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  1. Good to hear mate if my mate finds out where he lives think he will end up in jail himself so prob best he doesn’t find out but the lad does smarting up a bit
  2. Hope I get them back mate, my mate lost one about 2 weeks ago now and still not come home but he had some scouse lad on the phone telling him he had his dog and to transfer him £500 or he was going to put it in the ring with his pitbulls, my mate said he would meet him and give him the cash but he wouldn’t do it or send him a pic of his dog to prove he had it, the lad probably didn’t have my mates dog but what a c**ts trick to ring up saying that, bet there’s plenty that would of given him the money
  3. Let them keep doing it hopefully they will all die out
  4. I’ve shaved him couldn’t be arsed striping after the 3rd time over the summer, I haven’t really started yet but had a couple of runs and his recovery time was alot longer with his coat on but think I’ll leave it to grow back now as it will be coming cooler
  5. Yer he’s doing ok, this will be his first propper season where I will push him now and find out what his weaknesses are but going off last season I am really pleased with him
  6. Or if u want something that will do what a bull x will do but better go for a 3/4 grey 1/4 collie
  7. U only have to watch videos on YouTube of the sneaky fuckers getting lads to take them digging, next thing they know is there bending over to pick up the soap in the shower and eating porridge
  8. I understand u should help people and he may be genuine but there’s that many antis / people trying to f**k Lads over it’s understandable people are a bit weary of helping people they don’t know out
  9. Be nice to see them in 12 months time but keep posting pics of them every couple of months see how they are growing
  10. Go to ur local leisure centre and pinch a couple of badminton nets
  11. Short answer NO get urself a collie grey an u won’t regret it
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