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  1. no excuses for bad kennel management,people like that shouldn’t own a f****n goldfish let alone have all those poor dogs
  2. no mate just got surrounded by old and lame dogs at the min, should of had a pup in the summer when i was offered one
  3. waxed shredded paper and a heat tube i switch the one when it’s 3 or below, they are always nice and toastie in their beds as they should be nice and stretched out not curled up in a ball shivering
  4. poor little f****r, some people don’t even deserve to have a goldfish
  5. tendons, chipped bone and dislocated but hopefully this will sort it, took him to a top greyhound specialist
  6. that’s me out hopefully get a few runs back end
  7. shoot the f****n lot and the wankers that own them
  8. Are British dog not still doing them ?
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