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  1. Welsh_red

    Chris Packham CBE

    wtf is that
  2. Welsh_red

    rap videos

    hes lowered himself to working with olly murs now i loved dogystyle album but tbh i prefer him featuring on songs than doing them himself
  3. Welsh_red

    rap videos

    always loved rap. like others im from a small town and never fancied doing a drive by or drug running but i love the storytelling and rhymes. tupac , eminem , apathy , jedi mind tricks , dre , prof green for me of the top my head but if i had to pick 1 it would be tupac. takes me back b
  4. Welsh_red

    Bloody anoying adverts

    thir advert is the worst. just check the comment section
  5. Welsh_red

    Wtf hi

    im all for politician bashing but has to be some truth in it
  6. Welsh_red

    Wtf hi

    100 pcent twat wonder what francie read
  7. Welsh_red

    Wtf hi

    only link i found was from 2010 and it was someone else asking may to look at it https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/conservative/8201521/Sex-offenders-including-paedophiles-should-be-allowed-to-adopt-Theresa-May-told.html
  8. Welsh_red

    I'll just leave this here

    i think with these people its just the way they are all the time . no diference if its nz ,ireland or anywhere. probably on a family holiday pissed up all the time and dont care about being deported as they got a good story to tell their mates pity there wernt a few rough maoris there to do them over. a jake heke type character
  9. Welsh_red

    I'll just leave this here

    the mayor had it right , arseholes that little kid is destined to be a bellend
  10. Welsh_red

    Duck feeding

    would you need a net down stream to catch any floating down stream?
  11. looking at the price of their guns it wouldnt suprise me if they had something that could cut whatever size you wanted
  12. always stunning
  13. Welsh_red


    nice feelgood football story. Going back to his old club without wages and paying the unpaid wages of the club. Could have probably gone to china for decent money instead http://www.sportbible.com/football/news-reactions-take-a-bow-kuba-blaszczykowski-to-join-boyhood-club-wisla-krakow-without-a-wage-20190113
  14. Welsh_red

    Fox trap

  15. Welsh_red

    Earliest memories

    well you wernt wrong