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  1. netrigger

    Another good day

    Living the life,, that bit of water looks the part,, what types of fish does it hold? Regards
  2. netrigger

    Mixed Bag

    God I'm jealous,, you sure do get out and about Doug, good on you Regards
  3. Give them a call, sure they will post at a reasonable rate, that 8 quid postage is usually a guide line for real heavy orders
  4. https://www.tysonsriggers.co.uk/product/nylon-braided-twine/
  5. netrigger

    sportsman's net

    By the way,, that black stripe below my post ain't my choice,, I tried to send one of them smiley faces in the post and that what ended up,, so don't think I'm an arshole,, because I already know that.. Regards Bill
  6. netrigger

    sportsman's net

    That's the thing Joe, when the sheet netting came in, it was basically all 4" full mesh by 15 mesh deep, usually in 150 yards stretched, the manufacturers at the time used this mesh size due to the stretch in nylon,, plus the knot type the machine could throw but that was years back, these days depending on yarn,, knot type, and place of manufacture we can go up slightly in mesh size regarding stretched mesh size,, these days the nylon nets are set not only by heat but also taking into account how they are stretched, be it length ways or depth ways before being set to ensure uniformed mesh throughout the said net.. I still have an old net here that is 4z in 4" made by knox the net makers from Kilbirnie in Scotland,, and by god it stretches,, not by a lot though, say up to an 1/8th or so, but a good net when I think back as there is more knitted in repairs than the original twine, ,, the joys of being a night time netters never ever done,, either mend or replace.
  7. netrigger

    sportsman's net

    I don't think them at rabbit fever have much knowledge regarding nets as they also state that there Z twist nets are spun nylon. Many years ago on here there was a bit of a debate regarding how one measures meshes, the majority measured on the stretch (diamond) and a few on the square (half mesh).
  8. netrigger

    Longnetting at night

    How did the bells chime,? Did the weight of the bells hinder smithie in his hitching?
  9. netrigger

    Longnetting at night

    Well done Lads,
  10. netrigger

    Longnetting at night

    Think I made Phil a nice spun poly net a while back,, single stranded type.
  11. netrigger

    Longnetting at night

    Yes Fred,, makes a fine though damned expensive net
  12. netrigger

    Longnetting at night

    That's the shade it came out,, you need to be careful whilst dying nylons, due to shrinkage, the other one of the same material came out a sort of jade shade.
  13. netrigger

    Longnetting at night

    I ain't used it as much as I would like, but it has served me well whilst in use, a dream to work with..
  14. netrigger

    Longnetting at night

    Canny beat a nice Braided nylon long net
  15. netrigger

    Couple of Outings

    Looks a nice place that pal..