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  1. Honestly i would have tried moving him on . Would lose a tonne of money but sometimes you need to cut your losses. If a midfielder you buy is low on confidence and a bit shit you can hide it and hopefully he will come good . Maguire looks f****d and every game is another added problem for him and man utd . You cant hide it in defence . Dont get me wrong its not all him , plenty are turd but i honestly think he needs shifting and i thought ragnick the temp manager was there for that reason . Get the part time guy to dump him so when full time manager comes in its not him thats done it
  2. Bet that rockwool feels amazing in this heat lol . Think id prefer skimming to doing roofs
  3. Looks stunning. I was skimming a attick this week
  4. That a incredible price especially with the price of timber these days
  5. Theirs something about a football rolling to you that anybody who has played at any level will appreciate . Be it at a school sports day your making your way over to ice cream van and a wayward pass from a kid ends up in your path . Im your minds eye your scholes drilling the ball back across field to rooney . Id like to think that even at 70 , , 90 in the back of their mind they turn into Best , Hoddle , Matthews when a ball is near them . Theirs a old lad who watched local footy occasionally and hes said before he would give anything for 1 more game at left wing back as a 20 year old .
  6. Swansea City statement | Taking the knee WWW.SWANSEACITY.COM The following statement has been issued on behalf of Swansea City's first-team...
  7. Did julian dicks go on to play golf.?
  8. Obviously i wasnt there but im sure i heard someone on talksport talk about that game with vinnie jones and they said that everyone at man utd was under instruction from ferguson not to react or get involved with vinnie jones or any wimbledon player otherwise they are playing into their hands . Treat it as a game of football and not a war and they would win
  9. U honestly dont think roy keane could care
  10. What a film heat is
  11. Theirs a great video of a scouse woman roasting him in a cafe u think . Guy didnt know where to look or what to say
  12. I wouldnt say west ham are a little team. Their one of the most well known teams and are iconic really in britain
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