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  1. Looks a good set up that boss I lost my red eyed satinette last week was looking forward to see what she produced to my British goldfinch cock thr 1 bird I didn’t want to lose he in wit plain Irish fancy now is what it is
  2. Fine looking animals lyn any relation to that black dog Phil had here running think it was called jack hope yer well we’ve had the best years like yer said glad I’m not just starting out be a hard apprenticeship the way things are atb taffey
  3. That the father of Davy’s dog we collected 5 years ago bobza to the whippet bitch
  4. Yer had some mad times wit the pair of you memories can never be taken away and like you ve said he always been 100 percent bang on wit me had trips wit me and always returned the favour as have yourself I similar small tight circle of like minded lads you know them all that won’t do the boomerang 🪃 trick on me as I try to get them all runs as much as I can lads on shoot always ask how you are and be good to get together and have some crack few beers and a laugh so when ya up for it let me know and we get it sorted good PS good title to,a good hunting story release the hostages ke
  5. They be handy big and small land them nice mix should be gone handy
  6. Had few good beddy mixes years ago when you could drop on the right beddy blood
  7. I’ve got 3 pairs of Portuguese harlequins as feeders mate in wales swear s by them. For his Siberian goldfinches raises loads every year wit the harlequin s fingers crossed they work for me
  8. Be perfect for mules lovely looking hen anD would throw some nice colour s as well
  9. Cracking day out that good bag as well bitch would be glad of a few bolters to keep warm FairPlay looks tough conditions atb taffey
  10. He messaged yesterday said mine on way look forward to reading them he puts the hard miles in and does pen a good read based on facts not fiction
  11. Not always knuckle for mine but work next door to butchers so happy days like ya say great for teeth etc
  12. Nice to see responsible young lads learning the ropes well done
  13. All good Andy like yer say getting older and more aches and pains lol lads all good I put Casper to Gary’s but h she had 10 good pups he kept 2 couple lads took 1 I did nt take 1 to be honest will see them run without the time and effort to get them into condition keep in touch pal ya know ya welcome here anytime for a break
  14. Bad news is that she was some character for sure the few times I’d met her she walked them hills and forests no bother and seen wit my own eyes her taking off up that fell to lead us to boots wit prize In that wood wit her yapping better than gps had same bad luck here wit our little character co co hair cut on the sat ready for plenty more walks etc. Went downhill rapid Monday pts Tuesday first thing little dogs maybe but leave a massive hole in our lives hope her keeping well pal ate taff
  15. Nice bird that atb taffey
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