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  1. That bottom dog is a beauty my kind of hound
  2. Was having a dig when farmer came flying over more or less jumped off the quad while still moving started ranting straight away.so just kept calm said my terrier had flown to ground so blocked holes up with a few stones and my jacket went home for spade and lurcher once id dug my dog out id fill back in and be on my way to which he told me a few times if I didn't feck now off id be getting a good hiding to which I just replied no probs but not till id dug my dog out by time id dug my dog and lurcher nailed the fox he was impressed said give him a knock could go on anytime but no hares or deer
  3. I've had a look on that deal you've put up but comes up about 25quid for 1 250ml
  4. Guess I'm a woman faggot but 4 years not smoking ill take that
  5. I bloody smoke the vape a million times more than I did the ciggies it's like a dummy never out of the hand
  6. We went in a old arcade with the kids and they still took old penny's if memory serves me right you got 10 old penny's for a quid
  7. That would have been a fair dace I thought owt over about 6/7oz would be classed as a big dace over here
  8. Yea im same.ive caught perch before but only small as a kid and same with roach but never caught a chubb or dace so be good to hook into a few different fish
  9. Cheers mate appreciate that yea the scare stories don't bother me pal ive heard dont go certain places people will take your stuff they'd only try once haha ive fished lakes where people have said same thing and never had a problem if anything met some sound lads. I'm not on Facebook so havnt seen the pics but seen a few nice ones a few lads I know have caught biggest just short of 12lb
  10. My Prince albert is due anytime and it's the Calder the club has its burnley I joined just to fish the big res
  11. My mates fish with the free spirt carp rods and used the 9 and 12fts nice rods
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