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  1. Have u got a pic of urs stripped and not stripped ?
  2. It's will be his first winter coat so I might just strip him first see how he gets on with that
  3. Can I clip my rough haired lurcher this summer or will it knacker his coat ?
  4. Lol she will need a coat on in this weather
  5. She's nice mate have u clipped her ?
  6. No offence mate but I don't understand how lads can not notice wounds on their dogs, i prob go to the extreme but I wash my dogs off after every outing and check them over for cuts knocks and scrapes so if the dog has got something that needs attention then it's delt with straight away not left to get infected, no having a go just saying, could be a thorn in there or some thing give it a squeeze salt water maybe a jab of antibiotics if u got any
  7. Never even thought of this cross for some reason but I'd defo be interested in a 3/4 whippet 1/4 wheaton when my saluki X whippet passes
  8. It's only a matter of time before rabbits are on the same list as badgers
  9. It's Sally's daughter with the litter but they have stopped breeding as such just having the odd litter from time to time
  10. Hancock has a litter due today 3/4 grey 1/4 collie the collie is bearded / border mix so will be rough haired u won't go far wrong with one of them mate
  11. Think most of it stems from been a youngster and lads over facing young dogs and not building the confidence up slowly with easy runs just my view
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