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  1. When I disconnect the hose from the gun it’s hisses out of the air chamber fill point
  2. I’m VERY new to air rifles haha.Ive borrowed one for a couple of weeks complete with bottle to fill it up but every time I disconnect the filling adapter out of the gun all the air streams out.this is when it’s cocked.what the f am I doing wrong? Any help much appreciated
  3. They look spot on them.good luck for the future!!
  4. Is rabbit fever a website or eBay page? I’m after some new bits and bobs
  5. As ferretman65 says that’s the ideal age.try and find a little 2 or 3 holer that’s holding and their instinct will kick in.you’ve got to let them come out the holes at their own accord though and don’t rush in to grab them otherwise you’ll make them skulk and that can be a right pain in the arse
  6. Yeah heard of that website.you don’t get dogs on their anymore.who ever runs the website has seen sense and stopped the cnuts advertising
  7. Can anyone tell me if the lurcher/terrier show is in both days? thanks
  8. Hello I’m after tagging along with someone or gaining some ferreting permission around the area.I’ve moved here from wales.I’ve worked ferrets for 22 years so I know the game well.I’m willing to do a bit of beating helping on a shoot or odd jobs on farms in return for permission.I’ve been involved with a shoot back in wales so I know a few things like biting birds etc cheers
  9. Ok thanks for the replies.I’ll only be shooting them off the top of the stable block which is a made of pitched corrugated tin sheets there’s only waste land behind.the gun is .22.I used to do a lot with a spring loaded air rifle in my teens
  10. Anyone with any experience with it? I don’t shoot air rifles normally but I’ve been asked to clear feral pigeons from a place a ferret and have been offered one cheap cheers
  11. I was on a job today and the staff in the office compound found a lurcher nearly 2 months ago.they can’t keep it any longer so if any one is out there looking for a lurcher then pm me pics to see if it’s the same pooch.I won’t be giving any information on here.it’s a friendly lurcher and it would be a shame if it ends up in a dogs home.it’s not microchipped.they’ve tried local dog wardens but nothing has come up so I thought I’d try on here
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