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  1. Welsh_red

    kenny noye to be released from prison

    Do you actually know something or are you just throwing hypotheticals in the sir Alex Ferguson has
  2. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    Why do you care so much tho. Theirs plenty of threads on here i dissagre with . I just dont go on them
  3. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    Lot of winging going on in this thread which is a shame as its one of the more interesting ones . He may be wrong about big cats , but regardless this thread is interesting . All the bickering over difference of opinion is childish , its like children "he said , she said" where in fact your probably both out of line
  4. Welsh_red

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    The hypocrscy is he didnt mind throwing a spanner in on the general license even tho it would endanger animals
  5. Welsh_red

    Wild Justice or total injustice

    Its the hypocracy
  6. Welsh_red

    Wild Justice or total injustice

  7. Welsh_red

    Gone for it...

    What job are you in
  8. Welsh_red


    My daughter had a cat up the farm where her horse is . Poor thing got run over . I had to tell my daughter because the mrs was to upset to tell and it was probably the worst thing ive had to do with my kids so far. Explaining "its part of life" doesnt quite cut it with kids
  9. Welsh_red

    Jeremy Kyle show

    If that guy slept with thr others wife then he deserves a headbutt. Look at jeremy kyle strutting around like god
  10. Welsh_red

    Jeremy Kyle show

    Such a smug prick
  11. Welsh_red

    Jeremy Kyle show

    The guest is obviously a dickhead . But jeremy kyle hiding behind a monster security guy goading him because he knows the guy cant do anything is embarrassing as f**k
  12. Welsh_red

    Urban wildlife.

    Ill be working in porth by the river soon . Might take a rod
  13. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    Disgracefull insults . Cmon , its the internet . None of this is real
  14. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    I dont think his attitude to people is based on them not believing . I think its born of some people (and im not pointing the finger at you) taking the piss, calling him deluded and baiting him at any opportunity. After pages and pages of that it probably wears thin
  15. Welsh_red

    Jeremy Kyle show