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  1. tillylamp


    could be a fox....or badger maybe....
  2. tillylamp

    good start to the trout season

    nice start to the season bud.....
  3. tillylamp

    Keswick sun rise!!

    very nice pic bud....better than my camera....
  4. tillylamp

    Log burner

    looks nice and cozy bud.....but, is that the same camera that they use for big cat sightings.......
  5. tillylamp


    lovely shots pinny....super clear....
  6. tillylamp

    Cannabis oil

    mackem posted that article bud, i just quoted his post and posted my bit under it.........i can't take the credit for it.....
  7. tillylamp

    Cannabis oil

    my mate use to have epileptic fits growing up, it was scary watching him having one, thrashing, kicking then the violent shaking, he had all sorts of medication tablets which didn't seem to change anything really from having a fit to fit, so he decided to have a joint just before he knew he was going to have a fit....well....what a difference that made, i was there when he did this, i could see him going through the fit and he said he knew he was going through it afterwards, but there wasn't any movement whilst he was going through it, just a vacant stare, and it didn't seem to last as long whilst it was happening compared to the fits he had on the medication, so he use to carry a joint with him all the time after that....that was in the early 80's....
  8. tillylamp

    Took this today

    nice pics bud......
  9. tillylamp

    snow heavy today here

    do you hook up your truck to the electric over night ted.....i know for sure i would have to with my old diesel F250 in those temps.....luckily enough it's only -5 to -7 at night here on the west coast at the moment and snowing...
  10. tillylamp

    Missus has left me

    Arrrr right bud....
  11. tillylamp

    Missus has left me

    is that 30' ish degrees of humidity mac....
  12. tillylamp

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    brilliant pics lads......
  13. tillylamp

    snow heavy today here

    ahhh right....my wife would find them yummy....yesterday was 11-12 degrees and sunny here, todays been a misty start and the sun broke through this afternoon, but down to freezing at night time.....
  14. tillylamp

    snow heavy today here

    i see the poutine mac, but what's the other meal bud....apples on a doughnut ?.....what's the temps there....
  15. tillylamp

    snow heavy today here

    my mate lives in Calgary and at the moment it's -35 with 2-3 ft of snow and he's out snow ploughing with his truck....i'm on the west coast in a T shirt in the sunshine......