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  1. That's my question really how many generations would it take as like I say I'm seeing the merle in alsorts of breeds and like the merle sausage dogs what's been crossed with them to get it as I should imagine most breeds to a sausage dog isn't going to come out like a sausage dog so must take some breeding and litter waste to get there but like a spaniel collie isn't a bad cross but then wouldn't class a merle spaniel as ever being a pure either or anything else that's got the merle gene that isn't ment to have
  2. It isn't and says the merle isn't liked by working spaniel people but says now the merle spaniels dna just comes back as spaniel so classed as a spaniel suppose like the silver labs and things that was crossed with the wierharmer(how ever its spelt)
  3. To be honest I don't know much about pups just he was going to look at some and they were merle I asked the question if was pure spaniel and he said yes but said I was sure the merle wasn't a spaniel colour so googled it and it isn't so that's how I came to my question how are they now classed as pure spaniels or dashounds French bulldogs etc etc when they must of been crossed with a merle carrying breed and how long it take to breed back to pure spaniel when I looked said the merle spaniels dna is now spaniel
  4. Recently I've noticed alot of different dogd breeds sporting the merle colour up near us from dashounds French bulldogs and various others they seem to be the fashionable thing at the minute.i always used to have collie/grey and most of them blue merle as if 1 was in litter id pick that just as soft spot for them(as the first dog I bought with my own money was a blue merle).but my mate was after a working spaniel pup and he's off to look at a litter that are merle colour.so just wondering where the merle colour comes from as I thought various collie breeds and Great Danes sported the merle gen
  5. Round by me ive not seen as many rabbits and hares around as now for about 10 years it's booming and also deer where you'd never see them before alot of the dicks who got dogs around 10/12 year ago and spoilt the place over hunting same spots causing spots to get hot have all gone now a nice little dog would be perfect now
  6. Funny you should say about the howl he used to do the same when went to someone's house his way of knocking haha
  7. Yea a few lads I used to go out with had the bull x I never went that route.they liked them as there easy to get on the teeth but seen some cracking bull x work
  8. Also knew a lad who had a 3/4 grey 1/4 border big dog about 29 inch.was a funny creature if he raised his voice to it would sulk and stay like 20 foot away from him would do everything he asked of it sit lay down stop etc but keep same distance was funny to watch.and as young dog would take rabbit etc but as soon as it got its first fox developed a hatred for them and had no intrest at all in rabbits or anything but fox was a total different animal
  9. Best dog I've ever seen looks and work was 3/8 5/8 beardie out of Enoch off hancock was demon on fox single handed did the numbers take owt put in front of it rough coated easy to train also had a 3/4 grey 1/8 beardie 1/8th border was an absolute speed machine same again great dog to train rabbit hare fox deer but not same numbers on the fox as the other dog didn't have the same knack but if he got 1 or 2 a week I'd of been happy with him jump anything.ive always wanted another 5/8 3/8 but not seen any other throw same stamp of a dog as what Enoch did and seen about 4/5 off him all very simila
  10. First chance to get out on the bank this year at least not a blank not a bad fish just shy of the 30lber I wanted at 27.6lb
  11. Me and my mate did 3 peaks 6.5hrs but we ran from top of wernside to bottom of Ingleborough and marched the full walk after we said we'd never do again as we've done it dozens of times now ill stroll wernside but no intrest in other 2 it's a boring shit walk
  12. I think 40mile in 6 hour lamping is bit undoable not impossible.if you walked on the flat non stop at just over 6mph you'd do it but it's some pace to keep up put hills etc into the mix and then your pace goes down and then have to make up else where.think about 10hour would be a more realistic time for a 40mile walk.lamping stopping for a shine and a run navigating fences/gates/walls/ becks/rivers etc etc can prob add a few more hours onto it
  13. One of my favourite meals that dc with a bit of fried rice spot on
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