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    Bushing or ratting terrier wanted


  2. Working Terrier wanted View Advert Bushing or ratting terrier wanted Advertiser Floyd17586 Date 22/01/23 Price Category Working Dogs and Livestock  
  3. That's the parents mate bitch is the beddy and she's of the old Ridlington line have had this line for years. I've not kept any the pups back this time was gonna but with the new laws and me stopped and banned from certain areas were I do all my hunting I've decided against holding one as I won't do it justice as will just have enough work for the mum.
  4. Huge problem on this group for years can't ask questions without wise cracks. Yes I bred a litter and know exactly what Ive got. What harm is asking to see others pics of saluki beddy crosses
  5. Can't see anything to do what I asked in there buddy?
  6. Anyone running these crosses and any pics?
  7. How is everyone coping with hunting now these new laws are been enforced? Have many of ye had any run ins with police this season so far?
  8. Dam is of old Ridlington line and sire is of peter McCarthy freddy x dean dehora scouser x Jim Mongan first cross
  9. Well done mate nice bitch aaand good result
  10. I have a beddy whippet x saluki grey dog pup 8weeks old based in Wigan
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    2 8week old dog pups available they are wormed flead and microchipped. Dam is beddy whippet and of the old Ridlington line


  12. Veet(the perfect hair remover)lol or Gillette (the best a man can get)
  13. No mate but I'll try get some
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