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  1. Any body got any for sale north west uk area or Wirral if anyone got some or know were I can find some pm me please thx atb taffey
  2. Neil got some of best hunting photos you ll see be a good book this will defo order one out wit Coniston regular a good pack and good lads
  3. Very well bred them should nt be about long some blood in them
  4. Not if I’ve managed it pal only had few chicks out of them but they zippy little things and placid enough
  5. That good going gripper got my few males on cd. No Canarys near and they chirping now quite well enough to know they males I hope that mule a cracker certainly stands out atb taffey
  6. Thank you made up wit first season breeding hopefully progress a bit more next season atb taffey
  7. No mate just a canary pal used it for mules that’s all
  8. Good luck wit chicks hope they get to perch for ya atb taffey
  9. First real season trying to breed mules etc got 2 mules on perch 3 pure goldfinches in flight cage and same goldfinch hen got 3 chicks under her and 2 chicks wit satinette hen 3 mules hatched sat so fingers crossed few more make it atb taffey
  10. Crackers them gnipoer some nice young there atb taffey
  11. Great thread lads some very knowledgeable men on it regarding the pures etc atb taffey great old photos of the halcyon days gone by unfortunately
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