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  1. Heard hes banged a hooker turned out shes 15 then they've tried to blackmail him with give us a million or will go police hes said f**k off they've gone police hes admitted it looking at around 4 years and Everton fecked him off
  2. Fecking hell mate that looks amazing
  3. I like to slumb it so just got this king size airbed .keep ya tarps and hammocks nowadays
  4. Ive used few bits of ridge monkey gear head torch glug pots toastie maker etc all been spot on so sure will be ok pal
  5. Hope all goes well i do like a merle
  6. Must admit I like mcgregor hes done alot for ufc but think he's done.think he will fight nate for money like exhibition fights in boxing etc wunt suprise me if he boxes a youtuber next
  7. Use this for when full family go camping it has 4 bedrooms but can remove bedroom dividers.got big living area goes up in 10mins sturdy not a bad price. Been out in wind and rain no problems
  8. At the minute mate go out doors have a great deal on a large rucksack for £20. I usually work on for 3 or 4 nights wild camping anything that won't fit in this size bag is 2 much as you've got to carry everything. Small 1 man bivvy Lightweight sleeping bag Small stove Few pouches food +few snacks Couple changes clothes Towel Fork +mess tin Water Avon skin so soft(find best for midges) Power bank Toothbrush Don't need much else I see people struggling carrying loads of stuff want to travel as light as possible Really
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