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  1. All depends pal my old dog was 26-27 mates bitch was 25 but his litter brothers were 25-26 bitches 23-26 I'd look at dam and sire but can chuck all sorts atb
  2. My grandad has to use 1 has done for years said hes tried alsorts of makes from cheap to ridiculously expensive but the best hes had and still uses is from aldi cost him about £15 I think
  3. It sure has it's a brilliant stroll along the arete I've been up in the snow In may.even the most experienced folk can get into difficulties easily enough.some of the climbers we've watched up there have balls of steel.
  4. Think fury will have 3 tune up fights then wilder 4th then the big money Joshua as his 5th fight under his 5 fight contract as it's the t.v station that has said not wilder next so has been rumoured
  5. What a set of cnuts pal hope you get it back especially for your boy and I hope the tools who nicked it get smashed aswel.get it shared all over Facebook that's how my mate got his back.
  6. mi old gran can do what the feck she wants rekon she'd still give me a food hiding
  7. If that was my daughter he were slapping I'd take his head clean off on the other hand if it was my boys doing the slapping(which they wouldn't they know better).id take there heads off.the woman is the heart of the house weather it's your wife mother or grandmother they all warrant your respect and should be tret like that well that's my view.
  8. Only had 1 Lakeland got her from somewhere in Wales very old type red dog easy spanable with your hands waited a long time to get her turned into a decent dog didnt take much stick only bitch I've ever kennelled
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