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  1. Welsh_red


    My dad seen one before and got the piss ripped in the pub . He took it in his stride but still is adamant he seen one . Obviously theirs a angle where because he's my dad I would believe him but he isn't the bullshit type at all. And a school head teacher seen one while fishing the rivers and kept his mouth quiet because even tho he was a country guy he wasn't as thick skinned as my dad and didn't want the jokes at his expense . He told my dad about it that's how I know . I just find it hard to believe that everybody is making it up when they get jokes when they say it (exclude the crap reports, I meant the guys who are out in the country all the time and know what they see) . I'm not 100% convinced, I'll save e that for when proof is out there but in a group of people where their word is something to be proud of and to be kept that people would ruin it by making up a story like that . I don't know
  2. Welsh_red

    More sh*te from Kwis Packbam

    I've told this to a few people and it's amazing how many people don't know a about it
  3. Welsh_red

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    I got to be honest gnash class has never entered into my mind when thinking about them. It's just the fsctvthat the kids were so young and in a foreign environment and left alone I can't understand .
  4. Welsh_red

    Mass shooting but new zealand this time

    Are you on a wind up or are you serious ?
  5. Welsh_red

    Mass shooting but new zealand this time

    Just so I understand, are some of you saying it's fake ?
  6. Welsh_red

    socks your slacking🙄

    I agree with lurcherman , it's a bit grizzly taking the piss out his death. But that's just my opinion But it's pretty obvious socks comment was tounge I'm cheek dark humour . Nothing that needs 'sorting out" or getting people involved over . It's only the internet after all . None of this is real
  7. Welsh_red

    Mass shooting but new zealand this time

    Is that a white power sign? Me and the boy been doing that for ages . Difference is if the other looks at it they get a quick jab to the arm
  8. Welsh_red

    Mass shooting but new zealand this time

    If I was Liam galvin I wouldn't want my name anywhere near that shocking footage. Heard more wind than talking
  9. Welsh_red

    Netflix...Maddie McCann story.

    Same here . I couldn't imagine going out and leaving kids there . Before thinking about the nasty stuff that could happen id be worried in case 1 woke up crying (nightmare/Ill etc) and theirs nobody there to look after them in a foreign country in a strange environment I don't know if their guilty but their shocking parents for what they did
  10. Welsh_red

    Puppy has been returned thanks for everyohelp

    Now you have the desired outcome don't be going doing anything stupid or silly that will get you into trouble . Many ways to skin a cat
  11. Welsh_red

    Puppy has been returned thanks for everyohelp

    As it should be
  12. Welsh_red

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    "Tweeting live from twitter" Jesus Christ
  13. Welsh_red


    That's such a great film /quote.. "money doesn't matter it only seems like it does " . It gets proven later on in the film where Johnny depp is in jail and can't go visit his dying father (who loved him and accepted him even tho he was a drug criminal)
  14. Welsh_red


  15. Welsh_red

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Could have been anybody's house , could have been empty . Nobody really knows