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  1. Over here (Australia) we have no where near the numbers of sick that you have, but they are trying to get more Nurses and Doctors already, I reckon we are not being told the whole truth as to what they expect to happen. I have calculated that we are around 200,000 undiagnosed, we will see in the next few weeks. Good luck over there guys, #staythef--k@home We are practising it as much as possible.
  2. I have not been on for nearly a year or so. Here in Australia the Federal Govt has jumped on board to assist with $$, but the younger people are not taking it seriously yet, and the Govt are keeping schools open, seems like individual families are Self Isolating, thats why there has been some mental shopping going on. My kids are home, I am at home, but the Missus is still working - Pharmacist. She has no PPE (personal protection equipment) or instruction to use it from the Govt or Employer, Health Dept says it is not required, but she is in close contact to all the sick people. Numbers of infected are climbing now in Australia and doubling every 3 days, the States all closed the borders just a day ago, against the wishes of the Federal Govt. I can see it being a really bad thing and lots of VERY sick people dying without need. We had the opportunity to curb the numbers but because of import $$$ and Govt attitude about schools, I feel we are in the same boat as you guys, just a few weeks behind you. People I know in the middle of No Where - 1000's of Kms from anything, are seriously worried, cant afford to get that sick. Estimates of 15 million in Australia could get the Virus, that's about 60%, like you we just don't have the Medical facilities. So now after the horse has bolted, and run down the road, over the hill into the next county, the individual States are closing the borders, shutting down shopping and gatherings, but still holding schools open until the last minute. I have an immune suppressed teen Daughter, she cant afford to be that sick. Been watching what is happening over there, its not pretty, really sorry that you have lost so many people. Watch the stats on Australia to see if "Social Distancing" helps. But I think too many are not staying at home when they are Home Quarantined. And today a Chinese woman was coughing over banana's in a Supermarket - she was arrested, just shows how the mentality works, pretty sad shit.
  3. Christmas is coming. Decorations are out. I might not have any money, but at least they are stout !! Have a Merry Christmas, bless you all. These are not mine, but I will make some soon, pic is from a member on another forum I belong to, typical Australian's
  4. So FINALLY I have something to say about the kids 2018 Vintage Wine " Toe Jam and ALL " FEB 2018 The Cellar Master ( Nonno ) has advised me that the wine has been filtered once and decanted into a second 20+Litre glass damigiana wine bottle to continue to ferment, AND is now ready to be bottled. We need to prepare some bottles and filter the wine again as we fill them. I will print up some appropriate labels and some fake International Gold Wine Judging Medals. After a good solid tasting........ , if it is any good, maybe I can auction off a few on this site and donate the money directly to the Forum I will happily pay for shipping, whatever it is. Back when the "Toe Jam and ALL" is bottled and ready.
  5. Going to check with the Father in-law how that wine is going, the kids need to see it and even taste it, to know where their hard work has gone. BACK SOON.
  6. Skins can still be sold but it is more for those that want a trophy skin as a discussion point but in recent years there has been a slight movement in skin buying for European markets, nothing big like the 80's - I remember that as I was just getting into hunting then, being a city boy.
  7. 17hornet

    Elon Musk

    Maybe the amount claimed is the max that the Thai "local law" allows ? In the US it could be 100's of millions of $.
  8. Hi girls and guys, Back to talk about PASTA. This is our family recipe/method, the way we usually eat it. The homemade Tagliatelle is a flat ribbon like pasta about 12mm wide, it is cooked for 5min if fresh and about 10min if it is dried. With a light tomato based sauce cooked with different bones in it like chicken or pork, the meat is not used with this pasta but generally eaten separately as its own meal or used in stuffed capsicums or another dish like crumbed stuffed olives balls (they look like crumbed testicles, but taste so good....) Egg based, flour, no salt, mixed on a board only kneading a little by hand, then break off a chunk and put it through the pasta rolling machine to roll it out into a thick sheet, fold it over as a thick sheet - rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, and once you are satisfied, the next rollings are gradually thinner until the desired thickness (or thinness). Then the sheets are set aside to let dry for a little bit depending upon the weather and the direction of the wind, after this when the fussy cook (the kids Nonna) is happy, the sheets are put back through the machine to cut the strips we all know and enjoy eating. These strips are fully dried for storage on a clean cloth, or just enough to be firm for immediate cooking. Cook in boiling salted water, drain water after cooked. Then add your light thin home made sauce stir through, plate up and enjoy. It is a good pasta for much heavier rich toppings too, could be nice with a Venison mince sauce. This is a file pic from the net, later I will put up a pic of our own home made stuff.
  9. Hi Micky, Nearly a year down the line and I have more info for you about the pigs head process with the family. The head is boiled really well in just water and a little salt, it is boiled for a long time and you make sure that all the meat is cooked through, I cheated and cut out some cheek, snout and jaw muscle - excellent!! The main reason to boil it is to remove fat and soften the skin. All the bits are removed from the bone of head and pretty much used in a sausage called Cotechino which can be eaten direct or used in pasta sauce. Cooked sausage fill sometimes it is cooked after filling the skin by boiling, we just find it easier to cook then remove the flesh from the bone. Hope that helps.
  10. Yep you got it in perfect order, thats how to check if anything is playing possum - works for the Mrs ! (when I'm pretending to be asleep ) Sharing a chuckle is good for the soul, I'm really glad you have a good sense of humour and enjoyed the joke enough to let me know Thank you. LOL, mate I love to share this and I have Threads up relating to the pork smallgoods, tomato sauce, wine, cooking in a Weber BBQ, pizza and pasta. I intend to expand on all of these threads with more detail, I think you can look them up if you are interested. There is a big interest of mine with home made foods, hunting and fishing.
  11. Well, not everything that comes out of the river is to be killed here, native fish (Australian origin) are protected by size or species, sometimes both. Some are fully protected, even though they are supposed to be extinct, yes EXTINCT. I have caught an "extinct" fish and reported it, only to be told where they are thriving in habitat, they dont tell the public that the fish are not extinct otherwise the fish will be hunted down for capture and blackmarket sales. Invasive imported species are classified as pest fish and that is why we have to kill them, and there are some HUGE examples of them in the river, pretty wild when you have them on your line, great fun. I used to hunt Carp in the Torrens river in the middle of the City with a fly rod, it was common for me to fill a 65L rubbish bin in an afternoon, used to let passers by have a fish rod and tackle the buggers. LOL It was great to watch them fighting a 15kg fish on a fly rod. I didnt know that about Germany, maybe the rules are like ours, I heard there is a fresh water Crayfish issue in European Countries and the UK. Redclaw Crayfish ??
  12. You guys and Carp fishing, your going to hate this..... Over here you pull out as many as you can, even when not targeting them ! Then you kill every one of them as the 'fine' for NOT doing that, is huge per fish. Or even killing them and putting them back in the water attracts the same 'fine'. My daughter and I did a fish session and pulled around 30+ carp out in 30min. and binned them all, it was like a feeding frenzy, they were everywhere.
  13. Buying a butcher shop pig, they are quite lean as they are grown for the meat yield at a young age, ultimately little fat. But as we do, you can also collect fat from your cooking, bacon, pork, lamb, beef, you collect it and when you have a reasonable amount you heat it and filter it like I did. I would collect poultry fats seperate. These fats are great for cooking and add great flavour, withstand very high temps and easy to filter again if particles are in it. Position to do this? Well.... farm kill and home processing, its more about season and 2 days of space until the work is done. Thanks guys.
  14. A continuation forward of - 'Bringing Home the Bacon' Having killed the pig and turned it into many yummy food items consisting of - sausages and cured meats, BBQ treats of steaks, ribs, liver, salami, pasta additives, and even boiled pigs cheek and snout (I scoffed some while cooking it up - so.... good!) Trotters for later dishes and some other bits I still dont know. This time the fat was going to be thrown out, in history where there was no refrigeration, many foods were kept under lard in a cool area like a cellar. Some foods were kept covered in beeswax, and still others were others were salted inside of barrels of salt, others dried to emulate cardboard, smoked, pickled or bottled. Foods in water under olive oil, in olive oil itself in clay jars. Some foods just needed a cool cellar to last, others dried out like grains. Even fat as a calorie rich food source in itself. As technology improved in making glass jars and tins, so did the methods or storage change, then there was the convenience of refrigeration. BUT until only a few years ago my in-laws still kept the sausages and salami under 'lard', in a bucket down in the cellar. With a fridge handy, why did they do this? Well firstly it kept air and bacteria out of the meat and skin surface, so preserved the meat, the skin was never dry because of the lard and the meat didnt need to be refrigerated just like the old country. the sausages were layered between lard so after removing a sausage they would just check that there was no exposed part of the next sausage one layer down, just covering it if needed. Fridges are short term use for food care, they dry meats out too. My Grand-mother also did this along with the other pickled foods and preserves which she made and sold to WW2 German soldiers in barracks down the road. She collected scraps from them and grew the pigs, so the circle went - her own little local blackmarket enterprise. She raised a family of 7 kids with her work. So to her and many others, fat from animals has been very important to not waste, all sorts of cultures, all over the world. Back to my present day article. Origin: Middle English (also denoting fat bacon or pork): from Old French ‘bacon’, from Latin lardum, laridum, related to Greek larinos ‘fat’. Mainly from a market in the USA of developing Canola crops, and need to find a market - 'shortening' looks like lard, but it isnt. We have this repetitive drone 'fat is BAD' for you, but that is like everything, too much of anything is bad for you. With that in mind I decided to keep the fat and to 'cook' it down into lard, filtering that to have some prime product. Not having asked about the process, seen it, but not asked, I always assumed that it was simple to just put it into a big pot and heat until the fat all melted out - that would be easy, right ? LOL, of course it was not quite what I expected. Lumps of fat into pot, apply gentle heat so as to not burn anything, give it some time, give it some more time , give it even more time.... things were going slow. The fat was melting out but it was so slow and it even started to burn onto the bottom of the pot. After several hours I did have a good amount of melted fat in the pot, but this was too slow and something was not right. Continued - I decided to clean out the cooked down leftovers and replace them with cut down chunks of fat. This was a good improvement and the process went faster but was still not quite right for my memory of the usual pace. Of course when you need help, call the 'help desk' ! I picked up the phone and called the Mother in-law for help, got the low down after she laughed at me, I went back to the pot and this time cubed the fat into no more than 2cm x 2cm blocks. Now we are talking about 12 kilos of fat here, so it is no small effort, and I did it as small job lots. As it melted down and was finished, I cut up more and melted it down, scooping out the 'dross' of crispy stuff, then pouring the liquid lard through a makeshift filter into another pot to cool before filling up the Cooking pot with small bits of fat and starting over the cycle. This was good, things were now moving better and with less mess, and smell. Continued - Did I advise to do this outside? The smell is greasy and reminds you of a pork BBQ, the bubbling like foam on top of the liquid lard is caused by water in the fat cells, when the bubbling stops the water and lard is cooked out of the fat cells. Cooled liquid lard was then scooped into an ice cream tub and let cool further and harden at room temp. All up 8 liters of clean lard ready for use. Had I acted sooner then it could have been twice that volume, some fat had already been tossed out. Now you say, "What do you do with that lot ?" Glad you asked, here is a link for an Web search - duckduckgo.com/?q=uses+of+lard&t=lm&ia=web www.daringgourmet.com/how-to-render-lard...y-you-should-use-it/ It's used firearms lubricant/shooting lube It's used for food preservation It's used as a food It's used in foods like baked items It's used used for cooking like deep frying It's used cutting lube when drilling or taping or threading It's used fluxing molten lead for casting It's used sheet metal work It's used cooking chicken (original KFC cooking) It's used candles It's used bird feeders It's used skin softener for dry skin It's used cosmetics It's used for explosives manufacturing It's used Cast iron to Cast iron high temp lube It's used medically, particularly as a carrier for fat-soluble medications. It's used as a lubricant. It's used as a fuel. Mixed with beeswax, it's used to condition leather. It's used as a starting component of soap. So as you can see it has had a long life and thousands of uses, sub-uses of the above, and others not so obvious. But at home it will be the go to for food prep and cooking, metal working processes lube and for leather conditioning. Can you find or think of other uses for LARD ?
  15. Some of the BBQ pics. The best part of the day, fresh pork steak, liver, ribs a plenty etc etc We always cook up some of the sausage mix to taste and see if anything needs to be added, EACH lot of minced meat is cooked and tasted, once its in the skin, its too late. Soak a bit of lard grease into the bread - Yumo.. My favourite, the liver with bay leaf.... I was salivating, and swear I blissed out at the first bite. Pizza bread
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