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  1. Sorry I dont know about grit size but the pic was to show its only the slight angle to put blade on I have always found it easier to hold the stone and do it but I think that's just because we used to just stone them standing in the abattoir but id only need to stone every couple of days and flick it on steel regularly but the angle on the steel is just as important
  2. Similar to that stone but about that angle
  3. I use water stone with just a bit of liquid soap on and water put knife on just an angle just enough not to see light under and rub from tip to handle slow and smooth same amount of times both sides no need to use rough side of stone unless has dints in blade then steel on similar angle from handle to tip doing both sides at same time about 10 times be bang on.if you get angles wrong stoning takes blade off.how we was taught when I worked as a slaughter man
  4. Nice 1 pal nice fish there not bad for a little jack
  5. I agree with them not doing it.i work to feed my kids.i know people who don't work who feel entitled to owt for nowt always have holidays everything paid for them out every weekend or in the bookies.its our kids and us in the future who will be paying for it all.its the workers here that have been hit the most who arnt entitled to the free school meals anyway!!!!
  6. My old boss in Scotland used to like his venison to be hung in chiller till it had a lair of green on not that thick but said thats when its at its best never tried it or wanted to but he ate it all his life like that and lived till late 90s
  7. It definitely looks like a dog to me.cant belive its made the papers
  8. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/hungry-wild-cat-bigger-great-22771706 doesn't look like a big cat to me
  9. Hope you do aswel mate i was watching about 6 guys fishing the right pier from underneath didnt see any of them catch but only there about 15mins before the mrs got bored nice spot though pal
  10. I was over there 2 weeks ago and people where fishing off both piers
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