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  1. Its other peoples lives , they can live with that sacrafice
  2. Welsh_red

    isis bint

    I cant verify the authenticity of it . It was posted on another forum i was on. Cant find it anywhere else online aswell
  3. Welsh_red

    isis bint

  4. Welsh_red

    what have they done to coca cola etc

    Couldnt the same be said for orange juice with coins
  5. Welsh_red

    what have they done to coca cola etc

    We always used to have original lucozade whenever we were ill
  6. Welsh_red

    what have they done to coca cola etc

    Usually find it in amounst the cheapo cans in the shop fridge. I have a tin omce or twice a year
  7. Welsh_red

    what have they done to coca cola etc

    Nice & spicy Nik Naks As a kid i loved them. They used to have a good dusting of flavour left in the packet after that would make your eyes water when you had it . Nowadays hardly any flavour at all.
  8. Welsh_red

    Literary folk

    Good advice . Just give it a go . I heard a great bit of advice on youtube before about people putting off fitness training or going for a run and how easy it is to give up . The guy said " people who put stuff off want everything to be perfect before the start , or find any number of reasons not to do things . People overcomplicate things .....put on your trainers..... and run . " Its as simple as that . This place is great for ideas or a bit of motivation but simple solution is get a pen and paper and start writing . Show people / dont show people it dont matter . Just get some stuff down snd youll soon see if you want to keep doing it . Doesnt even matter if its any good to be honest . I played football for local team and still go training. I know my limitations, i know i aint that good . I still go because i like kicking a football / strikers .
  9. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    That is awefull
  10. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

  11. Welsh_red


  12. Welsh_red


    Some great stuff on here sometimes
  13. Welsh_red


    I dont know if micky believes half the stuff he posts or if its just a reason to be a dickhead anf argue