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  1. welsh_hunter12

    Lurcher show

    Is there a lurcher show at the east Anglian game fair?
  2. welsh_hunter12

    Pics of old friends

    Here’s my old lakie she’s ten now but still going strong
  3. welsh_hunter12

    Website Help

    Vet medic that's the one cheers gnipper
  4. welsh_hunter12

    Website Help

    Just wondering if anyone can help me.i bought worming tablets online off a well known website and I can't remember what the hell its called lol it's uk based if anyone can help jog my memory much appreciated
  5. welsh_hunter12

    Ferrets Denbighshire

    from good working parents flesh fed well handled pm for details prestatyn area
  6. welsh_hunter12

    Ferret Kits Wanted

    i have some go on livestock section
  7. welsh_hunter12


    Ferrets for sale in Denbighshire From good rabbiting parents flesh fed and well handled Pm me if interested £10 each
  8. welsh_hunter12

    Do You Know Them .....

    I've screen shotted the pic and sent it around dog lads in north Wales.hope the terrier turns up.
  9. welsh_hunter12

    Same Fields As Last Week

    WHat prices do game dealers pay for rabbits?
  10. welsh_hunter12

    First Attempt

    Looks hard to do fair play to you. Could be a good earner for you I'd be interested
  11. welsh_hunter12

    The Belstone Fox

    Where can I watch it?
  12. welsh_hunter12

    New Pup

    Well smart pup
  13. welsh_hunter12

    Beagle X Lakeland

    Them two look good grafters cover dog.
  14. welsh_hunter12

    Beagle X Lakeland

    Thanks for the replies
  15. welsh_hunter12

    Beagle X Lakeland

    Anyone have or bred one? Just wondering what experience people have of this cross