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  1. Guy in builders merchsnts said wood will be going up 50% soon . Asked him how is anybody supposed to price a job if the materials are changing so drastically so quickly
  2. Could tell her you have noticed rats around the feeders and around the garden
  3. Seems a sensible level headed guy
  4. Mrs sorts out the cards in my family but i do get my brother stupid presents for christmas these days . One year i got him a lifesize cardboard cutout of nicholas cage and last year i got him a cliff richard calender
  5. I think in this instance the cops should be allowed to meet violence with violence . Get a megaphone or tannoy out " everybody indoors , anyone left will be considered hostile" . Riot shields and start swinging battons , cant see many of those little shits sticking around, anybody knocked to the floor and subdued cuff them and move on Cant see whats wrong with that in this situation. Im sure some people will have a winge about it tho
  6. I used to love it . They held up the train and took a shoe of each kid and put it in a black bag . Then someone threw the bag into a lake . Everyone went wild Wish it was still around for my kids
  7. Sure i used to go to Gunsmoke city up there as a kid
  8. Ueah its shit for her and her family Just to clarify its not my kid . Its my girlfriends mates kid
  9. My mrs [BANNED TEXT] has a daughter who has issues . She is seen by CAHMS (think thats what is it) . Theirs always been a worry she might do something horrific to herself. The school know all about everything and the mother has untold grief with the school. Week ago the showed her and the class a video on suicide. Now i know the intent was to talk about it with the kids and its a good idea . But theirs no way this kid should be watching that with what goes on with her. Now since that day she has gone off the rails . Police have been called few times , shes been seen by specialists etc and she
  10. Also with ronaldo he has worked like mad to be as good as he is. Not saying messi hasnt worked hard but he is just naturally gifted. I remember hearing a story how ronaldo never headed the ball when he was younger then someone at man utd told him he would get 10 extra goals a season if he actually headered the ball . So he set out to practise heading and now hes got one of the best leaps for the ball
  11. Tbf its a bad quality picture so hard to see shpulder develpoment
  12. Yeah im not comparing messi to shearer in that way
  13. Deaths to good for them
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