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  1. Ive been watching that same guys videos this last week . No idea how i found him online , its amazong what inside that hoof
  2. I went round to see my dad tonight and hes worn out , absolutly shattered . His brothers are round tmrow and i offered to take him out for a few pints tmrow and any other time hed be all over it but he aint interested . But in conversation with him he said it all feels weird. Hes obvioisly sad but at the same time happy because its what my grandad wants . At the end of the day none of this is ideal but who am i to decide the fate of the guy . Hes 95 , hes earnt every right to decide hes had enough . He wants out , hes on the morphine so that will hopefully take any pain thats to come . T
  3. My grandad is going through this at the moment . All his life it was my gran and him . She was always blind and partially deaf and he lost his leg in a gun accident as a teenager . They met when young and throughout their life they were a team in everything and everywhere they went . They raised 4 boys with all their problems and in later life they travelled lots and enjoyed life and holidays with us . They made a pact years ago that if one was looking like they were on the way out they would go switzerland together and both go together. It didnt end up like that because my gran went downhill
  4. Mother in law lives in spain and in the communal bin pile for the area they find boxes with puppies just left there
  5. Yeah thats what i reckon aswell. For me its nothing to do with skin colour its the fact that shes not good looking
  6. Jesus christ without context that reads sinister as f**k
  7. Just had a look at some of the other contestants/finalists and their also a bit ropey . f**k knows whats going on over there
  8. I know beautys subjective but their must be a prettier girl than her in that competition
  9. Welsh_red


    Llanrwst: Welsh Town Where Dead Birds Keep Turning Up And No-One Knows Why WWW.LADBIBLE.COM In Llanrwst, people keep finding dead pigeons, but - despite an investigation by Defra - no-one...
  10. One was on the loose in south wales near me few years ago . They eventually killes it
  11. I think a major plus point in ronaldo coming to utd is that hopefully it will make it more enticing for other big names to come in the future
  12. Seen somewhere he is as fit as a 25 year old which wouldnt suprise me. He will outlast Messi time wise so i reckon that could be a good driving force for him to outscore him by a decent number if he keeps playing
  13. Im a big fan of cavani , but like you say , ronaldo is something different
  14. Better than any striker we habe currently got . Martial gives me migraines
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