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  1. Yes Mr W,, a lot of hitches in the assembly.
  2. Well that's me done rigging trammel nets for this year. This one is being picked up by the owner later today,, 25 yard set, 4" inner mesh,, 12" walls.
  3. Double twined Mr. W,, looks a nice net to get on with,, nice end pins by the way..
  4. Germany,, look up engel netze
  5. Next net which I will double up, obviously be heavier in weight but I'm sure it will make a nice net,, I'll knit it on the place of employments time so it will take a bit longer to make.
  6. Tighter than a crabs arse.
  7. Handy bit of kit mate
  8. Have a look on YouTube Tomo,, type in D splicer,,
  9. It's not home made Mr. W.,, shop bought,, wish I had thought about it years ago with the pull handle,, years back wire was all that was used,, makes it far better with the handle..
  10. I'd say it's around the 6z size.
  11. Yes 2mm on this net..
  12. Crap picture, but plenty kill,,
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