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  1. Very handy ,, I've sent you a pm
  2. There is a lad in Oz that imports gear of Nels0n who is UK based ,, purse nets , long nets twines etc , basically everything you might need ,, if you wish I'm sure I will be able to forward the lad in Australia's details ,,
  3. netrigger


    I've yet to finish rigging the thing , the weather ain't been kind ,, her indoors said one of the pictures look like Jordans Sookers ,, once I darken it down , it will make a nice bit of kit ,,
  4. Lad called Dave huddart ,, excellent at what he does ,, contact him on face book.
  5. Les makes all his carry boxes himself,, rigs all his long nets also ,, if and it's very rarely he needs a few purse nets to up his stock then he only goes to trusted net makers ..
  6. All netting and net gear is supplied by nelsons net loft here in the UK,, so the quality is superb.
  7. Give this place a call,, Seine Fyke Nets - Coastal Nets Limited WWW.COASTALNETS.CO.UK Commercial Fishing Equipment Suppliers With many years' experience in fishing net supply...
  8. Les has 4 and 6z,, I'm sure the 6z has a stretched mesh size of 4 3/8",,
  9. Sun's out,, so regarding Trammel nets,, here is the start of the 1st of many.. Drink halted production though,, ah well we very rarely see the sun shine up this end.
  10. The Z denotes which direction the twines twist,, Z left lay twist S right lay twist.
  11. Nelson is the man,, nowt to do with me,,
  12. Well that's wank, that leather lad fixed fk all. Ripped a few of though.
  13. They are only fixing sets that are still under warranty.
  14. I'll get hold of him for you.
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