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  1. Look a quality litter of pups . Atb.
  2. Sad times. I remember you putting a vid of her years ago and she looked a spot on retriever.
  3. Just looks a kc whippet cross kc collie to my old eyes
  4. What is the plummers temperament like DC if you dont mind me asking. Does it have a off switch or is it hyper?
  5. ive had trips. out with a fair few over the years. My hunting partner i met through work around 40 years ago. He was 20 odd years older and took me under his wing . Had some great times he passed away a few years ago.
  6. 1987 3/4 GREY 1/4 COLLIE PUP.
  7. The pups look a bright well reared healthy litter. Fair play to you NL.
  8. Misty the best on fur and feather ive owned by some way. Saluki lurcher cross collie lurcher.
  9. Only a sapling in the pic. Collie x whippet x whippet greyhound. Made a decent little rabbiting bitch and good on feather.
  10. Best of luck Terry the start of a new journey atb.
  11. Congratulations to the new addition to your family atb.
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