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  1. Forest galante has discovered a few species thought extinct. From memory one was a tortoise , a small hippo ? , and a certain type of crocodile . Hes a interesting character forest galante
  2. Youd think as soon as u come off plane from the red list countries youd be ushered to the hotel . Relying on peoples honesty will be a disaster
  3. Welsh_red


    Ive always SBR'd the back of slabs. Worst ive seen is spotted ones that had green on the top of the slabs everywhere apart from where the spots were . I was always told PVA is no good where moisture will be as when it gets wet it goes back to a slimy texture . Ive always used cement pointing but last 2 times ive used the resin type stuff you brush and hose into the joints .
  4. My grandad bless him would be perfect for these scam artists . If someone from "BT" called and said he would be in trouble , he owed 500 quid he would believe them and be mortified and wouldnt be able to pay them quick enough. My mum and dad takes care of that sort of stuff for him I think its a generation that hated dept and the stigma that came with it that any thought they might have messed up and got into dept want to make it right asap .
  5. Bit of a shame its offices but better its being used
  6. Is it being completely redone?
  7. I love the architecture on churches. They look stunning
  8. Didnt someone say they would batter a big cat if it came for them
  9. Ive done building work basically all my life, all the twisting, stetching, lifting wore my back without me really noticing. Then one day mrs was driving down our drive and a stone about a brick size had fallen on to the drive so i got out to chuck it back to the side of the drive and as i lent down to get it my back just went and i fell down like it been shot . Like others have said it felt like electric in my lower back. Mrs manged to get me up and back into the house but i felt f****d. She sat me into the single seat in the living room, put swamp people on tv for me and left me so she cou
  10. https://www.northwaleschronicle.co.uk/news/18984282.mysterious-footprints-spotted-snow-rhiwlas/
  11. Being honest i dont see anything creepy there. My daughters a diamond but has the most uncomfortable pose when a cameras around I reckon it just reminds you of fhe shining
  12. Flip side is theres probably loads of decisions youve made right that the other option youd have regretted your whole life .
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