training!) there's no reason what so ever the bull x can't turn its self to any job- perhaps the only thing thats thin on the ground is the people that bother?
  10. ands

    Lactic acid

    Look up greyhound cramping Trigger
  11. ands

    Utility warehouse

    When i left UW house the feckers charged me for the FREE bulbs!
  12. ands

    Cheap trail cam

    This is a pic from a trail cam, if you put some thought into where the best light is etc i don't see why you wouldn't get a few decent shots
  13. ands

    Trail cam detector app, for all the peanut petes

    was it a cougar GM ? lol
  14. ands

    Trail cam detector app, for all the peanut petes

    Its true alright- their around an extra £30 trouble is sometimes you may get a "leaf" or something triggering of the cam resulting in maybe a few thousand text of said leaf lol
  15. ands

    All good then?

    Tan's had a busy life then fairplay!