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  1. Must have misunderstood the drug instruction and given it cocaine
  2. Did you worry about the tigers with your kids ? (Assuming they were young and not adults who can make their own choices ) . I have a big fear of tigers and lions even if I will never come In contact with them . It makes me super uneasy seeing people having them around them uncaged and unchained. I honestly think if I found out my Mrs had taken the kids to a place with tigers or lions loose I would leave her and take the kids
  3. Yeah probably one of the better ways to die from a predator not like a bear that will just hold you down and start eating you alive
  4. I seen a documentary on vice about Arabs and their pets . One guys friend got attacked by his pet obviously . You wouldn't catch me anywhere near a tiger or a lion . I don't care how tame their owners say they are or how well behaved they are I wouldn't be anywhere near one unless there was a massive cage between us . That thing decides it wants to play rough a bit and before you know it your missing a scalp or part of your arm . Everyone has been around a cat that purrs when you stroke it but sometimes can't help itself attacking your feet when it's bored. Their same thing but massive
  5. Jesus that's totally embarrassing
  6. What i don't like is the constant smirking and happiness by some of the other celebrities about him being caught out . It seems like they don't really care about what he has done just more happy that he's getting shit for it. If all you see and hear online is true a young boy has been groomed and taken advantage of by a much older and powerful man (inside tv world) but the likes of that dan wooten and eamaon Holmes with their smirky, smiling faces and almost hang wringing in enjoyment is all a bit grim aswell
  7. I used to watch a lot of a show called swamp people . Was trash tv but kept my interest due to the fact it was alligator hunting . A guy on there R J Molinare was a native Indian guy who is supposedly a arm wrestling champion . Any idea @gnasher16 on what level we was internationally ? Im curious as it was claimed he was a champion but that could mean anything. IE wrexham are league champions but nowhere near man city level
  8. I can just imagine eamonn going all red faced sweaty and puffy and lots of hair pulling . Come to think of it schofield might like it
  9. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B08XVVPXX4?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title That's the one I got
  10. Its the risk u take . For quid a year I pay I'm happy to take the chance . I watch every single man utd game and every boxing ppv I want
  11. @TOMO I've sorted a few mates out with fireticks with all the channells. If u want some help send me a PM and I can go thru it with you
  12. Obviously I don't know the guy but he always comes across as a guy who knows his own mind and seems for all purposes a decent guy . Would be disappointed if he towed the line to a script
  13. I've looked recently and can't find much about it but it 100% sure I seen Ray mears talking about how he seen a big cat . He would be worth speaking to
  14. That guy seems a right little shit
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