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  1. Nice bird that atb taffey
  2. Couple sibo mules turned out quite nice as well
  3. Nice bird s lads bred this bird took it to Stafford sun my mate was taking it to put to his pied birds caused a lot of interest of folk when sat in his show cage
  4. taffey


    Brilliant post this and a keen team lethal hawk man and dog
  5. Both parents non visual so nice surprise this was
  6. A pied from last year finishing moult now
  7. Don’t say they look nowt like him they start docking tails a bit
  8. Should be a lovely versatile hunting companion nice breeds In the mix should be sharp enough and able to take a knock or 2 be nice to see it perform when times right atb taffey
  9. All same here Andy all lads /dogs doing sound mate not much else like yer say same old as well got the Casper dog over Gary s good bitch 3 weeks ago 3 good ties he keep 2 bitches back not taking one myself plenty going on wit shoot etc so no more runners as yet hopefully catch yer when this lockdown over proper
  10. Yer they a great fish and give yer some sport when hooked for sure fireman there’s places here were ya won’t use surface popper but the spot I fish is a bit of a hike but well worth it for the peace and quiet and no gulls other spot good for bass but seals everywhere so spoils it
  11. Had some decent bass from beach wit waders and patchinko surface lure some buzz when they take lure off surface all returned up to now will keep a nice pan size at some stage nice to see the bigger fish swim away after a good scrap atb taffey
  12. Bargain price for quality bred pups wit proper blood mental there still available hope they get the homes they deserve working homes at that
  13. Good to see yer still living the dream and putting the miles in wit dogs FairPlay some scenery on a nice day bet it’s evil up there in winter hope ya well atb taffey
  14. Cheers lad thought a cock and a hen putting them back together next round so hopefully get 4 full eggs this time atb taffey
  15. Hi bro I'm looking for good quality goldfinches cock birds to mule with my border canaries any help please message me thanks 

    1. Rudeboy 1

      Rudeboy 1

      Hi fellow hunter's listen now im in the process of writing a few articles for various sporting magazines so to be honest and perfectly honest I really don't have the time to write any replies to folk 😕 who seem somewhat concerned about my new line of longdogs...don't be surprised as to why I'm going to produce a new bloodline of whippet x greys longdogs that's my future plans who knows i might be dead by then so please don't feel threatened by my future plans.?..and yes I will leave some sport for those who have not been fortunate enough to have taken considerable hauls of freshly caught 😀 conies for the larder lol you know the score boys...to be someone must be a wonderful thing a famous footballer or dog breeder and be number one loved by everyone! 76d1f3a87e39df4f5a8d850c63040fd8.jpg.680198e700c300a14269dd1e022ee5ad.jpg








    2. Rudeboy 1

      Rudeboy 1

      WHo remembers a gentleman from the English Rose who bred a fantastic outstanding bloodline of saluki x greyhound longdog/ hybrid namely Darren Gallagher? His name was widely reputed through out  the country for breeding and subsequently producing his prized longdogs coupled to the fact his dogs were absolutely fantastic amazing and genuinely bred from experience and knowledge that was based upon self taught schooling.These superior desert cross hybrids were undoubtedly absolutely fantastic longdogs that were undoubtedly top class hare killers that would actually humiliated strong hares in the coursing field and the various peat fens up and down the country.Gallagher k ew as to how to proceed breeding another end product. 

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