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  1. Fine looking. Animal that is Atb taffey
  2. Sounds like he got good blood in him nice smart pup he is Atb taffey
  3. 7 Jesus Christ plenty of genes there’ to keep the line going for. Generations Atb taff
  4. I sure I remember that run airfield were shoot is ?
  5. All good here Andy joined the grandad club now as well a grandson so hopefully another member of our small pack if he allowed lol with these ridiculous laws regarding hunting wit dogs etc hopefully I get over for a wander about in winter got my little van kitted out nicely for camping wit dog etc Atb taff
  6. Sure I remember. That night if it’s pic and place I think it is ?atb taff
  7. Yep both parents tried and tested gives pup a head start for sure will be brought up right fed the best and the rest as they say is up to him
  8. He’s settled in lovely quiet In kennel and good in motor he’s at work with him everyday they hopefully be a good team when times right thx for your help in sorting it out Atb taffey
  9. I borrow it off a farmer handy for carting long nets etc up the wet fields it’s a Yamaha I think 600 cc all I know saves me walking lol handy tools for sure
  10. She’s made a nice solid type same as her litter bro wanted a general knockabout type and looks like that’s what he ll be shedding a bit of timber now come sept look a bit different again fast enough for all I need atb taffey I try load few pics but me and this uploading don’t get on very well
  11. Yep hopefully we get a run or 2 this season wit ya or vice versa
  12. He certainly get the chance too
  13. Looking well John saw Jamie’s one today he says he’s 26 just over looks fast as lightning looking forward to seeing him progress atb taffey
  14. Nice strong pup that in good order be nice to see how it turns out keep us posted Atb taffey
  15. Yep 100 percent Phil been on wit that command atb taffey
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