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  1. Few more struggling to load some
  2. Love the goldys got a few here
  3. taffey

    2019 season

    Was high Borrans at ings mate lovely spot
  4. taffey

    2019 season

    Lurchers look strong was in lakes for new year weather lovely for a change had a good walk over fell tops were I stayed plenty stuff about atb taffey
  5. taffey

    2019 season

    Farmer be grateful this time of year wit birds near ready for xmas save him a few hard earned notes atb taffey
  6. taffey

    2019 season

    Great pest control and some good experience for your pack looks hard going on them moors some bracken on nightmare to walk through atb taffey
  7. Decent all rounder to be honest collie x better lamper /ferreter but big dog holds his own
  8. No Mike finished wit the dogs a good while ago pm me I give you a number for good working whippets of mikes lines both sides atb taffey
  9. taffey

    2019 season

    Lovely voice when they on gets the blood flowing when they sing atb taffey lovely country for Charlie boy
  10. Good walk out bobza that the mother to davys pup she still going strong atb taffey
  11. taffey

    2019 season

    Brilliant control keepers be made up a lot of poults saved 9 Charlie cause carnage round pens etc atb taffey
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