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  1. tillylamp


    thanks......not really bud.....the minute that bear saw me he legged it, like most of them do, the only time you have to have your wits about you is when she is with her cubs, you keep a safe distance in that case......
  2. tillylamp


    this bear was laying on the grass when i drove in and at first i thought it was the big black dog from the corner house....but.....as i got closer it stood up and i could see it was a bear.......like you say......COOL
  3. tillylamp


    yep....still here mac enjoying this beautiful country it's going well for us at the mo, been a lot colder than usual this winter, more snow and -20 wind chill for a while, then -12 for a bit....were at around 7 degrees now with good sunny days but still cold in the wind.....
  4. tillylamp


    thanks bud....
  5. nice idea replacing the window with the bird boxes and you have done a nice clean looking job, but......why did you cut the bricks to the centre of the coarses under the bottom sill, doing it that way has thrown your perps out, the same has happened where you have cut in the small bricks up the sides, it just doesn't look quite right, also the bottom sill of the bird boxes should have gone from wall to wall like you do with window sills to get rid of the water trap......i'm not saying you have done a bad job at all.....just my views
  6. tillylamp


    a bear eating grass in a garden opposite me.......
  7. tillylamp

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    here's a robin......
  8. tillylamp

    Selection from my hide

    some really nice pics there zandy.....well, all of them actually.....lol lol.....thanks for sharing bud......
  9. tillylamp

    life below zero

    mentioning sizable lakes.....when i worked in YellowKnife (in the Northwest Territories) we did a bit of fishing after work.....the lake we fished was 291 miles long and 126 miles wide at the widest part, 2000ft deep and covers 10,500 sq miles, its the 10th largest lake in the world.....
  10. tillylamp

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    nice pic micky......what sought of bird is that?
  11. tillylamp

    Canon T1i (D500)

    Thankyou very much for your expertise/advice on this zandy, much appreciated.....she's more of a point and shoot kind of girl which is fine....but, if i can keep this camera as close to a point and shoot to start off with she might start to venture abit further on the settings in time.....(i'm hoping) thanks again bud.....
  12. hi peeps, i was given a DSLR Canon T1i or known as a D500 (09-10), i gave it to my wife to try and encourage her into a bit of photography, but i don't know if she will use it.....it would be nice if she did....has anyone used/owned one?
  13. tillylamp

    Whadya reckon?

    why don't you boil the chicken eggs first lol.......
  14. tillylamp

    What you got planned for New Years eve

    does your local still charge an entrance fee for new years eve......our local some years back was charging 25 or 30 quid to get in......what a con that is
  15. tillylamp

    A return to the salty stuff.

    the trouble is, i like to hold and feel a rod before i buy them, i can hold a rod and know instantly if i like it or not, never been a fan of buying over the net, but it will be good to see how you get on though.....