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  1. Your not always going to be close to the dog kick plates will save your boots The rest will come with experience
  2. Buy him a torch for next season and remind him to always check the pot after the one is lifted?
  3. Future rock dog well i hope as she wont get much work otherwise
  4. Shame you had to piss them off in one way or another or you would have still had them ?
  5. Cant beat fresh eggs price of food has jumped up tho 11 quid here for a bag of layers
  6. Done some work on a house near there two years ago didnt have to ho that high up tho thank god lyn y fan in distance?
  7. Spotted this bit of patch up work near Brecon glad they put that bit of 4x1 along the top something id love a go at that and hedge laying
  8. Lads i know that come on here and post a load of bull about their dogs and days out
  9. Stick with garmin sport dog gear looks like its just come out of a xmas cracker
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