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  1. Welsh_red

    Tattoos 🤔

    Its all fun and games . I also have a komodo dragon tattoo that looks like a frog
  2. Welsh_red

    Tattoos 🤔

    Leave god out of it
  3. Welsh_red

    Tattoos 🤔

    Had this done last year . My daughter drew the king part complete with pink loveheart and my boy drew kong with the birdlike tache on the sniley face. Kids watched me have it done and my littke girl looked thru the pink colours to choose one she liked Got plenty of shit tattoos so it dont bother me . Ive never been bothered bout what i look like anyway
  4. Isnt he part of the same breed . Spouts abuse at people on Twitter and has a holier than thou attitude about subjects he hasnt a clue on or looked into properly . Using his fame and popularity as a platform to bully people along with his millions of followers. Just seems a sly cnut to me
  5. Manorbier country park was awesome when we went . Beach had castle right by it , good entertainment for kids in nights , and a short drive to tenby. We went there for couple of years on the bounce
  6. I did some KFC style squirell legs before . They were quite nice but were a bit tough . Next time i will put them in the slow cooker . Steve Rinella has some nice looking squirell recipies in his books that i want to try
  7. Not a football fan i take it
  8. Aguero should be on that list , van dijjk aswell probably
  9. Im over a week in aswell. Definetly feel more energised
  10. Mine is to cook more , eat more veg and eat as much game as i can get my hands on
  11. I made one at home from a old hospital crutch . Greyman set me on my way with that. Your one looks much better tho as irs not as clumbersome as a crutch
  12. I must have missed the post where greyman said it was funny you lost family members . Can someone quote it for me so i can see
  13. Thats a bit harsh , he was taking the piss out of you not your family
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