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  1. Liver bedlingtons are born dark brown.
  2. darbo

    Wet behind the ears

    Not a good experience by any means but you live and learn. Good luck with your search.
  3. darbo

    Lurcher stud dogs

    ive never bred nor let a dog out for stud.5 a decent age for me for a dog that ticks all the boxes and a good temperament is paramount.
  4. darbo

    Old dogs past or retired

    Sire collie/grey x collie/grey x 3/4grey/1/4 collie. Dam 3/4 saluki 1/4 grey x whippet/grey.
  5. darbo

    Old dogs past or retired

    ive had a few lurchers from the 80s this bitch was head and shoulders above the others.
  6. darbo

    An hour bushing with dog and gun

    First class he is going to be a cracking little dog for you.
  7. My mistake and apologies put it down to age i had it in my head Taffy was 1/8 instead of a 1/4 beardy. I dont know of my dog being the exception to the rule ive talked to a good number of people who had pups out of the muirhead dog remus and they were pleased. Maybe the original stud richard jones was the root of temperament peculiarities you experienced.. But we wont argue im too long in the tooth and old.We can only express our own opinions and experiences.
  8. i know someone who has worked Beardies for years and still does. ive had a look at the odd ped he has and the odd border collie pops up now and then in the lines through a 6 gen ped.
  9. Not being rude but your dog had what 1/16 beardy in it ? i had a half cross out of remus in the 80s and its temp was spot on. ive seen a fair few border crosses that were headbangers.
  10. darbo

    Staffy Bull

    There is hardly any toxicity in the stalks its the leaves which contain oxcalic acid.