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  1. Definitely less folk venturing out in the dark ,, at least you gave it a go and that's all that matters .
  2. Probably a bit late ,, but I know a bloke who also makes cracking wires ,,
  3. Don't throw cash at inferior nets ,, as the lads above have said ,, Nelson's the man to contact.
  4. This knitting nonsense in the place of employment is definitely hard graft ,,
  5. If you give it a try , make the little loop (fly mesh) a tad smaller than the girth of the mesh board,, and do not count the knot of the fly mesh , the knot below is knot 1,, so for a 15 across net ,, make 30 knots on the chain/ link start ,, good think about this method also is that both rings will be stitched exactly the same..
  6. Here is the old fashioned way of knitting,, no need for split rings, or other gadgets to start of a net ,, just leave enough of a tag end to braid onto the ring once the net is finished , this method is really good especially if one requires a net with a good depth . Please excuse her indoors Y fronts drying out on the radiator.
  7. Good Man ,, it's definitely worth getting into ,, the more you practice then the more you will get better , if you need any tips etc then just shout
  8. That's it Netmaker,, these so called rabbit net suppliers should learn 1st to actually supply sheet netting stitched in a fashion that actually works ,, and to charge a young lad that amount is taking the piss ,, but so called net suppliers these days ain't into looking after the young ,, which are the future .. which tbh ain't looking good ..
  9. Sorted 10 of these lumps out for a young lad,, so from this ,to this .. I was going to add nice new black rings until I seen the mesh size !! Only 3" stretched!! , Poor lad paid £3 quid per net ..
  10. Nels0n is the man,, superb gear ,, look at the difference in depth from the usual netting,, really supple , with uniformed meshes .
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