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  1. Welsh_red

    Summer time ferreting?

    Just out of interest how come you don't use a collar
  2. Welsh_red

    Squirrel feed

    Someone more knowledgeable than me can correct me if they know different but someone told me they see the colour yellow the best . When I first started trapping I used to sprinkle the maize around and he told me it's better to leave it in a little lump. They're more likely to see it and come searching. Now if that is correct I was thinking of getting some thin ply and painting it bright yellow and putting it by the front of the trap with a little maize on . Hoping that they see the big blob on yellow and come looking . Maybe on a feeder a nice dollop of yellow paint splodge might entice them down quicker and in more numbers to see what's there Or if it's all bollocks I've been told then just peanut butter ,maize and peanuts are what I try bring them in with traps
  3. Welsh_red

    Kwiss Packam, crook

    Bill oddy makese cringe
  4. Welsh_red

    Tips on nip training

    I got ferret malt paste (can get it pets at home or amazon) . Put a bit on my finger and they lick it off . When they have a nibble on the finger I push finger in their mouth . Did that every day regular and in the end they realised biting the finger wasn't fun. Also i picked them up loads. Even though it seemed over the top , if I was with them a hour I'd pick them up and put them down every few minutes. Just trying to get them used to being picked up.
  5. Welsh_red

    San Jose Termite Control

    Can't understand the thought of spamming a country thousands of miles away
  6. Welsh_red

    San Jose Termite Control

    That's sounds great , I have £20,000 ready and waiting for termite removal
  7. Welsh_red

    New Manchester united kit

    That's alright then
  8. Welsh_red

    New Manchester united kit

    Didn't you call someone a grass on this thread
  9. Welsh_red

    New Manchester united kit

    Die hard Utd fan
  10. Welsh_red

    New Manchester united kit

    It's not just man utd . Every club has different levels of support. I know a guy who supports Millwall since youth . Probably couldn't tell you one Millwall player there days
  11. Welsh_red

    New Manchester united kit

    Your generalising there. I said I dislike the England national team . Think the same is true for 95% of Wales . I don't know a single person who dislikes England as a nation or as people
  12. Welsh_red

    New Manchester united kit

    I've never said anywhere in here how much of a fan of them I am . It's you that assumed I "love" them.
  13. Welsh_red

    New Manchester united kit

    Explain what you mean by "says it all"
  14. Welsh_red

    New Manchester united kit

    No , but as I said Swansea is 45 mins away and as a 10 year old that might as well have been the moon . And man utd were the best back when I was a kid