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  1. RIP Freddie a sad time Grompz atb.
  2. A track from the classic album Brilliant Trees.
  3. Not from a book that i know.A friend of mine is obsessed with old black and white pics of dogs/wildlife /landscapes/farming etc. He sends ones to me which he thinks are maybe of intrest.
  4. i have used them many times over the years mainly in areas close to roads fencelines etc. I bought them in flatpacks in the early 90s. you make them up yourself mine are on the crude side but do the job. Main problem is as you say transporting them.
  5. Only a suggestion but i would contact Dave Sleight to see if he knows of any whippet litters in the pipeline.
  6. Nice one Ross the young one seems to be coming along well atb
  7. Old Phils books are superb B Dohertys books are very good. A underated book although it covers many topics is the great game by Harold Wyman.
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