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  1. darbo

    Good read

    A old fella near me never kept a lurcher snaring and trapping was his mainstay work. But he also used a dog for marking when ferreting retrieving shot night time phesants and for working bramble patches with stop and poke nets. When i look back it was a opporntunity missed as i only went a few times out ferreting with him in the 80s. i could have learned a fair bit from him but was too intrested in seeing dogs run. He only ever kept springers.
  2. darbo

    Good read

    I recall seeing the old fella in a episode of a johnny kingdom programme relocating hares caught in longnets. They relocated hares all over the country for years longnetting.
  3. darbo

    Good read

    He used greyhounds instead of lurchers
  4. darbo

    Old boxing matches

    One of my favourite fighters who i think didnt reach his true potential. Was good with his head also.lol.
  5. darbo

    Old boxing matches

  6. darbo

    Old boxing matches

  7. darbo

    Old Photo's

    A pic of some local miners in my area1903 looks like a Airedale type at the front and a russell in the middle.
  8. darbo

    Old Photo's

    John wayne as a youngster with his dog what was said to be a Airedale.