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  1. Feck me KD your like the kiss of death to anything electrical! lol
  2. Try garmin UK theres a UK legal one available now.
  3. Brake him on english sheep.
  4. I like to knock up a little shelter if im camping for two nights or more! lol
  5. What on earth was the problem up to now though KD? Has the trail cam just decided to work again? Hope your in time to get those cubs on cam.
  6. Read that to quick then Edie- i thought you starved the bitch for a year lol
  7. Check out the garmin mini t5 collars
  8. I've never discharged a battery KD and don't seem to get any problems- i think your barking up the wrong trees lol
  9. Look up the plotwatcher vids on youtube treefella they're spot on for knowing what times things come along.
  10. The sd cards range from 1 to 10 class rating which means their ability to write information to a card so a good card will handle the vids and pics better than a cheap one. Also some cameras just seem to take a dislike lol to certain cards and they do sometimes stop working.Headache yet KD? lol
  11. I just wondered if your problem is a dodgy sd card KD? Worth trying a different one perhaps.
  12. I just bought the little acorn (6210) from Pakatak KD. Their real tough things and take 12 batteries so you could leave it set for 6 months easy. If your always setting it near your house the mini acorn (4 batteries)takes better pics and film (dont buy the white light one!!!) read up on the two- the mini acorn needs a seperate screen that you plug into it to adjust settings and see the pics etc.
  13. Not a mouthful of your chicks KD? lol
  14. 1st rule of trailcaming ~ never eat the mushrooms that grow where you put the chicks out! lol. Seriously though when i put food near an earth for cubs the cubs absolutely love it_ but the vixens...well they kinda know something just isn't right and often move the cubs that night.
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