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  1. Jesus that’s some neck oil that, remember when I had a few of those as a night cap an f****n hell I woke up the next day lookin like stephen Hawkins got me in a right mess
  2. I love ur diet, before I even looked at who had posted it I knew it was you
  3. NEWKID it’s saying u can’t receive messsges but would be interested in booking a cottage depending on location this year
  4. I know which one I’d choose an so does the wife, if I locked my missus in a kennel next to my dogs while I was at work all day I could guarantee which one would still be pleased to see me when I got home
  5. Jesus I can almost smell that through my phone
  6. are you mad ? I’ve logged in to see some Birds Eye chicken dippers that’s something Jimmy savile would eat
  7. If it’s bred anything like the black schnauzer sat next to it then I’d say it’s half schnauzer
  8. Might be firing blanks at that age though mate, fingers crossed he’s not though looks a nice type
  9. If u can’t tell that’s it’s the old Newcastle supporter that lives in there u shouldn’t even own a terrier
  10. Not really looked that much in to it, I just want one that will be best for smoking meat and odd bit of fish, probably want one that u can burn pellets, wood and charcoal on
  11. Anyone recommend a decent smoker, not mega expensive but something big enough to do bit of beef or joint of lamb ?
  12. Vet told me 3 weeks but think I’ll give him 6 just to be on safe side
  13. Keep posting pics as she grows, will be nice to see her next season
  14. Yer real stunner mate and should be a handy cross
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