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  1. Even if their was only 2 or 3 cats that are living wild and had been for years it would still be something amazing
  2. I can easily believe some people are trying to deceive. People do it all the time in every walk of life about loads of bonkers stuff . I met a guy once in a pub who swears he was shagging barmaids on pool tables at 5 years old , look you straight in the eye and tell you aswell . Most if not 90% of the pictures in papers are of cats and its painfully obvious they are . Cant really consider the newpapers and online news sites as valid journalism because all they want is clicks and sales . Some of the people who claim to have seen them are barmy, if they didnt see big cats they would be seing
  3. Theirs countless threads ive read on here that ive got no business being on . Loads of falconry stuff ive read up on and ive never had a bird . What i like about them is you can realy tell the people posting have a intense passion about their subject and that in turn imcreases my interest
  4. Anything written in text format is shit compared to face to face where you can read people. Sometimes tounge in cheek doesnt come across well . Few times ive had texts from people asking for me to come do some work for them and ive thought "these sound like right arseholes " but when i turn up their nice as pie just its just the way they come across on text . Also if you wrote down on paper the way me and my mates talked to eachother youd swear we all hated eachother.
  5. Now woulldnt that be a world class plot twist
  6. Usually in those type of videos locals are hitting them with sticks and seem confused when the cat attacks them
  7. How many big cats is he claiming are out there ?
  8. Whats your job if you dont mind me asking? I always thought you were a farmer
  9. Sounded like a Serie A commentator in the truck
  10. All due respect, what the f**k are you . Whatever job youve got i want , your all over the world doing stuff
  11. Seen marcus bridgstock before and thought he was class
  12. Couple of comedians before him were booed and crowd was being shitty so he goes up and starts giving the whole crowd/city shit
  13. Tried watching him years and years ago ago and i thought it didnt feel natural . He was reading from papers on a pew
  14. His burst of pace to score impressed me . Didnt thunk he would get on the end of it at first My only worry with him is possibly his attitide . Ive read a few people have mentioned he has (or had) a slight attitude problem . If he carries on playing well i can see him going off to mardid in a few years
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