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  1. Welsh_red

    World Cup 2018

    Commentators did my nut in . Never hear them criticise England players for going down easy or being soft but chastise everyone else. Obviously it's bias and Tbh I'd rather be "for England" but if diving and play acting is the scurge of the modern game it should be straight down the middle. Though England would run riot after first 20 mins but having sterling/lingard shooting is hard to watch . Plus side is they won and other bigger nations have been pants aswell . It will all come down to how they do against better teams later on. If they play the same as first 20 mins and 2/3 go in then they could run riot . But for me sterlings wastefullness at his age is shamefull. I know he's young but he's not a kid anymore
  2. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    Do you two know eachother in real life ?
  3. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    Wtf is this bollocks
  4. Welsh_red

    Own Up

  5. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    Local pub
  6. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    The aliens might have been his coping mechanism when he was abused
  7. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    Your relentless I'll give you that
  8. Welsh_red

    Fathers day

    Take a torch and a good book with you
  9. Welsh_red

    Fathers day

    Rather you than me . That would freak me out no end
  10. Welsh_red

    Big Cats - True Or Not?

    You need to upload it to YouTube
  11. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    So is there 100% "proof"there? Otherwise it's a long way to travel to just hear someone's account of it . As this thread shows their all looneys and bullshitters
  12. Welsh_red

    Wrassing with the baby

    Your lucky. Try hunting with a walking disco by the side of you ?
  13. Welsh_red

    Wrassing with the baby

    Think my daughter's got them boots . Do they light up
  14. Welsh_red

    Big Cat Sighting

    I sit on the fence but I can see why people think their might be something Looking at it rationally your right about so many people out how come they haven't been seen . But on the flip side they are incredibly elusive animals and they might smell/hear you way before you come. Im not sure what their capabilities are for detecting potential threats but it must be far better than any native wild animal. Flip side of that is if they are that elusive how come people have taken pictures (crap ones) . The middle ground is in their native lands they are elusive enough for Americans on here that live in puma country and know their their but still haven't seen one themselves This topic is really interesting and im sure greyman realises he doesn't have all the answers but hats off to him for going for it and looking deeper into it. I reckon good ground can be covered on here with proper conversation and debate / discussion but I think that ship might have sailed . Hammering him with questions by people on here does no good tho . Gets his back up and he responds the same way others respond to him . Away from the internet he's a guy who goes out in the countryside investigating something that him in his mind thinks is a quest worth pursuing. It doesn't really matter if usernames agree or disagree , that's the joy of life the differences we have . But if the people he's battling with on here constsntly think asking him questions repeatedly when they know their going to get his back up are going to get some sort or definite answers from him then it ain't going to happen . If he himself has 100% proof of big cats in the UK it would be on the news straight away . He doesn't , what him and others like him have it lots of little bits of information that their trying to piece together around their free time to make a decent case to say . " Hears what we got , we got this,this,this,this and this" . It's not a smoking gun but explain to me how they fit in with the UK countryside . And if their are decent genuine explanations to what they have to show then that will decide it for me. Theirs lots of people who are hunters , few on seperate threads to this one that have said they have seen big cats , now knowing the piss taking etc they would get for saying they seen one they said they had . That is a question I really want answered but unfortunately greyman don't have the answer . Why would a guy who spends his life in the countryside and has given a good account of himself during his life go and record and say he's seen one and forever be thought of as a bullshitter. I have no idea , I'll never find out either probably Most of that wasn't aimed at fix dropper . Just got caught up in typing