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  1. Veet(the perfect hair remover)lol or Gillette (the best a man can get)
  2. No mate but I'll try get some
  3. No mate pups dam is Scouser X first cross and sire is the Freddy dog who is Jamie X sally
  4. thanks everyone really looking forward to starting him off at stubble time
  5. My 5month old pup for next season Scouser X first cross to Freddy(jamiexsally). I'm also in on the look out for a well bred bitch pup for next year also
  6. Hopefully bud I have a good feeling with her so happy out so far
  7. 100% understand what your saying bud but I've always started my dogs of on lamp 4 or 5 nights lamping and then move to daytime find it just sharpens dogs up.were I lamp is massive open land so no real fear of cover.
  8. Tbh buddy I just started her and she took to the lamp well killing 2 out of 2 first night out on lamp.gonna get her sharp but she is looking really promising
  9. Especially this time a year a unfit dog could cause owners heart problems lol especially running hares
  10. No he is out of the beast who is the full brother of Wilton.so probably a different beast?yea thank you I always tend to keep dogs in jacket in winter or cold weather etc.she is coming on very well ran her on lamp for 1st time and killed 2 hares all she's ever seen was a couple of droppers before that.so hoping get her sharp on the lamp and then try her day time
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