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I will donate this camera to your cat hunting if you would like it  lumix fz72 60x zoom 

Was out for a walk with the dogs this morning, bumped into a fellow I sort of know through a lot of common interests we often stop for a chat,he hunts a bit and likes his old cars I have something for

Just re reading the whole thread and you’ve come under some real stick mate .Apologies for my part .Doesn’t mean I’m a believer just embarrassing some of the comments 

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1 hour ago, Deker said:

I can see where most of the comments immediately above are coming from...put simply, that isn't even close to proof.

Not to mention why somebody would be driving down an unlit road at night whilst filming with a mobile phone. ?

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I actually thought the picture in the article was taken by yer man who claimed to have seen the cat. Hard to just take someones word, on such things, when most of these story's, end up being a load of bull.

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