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  1. darbo

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Anyway there is a new Fury on the horizon. Makes his debut on the frampton vs warrington bill.Light heavyweight.
  2. darbo

    Which terrier?

    ive had a bedlington 12 years nose work fantastic only a ferreting/ratting dog. Temperament bombproof very easy to live with.
  3. darbo

    RIP John Wilson

    Just about to put it up RIP.
  4. darbo

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Over and out.
  5. A Stunner Mr Wilkes the best of luck.
  6. darbo

    Various Jack Russell's

    A cracking bushing/ratting dog and a spot on marker for the ferreting job with nets.Got him 1984.
  7. darbo

    Tyson fury jre

    A jump in class for Fury he was found wanting no jab hands too low no real power punches telegraphed. I dont think joshua has anything really to worry about regarding Pulev.
  8. darbo

    Collie Greyhound

    The topic is the one you started( Collie stud.) its now on the 3rd page on this section.
  9. darbo

    Collie Greyhound

    Good write up BL the only dog ive owned that rarely had a sick day off was a 1/2 cross beardy/grey in the 80s. Come into to his own on fell land broken moorland very good hunt up dog.Caught more than his fair share and plenty of hunted up hares not slipped on one.No excuses that was not his game.
  10. darbo

    Bushing rabbits

    Brilliant little dog Str you have done a sterling job training him.
  11. darbo

    Bushing rabbits

    He is doing you proud a little belter.
  12. darbo

    earliest memories of coursing dogs

    By chance as a kid coming home at dusk from a fishing trip i spotted a dog coursing a hare on local farm land. i was aged about 12 so 1976. First time in company a old fella let me tag along 1983 he had a first cross saluki /greyhound went out every sunday morning from then on.