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  1. ferretess


    R.I.P. Allan sleep tight
  2. ferretess

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    as far as I know mushroom I think she was around 61
  3. ferretess

    Jayne Moyses (aka Flynn )

    I've just read some very very sad news on face book Jayne Moyses has died. I'm sure a lot of you will know Jayne R.I.P. LOVELY LADY
  4. ferretess

    Whats in your garden

    Used to have a lovely colourful garden and quite a few vegetables around the place . Then these 2 appeared now its all slabs with the occasional pot thats got chick wire around them
  5. ferretess


    LOL if that was the SAS they need retraining they were to slow in responding and no one came down from the rafters
  6. ferretess

    Parker vs Joshua

    I got a good ringside seat I just went to work last week and we had a visitor
  7. ferretess

    Action man

    Face it guys when you were all young and playing with your action men dollies you all thought you were he men ,,, Now it turns out you were all just showing your feminine side , with a touch of gayish ness
  8. Haha thanks, will you be my friend lol, seriously though I can't find them on here, I had a least 3 friends lol

    1. ferretess


      lol your welcome  think they all disappeared when they changed the site lol I have no friends :icon_eek:

  9. ferretess

    Out For A walk

    Beautiful pictures , so loving the bear pictures
  10. ferretess

    Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    iphone 5s take loads of photo's when out with the dogs a lot are fuzzy lol
  11. ferretess

    Staying With Your Lass

    like already said life to short , yes you should always be there for the kids, but doesnt mean you need to put up with any aggression, and to hell with someone trying to control what you do, your a adult responsible for your own life, but bringing up the kids well in my opinion and I dare say I will get shouted at for saying this . But your kids do need both a father and a mother doesnt mean you have to be in the same home though , but try to get on for the kids, and who knows if your not in same house you might get on better anyway.
  12. ferretess


    awwww bless you missed me lol busy with home stuff and 2 very hyper pups , what about you are you behaving or still loving winding people up
  13. ferretess


    yeah I got a text from him with them but they look pretty thin and skimpy never had biothane before not sure how sturdy they are
  14. ferretess


    Going to have to investigate what collars are crazy lurcher pup proof , 10 months old and wasted 2 leather greyhound collars already , I've got a strong stuff collar for the older lurcher never had a issue wondering if there pup proof ?, what collars are you all using ?
  15. ferretess

    Greatest Movie Quotes.

    " Frankly my dear I don't give a damn "