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  1. What a bitch and a real strong hare.Relentless determination and stamina.
  2. Rip a maverick of the boxing world. A flawed genius at times should have done so much better with dedication.But a talented fighter on his day.
  3. Look little belters. i would be looking for a similar type for my next dog.
  4. Lucky man looks a fantastic place. Good luck with the fishing.
  5. darbo


    Come across as a real nice fella shared a few pms over the years. Such a shame and god bless his family.
  6. Real smart little pup.Best of luck with her.
  7. Always much appreciated my friend
  8. She has turned into a beauty and its good to read how well she is doing. She was only approx 4 months old when i had a stroll out with you and the ferrets. She was keen on as a young pup.atb
  9. Very good win for Benn obviously hyped up after the fight but some of the names mentioned porter etc too experienced at this point he would get schooled in my opinion. A good decent prospect but long term world level /champion no.
  10. For me the fury camp appear concered about furys lack of activity and no warm up fight as opposed to AJS fight against Pulev.
  11. Good tribute to what sounds like a cracking dog and good luck to chrisbullx young lad with the dog.
  12. A few slag 3/4 breds off be it collie/bedlington /deerhound/saluki etc myself i have seen a good number decent enough on edible game for someone after a bit of sport on edibles i like them. Not everyone has the access for numbers or the real dedication and time to really test the dogs. This type will give the mooching/knockabout lurcherman some sport.
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