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  1. ands

    Dog Bus

    XTR has the plate underneath (well needed!) more ground clearance and better traction control, not sure on the vtr
  2. ands

    Dog Bus

    I 've used the citreon berlingo xtr for a few years mad amount of room in them, great ground clearance lots of mpg, perfect for someone with a young family and a dog man- the car is cheaper than the van type and less tax- just black out the rear windows (about £20 on e bay)
  3. Paramor velez, ive had mine over 7 years i wore them this morning, they look pretty beat up now but still waterproof - i do wash and treat the paramor stuff once a year
  4. The paramor trousers are incredable, light and breathable -not for ferreting brambles though!
  5. You trying to upset all the die hard meat only fans Sandy? lol
  6. Theres a great article by Ron Bury on pretty much all types of batteries worth a read when your REALLY bored lol
  7. Aldi were giving (almost lol) away tronic rechargeable aa batteries recently i think you need a trolly full Grey man!
  8. Been getting some great results with a mini acorn trail cam- untill some tw~~t stood on it.
  9. Hell yes keep them coming dithman
  10. When there were foot + mouth restrictions foxes thrived- no one about killing cubs vixens i guess..
  11. Get a map off ebay on a cd (of the UK) copy it onto a micro sd card and insert in the slot behind the battery.
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