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  1. Be some blood in them if ya do let me know if ya will Adam
  2. Yep Phil your correct he going well on retrieving dummy’s etc but he will be brought to my local shoot were well behaved running dogs made welcome he good on memory retrieves etc so should be ok and hopefully won’t let me down
  3. They lovely strong pups and some great blood running through veins atb taffey
  4. Some nice beddy x s there’ got some crap pics of my old 3/4 greyhound 1/4 beddy pics are over 25 years old so not the greatest lol
  5. Yep I same at 53 but yep he will look a bit slimmer by playtime this winter atb taffey
  6. There’s some collie and greyhound in there somewhere and no definitely don’t want to bite people been well socialised since I got him at 9 weeks old great round livestock and people been at work with me since I got him. Atb taffey
  7. Fantastic advert for terrierwork well done and great posts keep them coming Atb taffey
  8. Good topic lads used to enjoy a good few hours on lamp good to too sharpen dog up. For sure atb taffey
  9. Don’t forget if ya get chance fire me a WhatsApp
  10. Cattle dog x greyhound dam sire cattle dog greyhound xcollie greyhound I sure the breeding
  11. She doing well for you ferret girl looking sharp and switched on looks like the dam looks like you got her in amongst some rabbits I had 2 trips out found a few then mixy struck so struggling to find any at mo no rush he still very young and next season I get him in amongst some gear hopefully keep the updates coming I liked her as a pup abut dogs for me otherwise may have been out in my kennel Atb taffey
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