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  1. hi bud.....i've moved away from the island now at the end of last year to nova scotia....we drove from the west coast to the east coast and slept in the truck over night it took us 11 days in all at around 5600km.....it cost me in my truck $1100 so i could have done with todays fuel prices......lol lol mind you....say that.... i was carrying/towing over 3 tons.....lol lol
  2. i payed $0.98 for diesel yesterday bud and gas was $0.96....
  3. saying that i have had a few different varieties on the feeders which is enjoyable to watch....the goldfinch is a lovely looking bird you must be well chuffed having that many at your feeders....i know i would be.....
  4. hi bud..... it's in canada, i had twelve here the other day along with some blue jays.....
  5. some morning doves....they have a pretty little call, i suppose that's why their called morning doves it's a pleasant sound....
  6. some lovely pics there stoaty......well done bud thanks for sharing
  7. hi bud, the grackle is in the icterid family.......Icterids make up a family (Icteridae) of small- to medium-sized, often colorful, New World passerine birds. Most species have black as a predominant plumage color, often enlivened by yellow, orange, or red. The species in the family vary widely in size, shape, behavior, and coloration. the full version is on wikipedia.......tilly
  8. hi mickey, such a pretty coloured bird and like you say likes a ruckus.....lol i made a bird table the other day and we had eight of them on and around it in one hit.....they were squabbling and fighting each other.....lol
  9. it's a blue jay bud and the other one is a common grackle.....
  10. yeah...with that windchill we could feel our eyes and noses starting to freeze with in minutes...and any bare skin on show started to go numb......
  11. i'm now living in nova scotia....i'm from the uk born and bred.....
  12. most of canada gets snow at some time....my mate in calgary got ten inches of snow 8 weeks ago now....when we lived in calgary the coldest it got was a -34 windchill.... i think the thing is...here in canada it's a guarantee that snows on it way come winter so there prepared for it ie...snowplows, gritters, snow tires etc.... whereas the uk might get some one year and not the next..... my boss takes off snowmobiling around january for a week or so....he goes off for miles at a time.....
  13. we had 4-5 inches of snow yesterday with a -9 wind chill.....and icicles a foot long hanging off my workshop roof......
  14. if your thinking of a 7.5 toner have a look at the ex mobile library vans, there already half way there.....lighting, heating, insulated and wall sockets.....probably wouldn't take much to finish it the way you won't it.....
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