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  1. Welsh_red

    Harry Maguire to United for £80 million

    Better than what we got unfortunately
  2. Welsh_red

    Father’s Day present

  3. Welsh_red

    Salting on sandstone patio

    Is is in the shape of the cement underneath? I usually paint SBR on the underside to stop it transfering thru
  4. Welsh_red

    Beavers now protected in Scotland

    Who is stressing?
  5. Welsh_red

    Beavers now protected in Scotland

    Even beaver threads can be turned into muslim threads
  6. Welsh_red

    nice slap

    Yeah i never understand why anybody does it. Surely everyone laughs at him
  7. Welsh_red

    nice slap

    The guy in black tops arms are comical
  8. Welsh_red

    Liverpool vs yids

    Got liverpool 3-0,4-0,5-0,6-0 on my bets
  9. Welsh_red

    Liverpool vs yids

  10. Welsh_red

    G.O.T finale only 3 sleeps to go

    To me it all delt a bit of a mess. The first 4/5 seasons were cutthroat and it got a bit like it was playing to the crowd. Lots of bits i found odd or head scratching What was brans "blood raven" thing and how did it effect much bar being able to confirm johns parentage for one
  11. Welsh_red


    This one?
  12. Welsh_red

    Absolutely gutted

    A guy i know lost his ferret and it turned up 6 months later in someones chicken coop
  13. Welsh_red

    Danny Macaskill - The Ridge

    I watch these videos and cant forsee the tricks they pull off
  14. Welsh_red

    Danny Macaskill - The Ridge

    If i had access to these videos when i was a kid i would have broken so many bones
  15. Welsh_red

    Danny Macaskill - The Ridge

    As always the musics perfect