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  1. whitefeet4190

    Rough haired about 24tts

    Looking for a pup, rough haired about 24tts no bull in it, good for bushing ferreting and lamping quick enough to pick rabbits up but strong enough to retrieve a shot fox Any litters planned or on the ground let me know 5 star permanent home
  2. whitefeet4190

    Any genuine beddy whippet greyhound litters planned

    Yer cheers Dan I am not set on height but want something for ferreting bushing and lamping but also big enough to retrieve a shot fox
  3. whitefeet4190

    Any genuine beddy whippet greyhound litters planned

    Have u got any planned litters anytime soon mate ?
  4. whitefeet4190

    Any genuine beddy whippet greyhound litters planned

    I want this cross about 24tts if possible
  5. Just after this cross, not in any rush at all will wait for right litter but could do with one by end next summer Any pics of this cross would be appreciated and height of dogs
  6. whitefeet4190

    Peaover gamefair

    There's plenty of dogs there just sad to see the stalls getting Les an less each year
  7. whitefeet4190

    Puppy attacked

    I'd of shot the f***ing staffie though
  8. whitefeet4190

    Puppy attacked

    My dog keeps chasing people on a bike .... So I've taken the bike off him
  9. whitefeet4190

    Used sock

    Hi mate just wondering if u still got the sock for sale ? And if u would do a discount for the pair ?
  10. whitefeet4190


    Head bangers
  11. whitefeet4190


    They are good mate I've used one for a while now, they only show direction the dog is and how far away which is all most need but u can't track where Ur dog has been on a map and see distances ect
  12. whitefeet4190

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    If it's for bushing mate the tail can tell you alot especially when the dog is just finding its nose and learning the game
  13. whitefeet4190

    Peaover gamefair

    Great what date is it mate ?