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  1. darbo

    Whippet x greyhound

    All the old boys had them local . i like the cross watched a fair few in the 80s and 90s.
  2. darbo

    An hour bushing with dog and gun

    Spot on STR looks like a good outing.
  3. darbo

    rap videos

  4. darbo

    Fury v wilder

    The klitschko win was a great achievement for fury but Klitschko was not without his flaws stopped by journeyman purrity stopped by brewster and slaughtered by sanders.
  5. darbo

    Fury v wilder

    On the subject of fury I like him good speed movement for a big heavyweight plenty of heart not much power but in reality what level of opponents has he faced a past his sell by date klitschko and a powerful but limited raw wilder. The likes of Lewis for me would have wiped the floor with him.
  6. darbo

    Fury v wilder

    i read Mike Tysons autobiography years ago and if everything was true about the drugs/drink/parties /lifestyle its unbelievable he achieved what he did.
  7. darbo

    Fury v wilder

    Looks like now josuha is set to fight big baby miller.
  8. darbo


    My old collie my old fella got him for me off a farm in 1970. Cant recall him catching rabbits but he certainly put a dent in the local pheasant population.
  9. darbo


    i have watched a good few times 2 lab cross collies in the 80s marking/ferreting /hunting up etc catch pheasants very steady dogs.
  10. darbo


    Never heard of anyone using a australian shepherd but know people who have used border collies for ferreting with nets and talked to some who have used kelpies and a working bearded collie. As with all herders temperament is the key. i had a border collie as a kid for 17 years not for rabbiting but he put a dent in the local pheasant population mooching about.
  11. darbo

    An hour bushing with dog and gun

    Spot Str really coming on a treat.