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  1. Councilestatekid

    Lurcher Litters

    Nice dog pal
  2. Councilestatekid

    Old girl

    If he says he dug it why not just take his word for it at the end of the day if he hasn't hes only lying to himself and has no effect on anyone else
  3. Councilestatekid

    Dog v Bitch

    I prefer dogs just get along better with them but my old digging partner preferred bitches so I kept the dogs and he kept the bitches and that's how we ran our line it worked well for us for many years he still has 4 bitches left from the line but as we dont dig no more there just seeing out there years in comfort with the youngest bitch being 4 and never been worked as we called it a day and she was the last litter which were bred purely for lads we knew
  4. Great idea but couldn't afford both and mrs wouldn't mind me going mooching she more than likely come along
  5. not that bloody much!!!!! But mrs would love a motor home so what I'd put in a month to pay for a motor home I'd spend on my dog anyway.
  6. I'm getting wed in 2 week and I'm same she gets the wedding we get a pup but said if right 1 doesn't come up within next 6 months I'll put idea to bed and buy a motor home instead
  7. Councilestatekid

    Basil has been caught

    I cant believe such people if involved still keep stuff at there home address dont know if its complacency or stupidity but youd think they'd know better
  8. Councilestatekid

    The Last Waterloo Cup

    I was there at the last Waterloo cup great day out and dint vinnie Jones and that woman chef have dogs running
  9. Councilestatekid

    Average speed check....

    Mates dads a traffic cop and always told us to ask for the cameras calibration number(was some years ago now)as if the camera hasn't been calibrated they cant do you and he always said there hardly every re calibrated after set up
  10. Old dog doesn't get on with the pup(why not let the pup go then) Dog for sale 2 many in my kennels(why the feck get them all then) Split with bird have no option but want a good home and £500 (dogs shit and want to try cash in and get a few party bags) No time due to work commitments never seen anything (meaning never been out of back garden) The list could be endless
  11. Councilestatekid

    Few old pics of some great animals

    Where they deserve to be mate after they serve you well
  12. Councilestatekid

    Few old pics of some great animals

    Certainly my kind of animal looks wise mate
  13. Councilestatekid

    Few old pics of some great animals

    Like the rough dog bottom right pal
  14. Councilestatekid

    Pre ban fox and hare killer

    My collie x greys always did