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  1. whitefeet4190


    They are good mate I've used one for a while now, they only show direction the dog is and how far away which is all most need but u can't track where Ur dog has been on a map and see distances ect
  2. whitefeet4190

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    If it's for bushing mate the tail can tell you alot especially when the dog is just finding its nose and learning the game
  3. whitefeet4190

    Peaover gamefair

    Great what date is it mate ?
  4. whitefeet4190

    Peaover gamefair

    Does anyone know if this is on this year and also if they are having a bushing class ?
  5. whitefeet4190

    Bull Terriers for Hunting

    Another anti sniffed out
  6. whitefeet4190

    Bull greyhound saluki greyhound pup

    Looks one hell of a nice looking pup mate will be looking forward to the posts in 12 months time
  7. whitefeet4190

    Foxhound x greyhound

    As long as it doesn't start speaking when it misses stuff on lamp especially if Ur not surposed to be there
  8. whitefeet4190

    My pair of bushing Terriers , lets see yours ?

    Nice pair mate Do they speak on scent ?
  9. whitefeet4190

    Out Today

    All the best shovel shy hope dogs have a get a well deserved break and get some sun on Thier backs and thanks to you and all the young lads u go out with for all the great write ups and pics through out the season enjoyed reading every outing
  10. Do u want a strong dog for the right money ?
  11. What's strong money ?