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  1. taffey

    2019 season

    Lovely voice when they on gets the blood flowing when they sing atb taffey lovely country for Charlie boy
  2. taffey

    Working the hills

    Good walk out bobza that the mother to davys pup she still going strong atb taffey
  3. taffey

    2019 season

    Brilliant control keepers be made up a lot of poults saved 9 Charlie cause carnage round pens etc atb taffey
  4. As above working there next week couple of days anyone got any willing to sell pm me wit price atb taffey flight waiting
  5. As above will be working round there for couple days next week could pick up while there I know it’s late but been let down pm if anyone can sort it will pay no bother atb taffey
  6. taffey

    Romeo x Tikka pups

    My dog out of Romeo 4 now best £350 I’ve spent
  7. taffey

    Romeo x Tikka pups

    Lovely litter of pups them hope the new owners get the chance to do them justice top breeding In then they got a good chance atb taffey
  8. taffey


    Lovely pup should have gas and jaw power Nice mix in there to be good all rounder atb taffey
  9. taffey

    Buzzards and Kites

    I know from the ring she was ringed Chester way her 3 Rd year on same site 3 hatched and raised last 2 years so hopefully this years ll go as well they lot younger than pics of chicks from last year atb taffey
  10. taffey

    Buzzards and Kites

    Love watching the peregrines hunting see why pigeon fanciers don’t really like them
  11. taffey

    Some thing different

    Romeo first pic other 2 my dog out of him
  12. taffey

    Some thing different

    Got a dog out of Romeo and run any land and don’t miss much I find a pic of Romeo got one on phone
  13. taffey

    Aviary mesh painting black

    Yer the plastic sheets just a wind break will hopefully get them off this weekend weather meant to be getting warmer it's nice to chill with a beer and watch them going about there business no better way to relax after a day out wit ferrets and lurchers and the singing they do is great to listen too it's one of the only things that makes me sit still for hour when I get chance atb taffey
  14. taffey

    Aviary mesh painting black

    Couple pics of other aviary s got pair of canary’s in small one she sitting now dummy eggs out and real ones under her mixed aviary out front garden more for Mrs to watch in summer