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  1. I can’t help answer ur question mate but I am glad to know I am not the only one NOT on Facebook
  2. been trying to think of a come back but there isn’t one
  3. I used to strip mine as I was worried about damaging his coat but on half way through the 3rd strip of the summmer I went an brought a pair of clippers, it’s alot quicker and doesn’t make much difference to how the coat grows back
  4. What the f**k ??? Forgive me if I am wrong as I have had a beer but have u put it over one of ur own bitches u wouldn’t keep a pup off ?
  5. My mums cat brought this present back yesterday night I remember when I was younger stealing a present for mothers day coz I had no money
  6. Looks some dogey breeding in that lurcher mon, not my type but what ever suits
  7. What is a SH bitch and do u want a pup back ? any pics of the dog ?
  8. u must of wrote that as I was typing, why u going Spain mate ?
  9. Because he’s moving house and the landlord does except pets because she doesn’t get on with my other dog because it’s due to I’ll health because I’ve split up with the missus because my missus is pregnant because I am working all the time or because it’s summer and I can’t be arsed looking after something I can’t work
  10. They are stunning mate, defo my sort of hounds
  11. I know it’s a big ask especially as a stranger but my Jill’s have come in to season and need a snipped hob to bring them out, I don’t mind sorting someone a few beer tokens as it’s going to cost me £40 per jill as it did last year thanks in advance Pete
  12. I don’t know how u stopped that terrier not diving in to the bushes then, mine would of been gone as soon as the other dog barked
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