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  1. Still after something ,any type considered really,something I can work along side the lurcher
  2. Anyone got any pups or young dogs or anything working they need to move on at the minute, I'm after bringing something in. Cheers
  3. Anyone keep red siskins on here?
  4. Can't stand people like that ,put the fence back up legally on you land and paint his side pink ?
  5. No need to break the steps out mate,Stihl saw cut some notches out the conc and put your posts in ?
  6. What is that mate? Looks like a cormoront?
  7. Well in mate what did you catch them on?
  8. Just waiting on a break from work and il be out with the lures ?
  9. Just found them,barvarian wire traps I think? Used for moles and voles.
  10. Can somebody tell me what these are called ?
  11. How's everyone getting on with the bass so far on lures or bait?
  12. Yes aeration is the key,we aim to solid tine the greens with the Toro pro core at least once a month. It's helps with drainage,puts new oxygen to the roots which is vital to healthy turf. As far as the moss I use a soluble iron which dries the moss out and then scarify to pull it out.The aim of the game is to keep the dew off the grass as that's where moss and disease thrive so brushing and switching the dew off the turf will help prevent it ?
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