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  1. Goats milk only ever used when the bitch was struggling and dint have enough milk never used owt else and the pups have always seemed to thrive off it
  2. Got given a house she was expecting a castle moaned because wills was bigger then got the other place and took piss spending on silly shit like a 5 grand copper bath he's going to feel a right dick when he realises she's done it all for her publicity lied and I'd from start and been found out over n over she thought she'd be the new diana
  3. Seen him pack up and go home more than once as he wasn't stopping at night when already paid 48hr
  4. Saw my first grass snake only 3 years ago and first adder last year it swam past my swim mate shit himself said he couldn't sleep haha hates snakes and rats refuses to go fish anywhere he's heard its bad for rats
  5. Be pig have some near us same on riverbank mostly in use summer when waters low hold fox winter though but round us we'll watched so best keeping out
  6. You did well to find 1 open!! Been there a few times myself left bait rod pod etc etc haha hopefully you'll bag a few!
  7. Good on the fella wolfdog always like to see someone having a go and making something for themselves. Where I'm from many people like it when people don't succeed to be honest which I just don't get. Over here at minute it's not best game to be in everything expensive I've just f××cked up on 1 own fault thought about 20grand and 3 months to do up didn't look at it properly rookie mistake took about 62grand and still a garage to build but house had to go back to brick top to bottom and make about 5/10grand for a years graft
  8. Just found a old bill from last year 1st sep to Dec 4th the bill for gas and electric was £78 im in the house even less now and from 4th Nov to 5th Dec this year £145 I personally think there taking the piss I'm just glad I don't have some of your bills!!
  9. Not many places you don't know pal. Kaleici the old town is a nice little place now spoilt by all the nightclubs the rest of the town is just like rest of Turkey but a cheap week to get away from the cold
  10. The government want NHS to go private to off load it then will go same way as america where you have to pay for medical insurance.my gran waited 7hr with a broken hip for an ambulance operator said can you take her I said yu want me to lift her when she's in pain carry her through house and garden sit her in car for a 40min drive she said yes said no chance rang back after 3hr to ask how long said to operator other operator said carry her and take her she said definitely don't move her ambulance crew came said they was on way but got an emergency call said a chap had rung chest pains etc knowi
  11. It is with a thai pal can't own the land its been well looked into and will be above board. Know the family and they'll be putting money in aswel but I'll be putting up slightly more as it his land but its more for his daughter as his other daughter gets his business and house etc so he's trying to set his daughter up.
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