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  1. I was out last week, 15 foxes I counted just laid in the fields that could be seen from the road, and like you say, the wrong sort could see these. always comes back to pricks with guns. Iv said it on here before how much I hate them. Gun club land this n that. No it's the landowners land. Gun club members only have permission to shoot it same way others have permission to hunt it. Shower of fcking wankers.Sounds like you got your marching orders.
  2. Ha ha, stop reading msm and look between the lines ffs, Russia and China are slowly but surely being surrounded by foreign forces,nato and us, they are backing North Korea, no doubt about, if North Korea falls to western forces then the gate way to Russia and China opens, they not going to let that happen.
  3. Is little finger on arya's list?
  4. Mary

    Bbc1 @ 8Pm

    Robbing b*****ds.
  5. I do follow world affairs to a degree, I don't think war is on the cards, a lot of posturing and idol threats is all, I actually believe all the great powers are in bed with each other and feed the common folk with enough to keep us confused and guessing. Jmo.
  6. What governments corkman? And war with who?
  7. Which breed is this trait most common in? Wheaton imo. Of the ones I seen anyway.
  8. He's already been to his door, seen it and bought it, no point whinging about it now. Only himself to blame.
  9. good video but he not a bit impartial is he. Do you think there is not one person on the planet who has not sinned or broken a commandment, and who is not sorry about it, are they all going to hell, and what about people who have never heard of God, South American Indians who believe in banana trees, when they die, are the going to hell? And a bit off topic but did Jesus spend some time with the Druids of Ireland and England, learning there craft and taking magic mushrooms.
  10. Is that a photo of a dead terrier ???Why ? And laid out using various props, very queer.
  11. Right up until the end I was waiting for stone to split and come down on him with the way he positioned himself, made the skin of my arse crawl thinking about it.
  12. Anyone still getting the odd call out, I got one this evening, six lambs gone in a week, surly more than one fox? I'll go Saturday morning and weigh up the situation, don't know farmer or land, might be a job for snare or rifle maybe, not too fussed on digging, nearly may ffs.
  13. Don't bite Neil, seen lads bite all the the on here, waste of energy.
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