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  1. My mate was with a thai said he had to jump through hoops to get her here on 6month tourist visa said paperwork was like a book proof of income morgage proof known each other how ever long met family etc said letter off employer each others family the lot they worked together for 3 years over there for a big company he's well off.anyway he got transfered to America she got a 10year visa for there no problems said couldn't belive how much hassle it was when all these eastern Europeans and dingy dodgers just get everything gifted
  2. Think it comes down to if your convictions are classed as time served and what the offences are
  3. Went Bolton Abbey other week was absolutely full of em and they leave an absolute shithole behind them rubbish all over 2 woman pissing in river near to where all kids playing they were just lifting skirts up to knees.also absolutely loads of em camping near gordale scar whilst I was up there same again left an absolute shithole with no toilets or owt about not the best
  4. Yea I think it's just knowing your dog I've seen dogs spoilt by starting to young or getting over run 2 young just let them enjoy there work and know when enough is enough can't see point anyone running em into the ground we used to put alot of gear in front of em day and night but knew when to call it a day
  5. Always used to let my young dogs have a little play rag on a few after a dig or if my other dog had 1 on lamp pre ban but heard people saying wouldn't let there dogs do it as not rewarding them with something they hadn't caught but I always found it gets them used to the scent and know there game and never did any of my dogs any harm.and as far as age you know when your dogs are ready as most my dogs collie/grey I used to like to wait till about 18months but had some around 14/16 months and another over 2 but seen a lads bull Cross 10months old nail 1 that got put up unexpectedly
  6. He did just milk him but all in all was a tad disappointed in the film and was looking forward to it
  7. That's how they have you it can be say a 1/8 wagu in mix and still class it as wagu.its how burger King get away with the Angus burgers as as long as its got Angus init not false advertising and alot put an Angus bull over first time heifers to give them a smaller first calf
  8. We went mexico as good place for kids for holiday and throw the whale shark trip in for a bonus but luckily the guy was honest with me and said look mate well be very lucky to see one if you was a week earlier you'd defo seen 1 but there gone now im not going to lie to you but I've not got a problem taking these loud mouth yanks out and taking there money
  9. You'd shit ya pants
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