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  1. I like 1.5 up to 2mm,, 1.8mm,, is my favourite though.
  2. Top quality 4ft 10z nylon purse nets,, £2.50 per net . Black and silver 1 1/4" rings, stitched on correctly with 2mm braided nylon cord.
  3. Only in white Mr. W,, plus you need to take care whilst adding a dye as it will shrink,, so select the mesh board size,, the 20/12 makes a nice net,, single strand, the 0.25mm needs a double knot,, not the shitty so called double knot,, Carrick whatever they call it,, single knot it then throw a hitch on top,,
  4. Think I'm the only chap to have used 5z,, maybe Mr. Nelson will think about it,, its a lovely twine,, best of both imo,, those who don't like 6z and those who don't like the 4z,, something to think about,, might end the 4 & 6,,? ,,
  5. I've always favoured the bigger mesh as long as the twine has virtually no stretch to it,, think we all used the 4" when the nylon sheets came available,, worked just fine so they did, though the twine at the time had a stretch to it,, many years ago when I was out a few times I used 4 1/2", in 5z nylon,, this sheeting was sourced from the USA,, and it was superb,, minimal stretch and caught really well, one could clean a net a lot faster and I also found less mending was needed regarding repairs, that alone was a bonus,, if any rabbits did make escape then good luck to them as they must have been poorly in size,, that engel twine sure does work well,, makes life so much easier,, I'm on a project just now,, 0.25 braided nylon engel doubled up,, the single is deadly,, light weight and handles like a dream,, so fk it,, I reckon doubled up will be even better,, more weight yes, but I'm gonna give it a go as I've never knitted a double braid,, might need to give it to a night netter like yourselfs though as my days are over, lack of ground locally with rabbits, damned shame so it is.
  6. Best netting is this,, top range Toray Nylon brand,, nice and soft,,
  7. That wouldn't be the Ghost Net, with the floppy bottom line?
  8. netrigger

    Just 1 drop

    Well done Lads,, good to see that the pair of you are still working the traditional way.
  9. Drop him a pm on here, the netting is superb quality.
  10. Top quality of Nels0n.
  11. 0.75mm = 50 kilo breaking load, 1mm = 65. 1.3mm = 90
  12. Not at present, but I may be ordering a few spools in shortly,, I'll give you a shout if I do
  13. I've used it and it was fine,, other folk prefer it around 1mm to 1.3mm,, I reckon the 1mm is a good size.
  14. Yes I also on occasion make the 10z from scratch, you should try the 0.75mm braid,, makes excellent nets.
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