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  1. The best first cross i have seen and ive watched a fair few was from a kc dog. in the early 80s a local fella took a greyhound bitch to be lined by one of john piggins dogs(eakring) the best mooching knockabout lurcher i have clapped eyes on to date.ive a good idea who the fella is who has the bedlington that is the sire to yours he has been with bedlingtons for the long haul while many fell by the wayside.
  2. darbo

    Longest living lurcher

    ive had a lurcher beardy/grey live 17 years also a collie and a russell i had lived to the same age.
  3. darbo

    how i miss

    She certainly did you proud. i used to enjoy the write ups of the days out.The memories will always be there. i know you are going through a very difficult time.atb.
  4. darbo

    kelpie x

    Dave sleight has been known to.
  5. darbo

    greyhound whippet

    The Whippet/Grey Ace.
  6. darbo

    greyhound whippet

    The whippet stud Bow
  7. darbo

    greyhound whippet

    Found a add Grompz.
  8. darbo

    greyhound whippet

    Popular with the old lads round here when i first went out in the early 80s they had them for decades. Watched a few go the odd one from the welsh fella carl williams. Good on rabbits night/day and could knock over a hare or two.Like lock on missiles.
  9. darbo

    knockerbox collars

    As i say it was a few years ago.It was a buy now price £32 if i remember correctly.
  10. darbo

    knockerbox collars

    He does make them i had one off him about 2 years ago.
  11. darbo

    knockerbox collars

    Ebay there is one on there now.
  12. darbo

    What type are these?

    Aubrey Fryer bred dogs from a few books.
  13. darbo

    Knockerbox Repairs

    Rip Jim. i remember the old programme its a dogs life with mr lloyd and speckle and jim and his pointer. Probably still have it on vhs somewhere.Time passes too quickly.