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  1. I think a fair few football players and ex pros have done their bit . Neville has given up his hotel to be available for NHS staff i think , pep guardiola has given near 1m , ronaldo/messi have given 1m each , that baby neymar has aswell. Norwich playets/staff donated 200k . Its the cutthroat business types like Branson and phillip green that need checking
  2. Bon Jovi been helping in his restaurant cleaning dishes https://www.google.com/amp/s/newslagoon.com/bon-jovi-gets-to-wash-dishes-during-the-crisis-of-the-coronavirus/11604/amp/ But i do hate the celebrities singing in unison online , and beckham the fame whore shaving his head and chucking it online to keep himself in the limelight etc. Its amazing how many of them manage to get tests aswell seing as their in short supply
  3. My dad used to call the shops on sea fronts that sell bucket/spade etc "grockle shops" . Wondered whete it came from
  4. Reminds me of champions league intros when i was a kid . Continental tyres aswell
  5. Welsh_red

    Tiger King

    Finished it and every single one of them is batshit crazy
  6. Im off as i have asthma . My boss was great about it but the other boys are still in as its classed as constriction work. Think they are in until Friday then probably off I got another [BANNED TEXT] who works in a pet treats factory where the boss has told them they are classed as essential work and they "have" to continue working . If they go into self isolation they have been told they wont have a job to come back to and when they argued the point that it was impossible to keep a 2m distance in their tiny factory they were told "yoh know where the door is" Plenty od uncertainty about work and plenty of bosses who dont give a shit either way
  7. Welsh_red

    Tiger King

    3 episodes in and its batshit crazy . I seriously dislike that carol woman , has the fakest laugh and shady mannerisms all the time . And she does seem dodgy enough to kill her husband
  8. Welsh_red

    Tiger King

    That guy was on louis theroux
  9. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/uk-wales-51708647
  10. Their was a couple of coondogs on the loose around here . I got sent a video of one on a back lane by a forestry guy around here . Dont know if they were ever caught or killed
  11. Its a weirdly great thread, it goes off in tangents and different directions but their lots of great points from both sides of the fence throughout
  12. If you got a hour or two spare theirs a thread on here "big cat sightings" https://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/370438-big-cat-sighting/#comments
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