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  1. Their only about 5 / 6 quid . Plus point is their a very bright colour so hard to lose them on the floor
  2. I bought a hultafors knife recently and its up there with stanley ,its easy to change the blade (you can unscrew the wheel by hand) inside the knife is a blade holder full of blades ready and the blades that come with it are insanely sharp
  3. Ive got 3 or 4 tapes around my van and shed the ones in my van i stick the same make . Seen a picture where different brands give different measurments so i make sure their all the same . I go for stanley , theyre reasonably cheap , its not end of the world if you drop them and their readibly available in every building type shop. Like everything nothing is built to last and if they end up getting used in the rain or get dropped in water its a downward spiral from there on . Never tend to get to attached to tapes , get pissed off when i blunt a saw tho
  4. Worse still get a knife in the throat back from the kid
  5. "Make sure you like and subscribe" Idiots
  6. Prince Andrew accuser’s 2009 deal with Jeffrey Epstein made public WWW.GOOGLE.COM It shows Virginia Giuffre agreed not to sue anyone who could be described as a "potential...
  7. I love stuff like that . I heard read (aniseed) is good for animals aswell
  8. Im not saying it is ,im not saying it isnt. Literally nobody can say 100% with the picture . But i can see big cat in the picture a bit .
  9. Looking at it objectively, whats the chances of it being a black cane corso? Their muscly lumps I thought there was a small video clip with it that showed something slipping into the foliage ? Might have got it mixed up with something else tho
  10. Good episode of "bear grease" podcast that talks about borderland jaguars . Not uk based but a good listen
  11. A friend of my dads live trapped a ferret for someone in their garden that had been wild for god knows how long . It was crazy thing that wouldnt stop attacking and biting . I took it on to give it a go as he was going to knock it over the head. In the end i realised it wasn't going to happen , thing was like a bull at a gate as soon as you opened the hutch. Anyway , i ended up giving him to a friends girlfriend who had ferrets and she turned him around . Popped in month or two after and i couldnt believe the change. Took her lots of effort but she got him good
  12. It would never happen but wouldnt it be good to find out what she knows . I imagine the list of scumbags in powerfull positions all over the world would be huge
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