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  1. ands

    Old dogs past or retired

    Great pics FP. Looks like you kept them busy!
  2. ands

    Best part of uk to live

    Even Merthyr looks good from the right angle Wales1234 lol
  3. ands


    He was born not far from me, another nice fella, had some great conversations R.I.P. Allan
  4. I've trained a dog to come back with a beep on an electric collar- certainly came in handy a few times before GPS- but i wouldn't think it would stop your dog from hunting good scent. Sounds a handy lurcher if only you wanted it to hunt lol.
  5. Got to agree with J D- foxes are worse off since the ban! A healthy fox would have lived in a safer world 14 years ago.
  6. ands

    Foxes hit hard??

    Thats one woolly fox!
  7. ands

    Foxes hit hard??

    Nothing wrong at any time of year with foxes genuinely being controlled where it needs to be done- the maddening thing is the amount that only get out this time of year when its fairly easy to come across vixens and cubs to ground.
  8. ands

    Working at height

    Horrible feeling when that roof ladder slips an inch or two!! For a few seconds you just don't know if it's going to stop.I keep a hammer ready... emergency brake! lol
  9. ands

    Your Trail cam pics

    Thats frightening! lol Jim. This clip is from the first farm to lamb last spring.
  10. ands

    Bert Gripton.

    Jim Meads used to run a lot to get the great hound pics.
  11. ands

    Border collie stud dogs

    Perhaps Black dogs collies are a fast type
  12. ands

    Throw away your shock collars

    The vibrate-whistle can be seriously handy for recall. Shock collars can be cruel in the wrong hands but how many dog haven't had to be PTS because the collars sorted out their bad had habits?
  13. ands

    Your Trail cam pics

    That sounds like it would suit me GM- i've always hated the night time pics anyway lol
  14. ands

    Your Trail cam pics

    Have you found one make of trail cam outshines the other Greyman?
  15. ands

    Your Trail cam pics

    Insert other media Badgers never look up! lol