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  1. Yer used to buy them wormers off him at welsh game fair he d turn up wit an estate car and trailer on back full of pups and saplings lads would flock to him a right character them. Wormers he’d call gobstoppers big purple balls fire them down neck and stand well back
  2. Fuji’s boots been some dog straight out of razor tested to the max
  3. Another successful pest control mission save some lambs and game bird chicks etc great pics and write up as always atb taffey
  4. Fine big robust looking dog
  5. Quality scenery no better place on a cold crisp day if ya keep moving stop and you ll freeze over atb taffey
  6. My old mate yesterday with his 3/4 whippet 1/4 saluki been a good little dog for him daytime and lamping man 76 still out running his dog
  7. Yer good pack he got account for lot of lamb /pheasant killers for sure
  8. Does he still wear an old stiff wax jacket ?
  9. Good tally that had good days wit cowie years back can March for a big lad
  10. Cracking humane pest control lads well done dogs a credit to yous and yous putting plenty in front of them
  11. Brillant write up looks like ya have some good hunting for ya small pack there keep at them atb taffey
  12. Excellent write ups keep at them atb taffey
  13. They look a nice hardy type and look built for a hard day /night s Graft atb taffey
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