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Modern sayings

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I hate the way a lot of youngsters talk in a sort of Jamaican patois , kids who’s parents I know are white and live in Gloucester with a West Country accent , but the kids are trying to sound like the

you know shat really annoys me these days....coffee... now I like the odd cup....but everybody has to have a takeaway cup in there hand at all times...drives me nuts .. last Christmas..nativ

Anyone who users these new saying like " I got this" need lining up and shooting    Happy Sunday 

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5 minutes ago, Blackmag said:

My Mrs is a champion at that especially were decorating involved 

Same as mine, lol.

"WE" put a new put new tiles and bath in this week, but I dont remember her been there with me LOL, she assures me she was though, who am I to argue lol

Atb j 


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20 minutes ago, jetro said:

Another one 

"I swear to god", as if that's going to make it more believable lol.

Atb j 

One my Mrs says a lot when I'm talking to her is I'm just saying or honestly 

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1 hour ago, eastcoast said:

When people say "we" need to do this or that but they really mean "you" need to do it, not "we".

its when some Cnut in the office says "we" I usually get asked to leave or people just look at me and shake there heads!

the royal "we" 🖕


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2 minutes ago, THE STIFFMEISTER said:

Usually accompanied by that upward infliction like an Australian 


That all dates back to Neighbours the TV programme. The spoken English language is a living evolving thing. Strange that everyone hates the English, even the English, but everyone speaks it.International flight would not be possible if all air traffic controllers did not use only one language, English.





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