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  1. Yer I liked the look of them I’ve sent him a pm but not got back to me yet but I think the lad might be sorted now
  2. Anyone know of any litters on the ground now, mate is after a pup of this breeding or something similar, just wants something for knocking about ferreting and rabbiting on the lamp
  3. Nice to see u painted a 5 o’clock fox mate tally hoooo
  4. Stunning looking dog mate an looks in a good condition to start the season
  5. Have u got any better pics of him ? What height is he ? To be honest I wouldn’t have another terrier when this one goes but if I did it would just be a bolter and one that would come out after 5 mins and only go to fox Big ask but that’s the only type I’d want now
  6. This was mine as a young dog, not had a hard life by any means but done me proud, he’s 12 now an loves comin out bushing now
  7. a baying white maybe u have just never dug to a modem day Russel then
  8. Sorry just spoke to lad an she’s gone
  9. Beddy x whippet 6 month old in Kent any good to you mate ?
  10. I’d love to know how many miles a fox hound covers on a good days hunting
  11. I was only joking, yer he’s a bullx I’ve always had bullxs myself but due to one thing or another I have vowed not to keep another in my kennels so just got a collie grey now but I do love looking at all the pics of bullxs on here an maybe one day I’ll have something with a dash of bull
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