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  1. “The deer looked like it was rubbing its chest and its genitals and signaling us to come closer, it was very surreal” Thomas Pinecut, 68, admitted to reporters."
  2. Anybody in south wales wanting to sell any deer in the skin send me a PM .
  3. Those 2 security guys surely smashed f**k into him . Bet even the crowd fancied it aswell
  4. Papers pay money for a story that stirs the imagination
  5. Out of curiosity , what is it you see in that picture of the tail that screams cow to you . Not disputing your knowledge of cattle , just interested what u see that i dont
  6. Idiots for shooting it so close to a reserve . Not entirely sure why they want to shoot it , maybe somebody can explain to me
  7. If they did something that was heat powered youd be on to a winner
  8. I got one of them from my parents house , i can still remember using it as a prop for toys when i was a kid
  9. I think i remember that one or another one on a train track , think it was on here actually. Im sure someone said you can see its size because of the sleepers and how many sleepers it covers/size of the sleepers and spacing. Cant remember what the consensus was but that should give a fool proof size approximation as i assume they would be pretty standard size
  10. I do like a good brick chimney
  11. May very well be true , but whats that got to do with me
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