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  1. Cant beat fresh eggs price of food has jumped up tho 11 quid here for a bag of layers
  2. Done some work on a house near there two years ago didnt have to ho that high up tho thank god lyn y fan in distance?
  3. Spotted this bit of patch up work near Brecon glad they put that bit of 4x1 along the top something id love a go at that and hedge laying
  4. Lads i know that come on here and post a load of bull about their dogs and days out
  5. Stick with garmin sport dog gear looks like its just come out of a xmas cracker
  6. 20 mile what did she do after breakfast?
  7. Where they on the lead for most of that walk? my old bull Cross does more than that down the dunes
  8. Mate has one well made but you wouldn't want to be walking that much with it in rucksack very heavy bit of kit
  9. Seen a few and had one pile of crap if you want nose and dont mind walking put some hound in them Please or offend
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