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  1. Welsh_red

    Stand your ground law?

    Its fair enough saying he just wanted to be left alone but the law has to be the same for everybody
  2. Welsh_red

    Croydon cat killer

    Also theis probably better things for them to be doing
  3. Welsh_red

    Croydon cat killer

    Im a builder and never killed a cat , scantily clad 20 something bird dressed in a bit of dental floss tho...
  4. Welsh_red

    Croydon cat killer

    Thats a fking horrible thing to say. I know a couple of bouncers and i doupt many of them walk around late at night sexually frustrated. Plenty of slags out on the town And whatr the "vast areas" thing about. It doesnt make any sense
  5. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    That bottom one is insane. Totally bonkers. I assume that cat must have some serious injuries after tho
  6. Welsh_red

    Any idea what this is

    Maybe dogs have dug it up from somewhere
  7. Welsh_red

    Any idea what this is

    Found this lovely bundle of joy on the yard today . It stank like mad which drew me to it. Didn't have a poke and prod as kids were there. Not 100% but im sure I can see a bit of something top right. Sort of blends in with the concrete on the picture tho . Theirs chicken/geese around the yard aswell . Just wondering how all that's left is this
  8. Welsh_red

    A dangerous screwball !!

    Cheers for the tip off
  9. Welsh_red

    RIP Enzo Calzaghe

    After watching the calzaghe documentary I couldn't believe he had no boxing training behind him . Just goes to show you can do anything you put your mind to .
  10. Welsh_red

    Shooting rats

    Need a Uzi
  11. Welsh_red

    A dangerous screwball !!

    Seen the advert for that . Hated the look of it . Like they were taking the piss out of farmers and their lifestyle
  12. Welsh_red

    A dangerous screwball !!

    People watch it because it's like a soap opera . My Mrs watches it and stuff like that , she knows what's what but she still enjoys it . She can't understand why id want to watch "premiership years 1999/2000" and stuff like that I've seen a hundred times before either . Tbh I like they stuff like that's on TV . Means when I watch what I want to watch she's got fuckall to say about it . Also theirs nothing better than coming in from the ferret shed at 9pm on a Saturday night to be greeted by X factor . I can make my coffee and plonk myself by the side of her on the sofa and spend the next half hour ripping into Simon cowell and the "me,me,me" contestants and wind the Mrs up a treat . Lost count the amount of ties she's told me "f**k off out the room , your ruining this for me"
  13. Welsh_red

    A dangerous screwball !!

    Scary to think that women like that are around in the general public and can ruin people's lives with their lies . I had a look at the video of him "punching" her and read a little about what happened afterwards . For starters he didn't "hit" her . It was silly shadow boxing while he was near her. More a playfully gesture . I've done the same with my kids a million times After she claimed he hit her and the rest of the cast were told a few started to question whether he had done it . The guy was mortified about it all obviously . If that was in normal life there would be no camera to back him up . And he'd probably spend the rest of his life with a little suspicion hanging over his head
  14. Welsh_red

    A dangerous screwball !!

    Looks like a pekingese