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  1. Best of luck with your new venture/lifestyle.
  2. darbo

    R.I.P the Anfield iron .

    RIP full respect to the man a real old school tough player.
  3. darbo

    Old lurcher photo

    Fantastic pic again nice one.
  4. darbo

    Another Bird in the Hand

    A certainty for me.The first one was fantastic.
  5. darbo

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Cracking domestic fight between fowler and fitzgerald. Enjoyed that one.
  6. darbo

    My boys new pup

    Best of luck to your son with the pup atb.
  7. Grow some night scented stock and nicotina very fragrant sitting in the garden at the end of a summers night very pleasant.
  8. darbo

    Opinions on the Norfolk lurcher?

    Anyway had a little chat to JB today and he told me mick douglas got his first lurcher of him and also stuff from ivor lee. During the course of time mick did a fair bit of outcrossing and lost the good feet within his dogs and confimation and his dogs came to a end.