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  1. Do they taste any different from inland rabbits ?
  2. Def lurchers are nothing new mate I’ve had loads of def dogs before and got one in the kennel now
  3. Where all the hunting partners keep on running
  4. That would of been a good time to be around
  5. Not a pair of Nike air max in sight
  6. Don’t know why’s it’s put the other comment in at the bottom
  7. I’ve liked the look and breeding of ur bitch since a pup she is as much a credit to u as you are to her, hopefully you will have hours of pleasure together and I have a nice collie grey that would go nicely over her in a few seasons time, I’ve always wanted a deer collie grey cross but was just a bit worried that they would make too big but if she has finished up 24 TTS and mine is only 25 TTS tops stand a good chance of a nice sized litter
  8. Didn’t want to ever buy from a puppy farmer but that was the exact cross I was looking for
  9. I am not one for rushing dogs and always get told I start them too late and don’t let them see enough soon enough but this one has done and caught a lot for his first season and it just makes me excited for next year, still hopefully a couple of trips out this year but will see what weather does
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