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  1. 0.75mm = 50 kilo breaking load, 1mm = 65. 1.3mm = 90
  2. Not at present, but I may be ordering a few spools in shortly,, I'll give you a shout if I do
  3. I've used it and it was fine,, other folk prefer it around 1mm to 1.3mm,, I reckon the 1mm is a good size.
  4. Yes I also on occasion make the 10z from scratch, you should try the 0.75mm braid,, makes excellent nets.
  5. Your favourite type fred,, quite posh with the black rings.
  6. It's actually sheet netting, with the rings braided on. Regards.
  7. I like em Katchum, I'll sort you out as I should have a few.
  8. I'll be rigging up a few of these, real nice twine,, nice and supple. 10z nylon.
  9. Found it,, if you pop over I will show you a way that doesn't involve any rings/triangle.
  10. I might have one, if I can find it, a good sized split ring does the job.
  11. Quality as per usual from the NELS0N stable..
  12. Bourse is the French word for purse,
  13. Enjoyable day had by all,, bit of family time, nowt better.
  14. Lad deserves a medal regarding carrying that bed sheet,, think a wheelbarrow would have been a smarter option than a bigger set of pins. What is it with these slack bottom lines on these preset nets, can't see any benefit personally. Still a pleasent enough watch though, especially the scenery.
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