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  1. One of best books I read in a long time few years ago me n mrs just watched the series was ok
  2. Tattooist of auschwitz
  3. Fury his own downfall again he always switches off for at least a round and threw it away
  4. My mate has a disabled son he got him a little dog to see if the little lad interacts with it well ever since pup dogs not left little lads side even goes to his special school now with him as became destructive in the house when he started goin. walks everywhere with him without a lead but when his mum n dad take it out wi out him totally different dog they can't let it off the lead
  5. Said all along no point lookin further than her parents I can't see how they havnt been charged think if it had been a regular Joe and not pair of quacks been jailed
  6. Do they still charge to get into Turkey can remember you used to have a £10 note to get in then last time I went sure it was £20 can remember them not accepting a £20 note off a couple for both of them years ago and them walkin down like asking people if they could change it god knows what they'd of done if didn't manage it surely they'd of had to accept the £20 note
  7. My mate has been greece last few year absolutely loves it went Rhodes sometime in early 90s when turks bombed the beach was only young but still remember it but wouldn't mind tryin few of the islands for a week here and there [BANNED TEXT] few cheap deals flying about
  8. Good lad wolfdog I could do with a few bits uncle wolfie I'll send you a list
  9. In any order that's who I think will finish 1st 4 places
  10. I am maximus Mahler mission Mr incredible Coko beach Top 4
  11. Yea ive pre booked a quad for 1st 3 days and a buggy for next 4 to get about got a recommendation for best restaurant in oia so managed to get booked in there with promise of best table for the sunset stayin in a place called akrotiri at the bottom end of the island ment to be quieter but with quad/ buggy get all over the island I would usually get a days fishing or diving but this is a hol for her so hopefully after she's finally got her ring she mite book me on a day of either .to be honest my camper van money has gone on her ring wanted a camper for a few years for inbetween holidays so
  12. Never been somewhere i never fancied to be honest looks a nice place my mate went last year said rained every day .said full of people wanting pics just for instragram now. mrs has always wanted to get engaged there so made out were goin as found a cheap last min deal as im skint(not really)as ant worked since end of last October done about 4 days so far this year through choice just just spent a small fortune on a 2ct diamond engagement ring and finally goin to do it then just goin to book out a full hotel in lakes either next year or year after and have a do I wanted to get married in Tha
  13. Sounds great that mate im same like to do my own thing that's why been loving last few years after 17years of them sort of trips wi kids we don't have to anymore thank god haha
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