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  1. nice pics bud....did something have a bite on the bass by it's tail....
  2. what you need is one of these that you can load easy and unload....my mate has one for when he goes to Alaska salmon fishing, it even has a wood stove....
  3. i didn't mind the look of the library trucks really....but yes, i do agree though...they don't have the character of the older vehicles.... this was my motorhome....it's the only pics i could find....and some of our fifth wheel we bought here....
  4. nice old truck bud....i use to drive my motorhome on a car license as i passed my test before 96-97....it was 10-12 ton and 38 feet long, and with my trailer behind it, it was 56 feet in all.....when i mot'd it each year there wasn't any problems as it was the same mot as a car mot {class 4} i think....whilst i was mot'ing it i actually asked a guy who worked for VOSA about driving it on a car licence and he said, yep...you can....and whilst it was being mot'd it had a loose battery, the guy said he couldn't fail it being a car mot but it was a failer on a HGV....plus on my logbook it was down
  5. has the law changed now then with the motorhomes.....you say you need a hgv over 7.5 ton it use to be that if you past your driving test before 96 that didn't apply you could drive over 7.5 ton on a motorhome...
  6. congratulations bud.....happy days
  7. well......what did you buy bud.....lol lol
  8. tillylamp


    double post
  9. tillylamp


    France is a nice looking country....it's the French people i couldn't live with, i find them a rude and arrogant race of people.... i think going on holiday there and living there would be two different experiences.....
  10. that's real good news bud......all the very best for the future mate......
  11. great stuff mack....that's some view from up there.....is this a warm up for you before you get your own helicopter.....lol lol lol
  12. hi bud, quick question......if they eradicated all the wallabies there.....wouldn't the pig population take over from the wallaby....
  13. i've been teaching myself to airbrush paint so i made this table and airbrushed the good old union jack with the English Rose.......i made it as my spray table...... i'm loving it living over here....but you never forget your roots..... i also did a combination of the two flags.......
  14. moose meat is really good just like sweet beef.....
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