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  1. Hope all goes well D atb
  2. Enjoyed the vids well done.Your vizla is a beauty.
  3. darbo

    AJ vs Pulev

    Not really a AJ fan but a good performance and a clinical finish.
  4. A real nice compact little animal best of luck.
  5. i was born early 60s so can relate to a lot on the clip. A good little watch
  6. The way things are going when my old dog goes i would need to take a loan out to get a pup in.
  7. darbo


    Kevin Sinfield was always the ultimate professional its heart warming to see what he is doing raising funds for his team mate and friend. Rob Burrow a fantastic player who gave 100 percent to the cause electric with the ball both caused my supported team ST.Helens no end of problems through the years.To see the decline in Rob Burrow is shocking.
  8. Best of luck nice stamp hope he does well.
  9. darbo


    Sincere condolences to you and your family.
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