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  1. That is one stunning dog and can see the amount of work u have put in to him to get him looking like that
  2. The range on mine is 1200 meters
  3. Game changer night time and day time, u will see stuff u have walked past before and my lamp battery last a lot longer
  4. I was only joking what percentages are these dogs made up of ? Always liked trunks stamp of a dog
  5. Does the dog own a gun they look shot to me, they are laying there far too peaceful and in tact
  6. This is why I think lads start dogs too soon and expect too much of them,dogs need time to mature mentally and physically, take a knock while playing. maybe taking out in the dark to something new to her and having a new owner and the fact she is only 10 months old and running her doubled up on a rabbit when she doesn't know how to run propley herself yet, maybe u have given her too much, especially having saluki in her I wouldn't be taking her lamping again this season, just let her be a pup and if u really have to take her out working take her ferreting and let her mouth a few rabbits in the
  7. I like those merl types aswell, what's the breeding behind them?
  8. Anyone selling 1 if not 2locators collars? Thanks
  9. Have u got any more pics of him bradus? Always liked ur stamp of dogs
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