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  1. Sure I seen him moaning that Mike tyson picked jake paul over him the other week
  2. Welsh_red

    OJ gone

    My first memory of him was in Naked Gun
  3. I think I've seen that guy before. Maybe u posted a link in here sometime Indian jones has definitely been flogged to death . The music still takes me back to my parents house watching the old ones when I was a kid tho
  4. Watched the latest Indian jones today with Mrs. Nowhere near a patch on the originals and ford is just to old to be able to pull off the fighting and action . What I did find impressive was the first 25 mins of the film they had "de aged" Harrison ford for a flashback and it looked exactly what he looked like in the originals . Amazing what they can do
  5. I can safely say I don't don't think I have ever seen anybody who has asked the same question on here ever get a positive answer to your question . Best bet is to go knocking on multiple doors and try that way
  6. Depends who did it . Maybe local tribe didn't fancy it living next to them or something Or could just be little shots killing it for no reason
  7. Just finished the new road house film . Well worth a watch . It's not going to win any Oscars and if you wanted to you could probably pick loads of holes in it but I see it like the expendables films . Good quality trashy films Mgregor does alright in it , plays a manic knobhead very well . Not much of a stretch for him I suppose Also for anyone that watches it their is a post credit scene
  8. I've watched a bit of the magician on YouTube. Wasn't the same for me
  9. Can't blame the guy for getting caught up in his own hype . It's not like he's a influencer type he's a fighting man and in MMA punches are one of the main attacks so he's come into boxing with a degree of quality . After giving fury a good test it would be easy for him to dream and think he can compete at the top level of boxing . But its a different sport and different style and it caught up with him It's like a world class rally driver going over to F1 . The idea behind both is the same but their similar and different in equal portions and eventually the guys who do that sort for year
  10. I've listened to a bit of ngganous life story and he has had a incredible rise from where he came from to where he is . He is massively respected in MMA . I may be wrong but I think he would have a lot more self worth than to be a fall guy for someone . To totally embarrass himself In front of millions and to do his legacy as a fighter harm for a paycheck. I genuinely felt sorry for him after the fight he looked totally gutted . Obviously after the fury fight he was riding a wave into this joshua fight and its come crumbling down . Why take the risk that you entire lifes work will
  11. Stop showing off
  12. Yeah I've watched some of them I think that's why I was suggested thus video . Some real sitholes round there
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