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  1. Legend of a dog! Loved your write ups! RIP
  2. Very tidy bitch I’ll be looking for something similar soon
  3. Tied up at 11 though the sausage rolls were too tempting for her
  4. I get what you both mean. The advice I’ve got off the lads on this shoot is she won’t learn being at home.so far shes doing well.nothing to testing and yeah she’s mainly on the lead and I’ve had good comments off people on the shoot about she’s doing.she’s from really good breeding especially the dams side who I’ve seen work loads of times.as I’ve said it’s my first gun dog and so far I’m chuffed to bits
  5. Thanks for the offer mate a bit too far though. I used to do a lot of work on landfills in Scotland-Penicuik,Avondale greengairs.always saw a lot of rabbits around there
  6. Hello there, I’m re posting my plea from a couple of years ago haha. I’ve been living in Brandon for a few years now and the ferreting situation is not good. Would anyone out there let me tag along? I’ve been ferreting for over 20 years back in wales and the diesel is a killer going back there for an outing.got all the gear locators etc unfortunately lost the lurcher bitch to cancer but i still have the lurcher dog.apparently the number of rabbits is bad around this area according to the blokes on the shoot I go on? So im willing to travel thanks in advance
  7. She’s nearly 11 months the pics of her I uploaded was when she was 9 months old.she’s on the lead for most of the day I only let her off when it’s not a drive to a flushing point.I’ve been going off the advice of the keeper who’s been on the place for years he’s past retirement age and proper old school. I appreciate advice all the same.as I’ve said it’s my first gun dog having been a lurcher and terrier man for years.so far I reckon she’ll do me proud
  8. A totally different dog today! She had her mad moment on the first drive. After that she settled and was not ranging to far ahead and coming back to the whistle.only embarrassing moment today was her going flat out across a field of sugar beet right up the arse of a muntjac.luckily she didn’t follow it through the thick cover it smashed through.
  9. She wasn’t too good to start with but as soon as she saw the cockers going through on the second drive she was smashing straight through it
  10. Well I’m proud as punch! She done well today.she was a bit shit scared of all the other dogs at first but soon settled.I kept her on the lead for the first 3 drives but let her off on the 4th and she actually put up a couple of birds.she was watching the ones flying over like a hawk.she did run on a bit far a couple of times but luckily the keeper is a laid back bloke.she has certainly learnt a lot today
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