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  1. Welsh_red


    where on facebook?
  2. Welsh_red

    Gareth Thomas

    sounds like a little shit bag trying to make a name for himself. i read the police were nearby so wouldnt have helped thomas to give him a few digs especially if hese a youngster. not a fan of people going on social media about small stuff like this tho, but thats the modern world
  3. Welsh_red

    What the fu**

    we get extra grip with the webbed toes and fingers
  4. Welsh_red

    What the fu**

    dont know what became of the dogs but i could see some of the initial ones walking around in the bushes after they fell
  5. Welsh_red

    What the fu**

    was that the spanish one
  6. Welsh_red

    Duck feeding

    decoys worked a treat. the snipe was lovely such a small amount
  7. Welsh_red

    Duck feeding

    what problems are there with potatoes in the flight pond jok?
  8. Welsh_red

    Duck feeding

    we went out at 5pm two weeks ago as we got to pond 2 mallard came in. slowly tried getting guns ready without them noticing but they clocked us and flew off. we were going to go half hour early today. only 2nd year on the pond , few mallard , plenty of teal and a woodcock eluding me. the mallard kept threatening to land but veered off each time. im going to try 3 decoys and have been practising calls all week to see if that helps hoping for more mallard. been 80-90% teal last year and altho their tasty they are so small its almost pointless. ferrets like them tho
  9. Welsh_red

    Age to join THL?

    whose been mentioning kids in the wheaten forum
  10. Welsh_red

    Age to join THL?

    depends on the boy. some great threads on here he could enjoy but also some shitty bullshit. question is would you want your boy caught up in bitchy arguing on here
  11. Welsh_red

    Rare documentary Brian plummer

    safe to say this thread is now f****d
  12. Welsh_red

    Duck feeding

    possibility. maybe a trailcam facing it ? wouldnt stop the theft but would show u the culprit https://www.a1decoy.co.uk/automatic-game-easy-feeder-6v-duck-pheasant-2597-p.asp thnk thats what i looked at bfore
  13. Welsh_red

    Duck feeding

    you can buy automatic feeders for under £100. fancied 1 myself
  14. Welsh_red

    One for the David Dickinson`s on here

  15. Welsh_red

    whats this