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  1. Looks a lot different to the rough hill side u started with mate they must be made up with that
  2. Looks tame that mate
  3. Looks a stunner mate, keep updating with his progress and more pics atb
  4. Find ur dogs litter sister on another thread
  5. U had ur pants down their mate haha is a Lakie
  6. Nice deep orange yolk mate what eggs are they ?
  7. Onions aswell ? Can’t go wrong with that
  8. It’s not racist mate it’s reality
  9. Nice day mate, nice to let them get a bit sun on their backs, there’s a nice little game fair at peaover in Cheshire with a bushing class if that’s close enough to you, I could do with some competition haha my dog wins every year
  10. He’s only 4 but looks about 14
  11. I’ve got an air riffle for sale if u want to buy that ?
  12. Yer 1/8 beardie 1/8 boarder, just a Hancock dog but so far so good
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