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  1. netrigger

    Double stranded

    I'm making this for a friend who does a lot of daytime work, so should be used more during daylight.
  2. netrigger

    Double stranded

    I think I have enough of the same twine to knit 60 yards, rig it onto 25 yard lines.
  3. netrigger

    Knockerbox Repairs

    Another gentleman taken far to early.
  4. netrigger

    Double stranded

    Slowly gaining in yards, should make a nice wee net when finished.
  5. netrigger

    spun poly and knots slipping

    That looks like a smooth polyester, try the single knot with a hitch thrown on top,
  6. netrigger

    spun poly and knots slipping

    1st couple of knots are single, 2nd couple are single with a hitch on top, 3rd couple are knot and a half (Carrick), 4th couple are double Carrick. All are perfect whilst using spun poly Regards
  7. netrigger

    spun poly and knots slipping

  8. netrigger


    Just to let folk know, that Allan (tiercel) passed away this evening.. I for one will miss him, R. I. P..
  9. netrigger

    Only the one, but alot of fun

    Enjoyable day for sure Doug,, the Pups taking a nice shape,,
  10. netrigger

    25 yard Trammel

    I've been busy with rigging up a few trammel nets,, the good weather has been a bonus for a change up this end..
  11. netrigger

    An Office With A View

    Looks a great bit of ground.. And great that the 2 ferts were found safe and well.. Regards..
  12. netrigger

    opinions please

    Couple for the pot is where I get the satisfaction setting a length of net. It's just a very strange sight to see an area once over run with rabbits to see basically nowt, the whole landscape has even changed,, like being on a different part of the world.. No doubt this so called vhd2 or whatever its name is,, Man has put his tuppence worth in..
  13. netrigger

    opinions please

    Good to see a bit of activity in the section again.. I have a few nets laying around the place, though they don't get out much due to the lack of rabbits. I never ever thought that I would see areas once heaving with rabbits now wiped out.. Heartbreaking so it is.. Regards.
  14. netrigger

    Alternatives to castration rings?

    Grommets or cut bits of an inner tube from a bicycle tyre.
  15. netrigger

    Young Guns

    Another great bit of ground you have there. We'll done mate.