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  1. taffey

    Result,..and now,...relax...

    Good to hear she on road to full recovery fingers crossed no more injuries but dog game unforgiving at times atb taffey
  2. taffey

    whippet greyhound x collie

    Got 1 here whippet X greyhound 1/16th collie good enough dog full on but steady when needed wit long nets ferrets etc
  3. taffey

    Bushing litter

    You won't regret it I think they going to be real good mix and be biddable enough with plenty drive single or in small bobbery pack
  4. taffey

    Bushing litter

    How. These pups still here they be top drawer for mooching single handed or in a little pack bolting to lurchers etc and are from proven parents both. Sides can't do one justice at moment man who bred them knows why but any repeat mating s in few years I jump at chance atb taffey
  5. taffey

    22 inch bushing lurcher

    Cracking looking animal is that and robust enough for any ground in top condition as well which helps when asked to work in the harsh terrain up lakes atb taffey a credit to your lad
  6. taffey

    First season dogs

    Nice them and good blood in them atb for rest of season atb taffey
  7. Romeo sapling looks a powerful animal really nice atb taffey
  8. taffey

    Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    Keep at them you doing some good work controlling old Charlie dogs proven himself for sure with them numbers atb taffey
  9. taffey

    Lucky Bred Pups

    Lovely shape to that pup in top nick atb taffey
  10. taffey


    Pup looks like it's going to be a powerfull animal good shape to him already has bitch come back ok. Atb taffey
  11. taffey

    Someone Missing

    They still got them lads
  12. taffey


    Nice pup that FairPlay should have a chance with that breeding got a Romeo bred dog here he doing ok atb taffey
  13. taffey

    Sundays Trip Out.

    Brilliant day there lads dogs must ave ran well and plenty of work for you lot setting purse nets