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  1. I think it's all half decent-bean seeing a lot of bass not to far from there.I'll be there soon myself,lovely area.
  2. ands

    What a sky!

    Lush night here too!
  3. The Russian took a long time to get them fixed and back to you before the war.
  4. Had some great times away in the old lorry you can abuse them them a little more than a camper van! lol
  5. Another badger on a stroll - same vid for i guess anyone not on FB.
  6. Not a bad view at all-looking down on waterfall country.
  7. Any one who does a lot on rocks try out Hiax boots they're cheap enough (2nd hand army ones on ebay £35) and a damn site safer than any boot with vibram soles.
  8. I have a ainss 3g/4g sim card ip security camera- it works off a 12v car battery we set it up earlier up a tree on the edge of a field (cam hi app) been interesting watching a fox earlier wandering around under it. Cost £96
  9. 1 hour has elapsed So you forgot to put the card in? lol I had a similar cam i never managed to change the settings either it wasn't very good quality but it sure was lucky- always seemed to be in the right place and i always wished i'd put the good cam where that one was.
  10. I guess the cam is only programable via your computer Ken? Find a wire that works? Good luck.
  11. By top ups do you mean sim card top ups? I just got one off 1p mobile its £30 for a year and seems to be working (in a security cam) fine.
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