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Collie Lurchers

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Heres my collie cross 7 now done everything ive thrown at him over the seasons. His dam was same i mated her to her own nephew to line breed from a very good line of collie lurchers with grey collie n

Never really had one before. Dogs in the past have been a bit of a hotch potch. But I love the nature of this one at least. Bright as hell eager to please and it's not a battle. Just wants to please

I went against my beliefs and got a half x, she has done 9 seasons now without so much as a knock, she will be 10 this Xmas, iv gone down the kelpie route now, I’m made up with her so far, this being

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10 hours ago, socks said:

She will be a breath of fresh air compared to the other dog Terry. You got to love a collie cross. 

Unless they do a lap of honour with the rabbits they catch like mine is still doing at 2 years old ? 

Cheers, D.

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Cracking pup Terry mate, as you know, I've had collies,  blaze, Bryn,  Bryn was 1x collie x grey, blaze was 3/8 collie 5/8 grey, both very clever, love to please you, tons of energy, and I think prob one healthy type lurchers to have, collie generally very healthy animal. The down side to them, is there very sensitive dogs, easy to up set, old fookin Bryn, look at him wrong you was fooked for the day, mind you big Buck the same my 1x gsd xgrey,   full on, when in hunting mode, but not working, like Bryn  was, he big sensitive animal. If you treet them with kid gloves type there fine., you do well with her, because  kept it under wraps with your bullx, my bullxs were like yours, lol. 

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5 hours ago, dytkos said:

Unless they do a lap of honour with the rabbits they catch like mine is still doing at 2 years old ? 

Cheers, D.

I have found that the people that struggle to train a collie cross are normally of lower intelligence than the dog ……

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