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  1. Nexguard! Brilliant stuff. Vets charge a fortune for it but it can be bought online
  2. Yep she’s clever alright haha
  3. Take the kits away as soon as their ready and fending for them selves if you have the space.your Jill should be back to normal very quickly. Just going off my own experiences.
  4. I use straw,paper and saw dust (flake type) it all sticks to meat and I’ve never had any problems.have a go at using dry food like alpha or chudleys for this time of year.less flies and nothing will stick to it.the kits I’ve bred over the years have thrived on it at that age
  5. Ha the breedings there and her training is going well but the little shite has her moments.like she’ll never shit while we’re out then as soon as she’s back in the pen she lets rip
  6. The little bitch got into my shed yesterday jumped on the lurcher’s kennel then across to the garden furniture and up to the shelves! Chewed my sealand gaiters, about 30 purse nets, my cartridge belt and a really old catapult! She’d better make a good gun dog haha.
  7. Thanks yeah fingers crossed she’ll do me proud.it’s my first gun dog so I’m a total newbie.the lurcher and Lakeland bitch hate her big time so that’s a pain in the arse at the mo but im hoping they’ll relax when she’s got out of that pup stage
  8. She’s a belter.so easy to train too.
  9. Got her off TomKeeper off her on Sunday and she’s a clever thing already well chuffed with her.roll on training in a few months
  10. Thanks yep that’s exactly the way she’s shaping up a mini lab.I’ve seen the dam (lab) work loads of times and she’s brilliant.and I’ve heard good things about the sire which is also owned by a keeper
  11. Yeah I see what you mean but I’ve committed now and it’s dirt cheap.plus the bloody missus is smitten
  12. I see thanks for that.it should suit my needs in the beating line,rough shooting and bushing for the lurchers hopefully.
  13. I won’t bring myself to call them a springador haha.anyone have any experience with these? I’ve just reserved one off a gamekeeper friend of mine.it’s going to be my first gun dog having kept lurchers and terriers for years so I’d like to hear good and bad in them thanks
  14. Hello I’m just wondering if anyone knows of a shoot that needs beaters.I’ve just moved here from wales and I’ve been around shoots most of my life.thanks in advance
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