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  1. tillylamp

    life below zero

    mentioning sizable lakes.....when i worked in YellowKnife (in the Northwest Territories) we did a bit of fishing after work.....the lake we fished was 291 miles long and 126 miles wide at the widest part, 2000ft deep and covers 10,500 sq miles, its the 10th largest lake in the world.....
  2. tillylamp

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    nice pic micky......what sought of bird is that?
  3. tillylamp

    Canon T1i (D500)

    Thankyou very much for your expertise/advice on this zandy, much appreciated.....she's more of a point and shoot kind of girl which is fine....but, if i can keep this camera as close to a point and shoot to start off with she might start to venture abit further on the settings in time.....(i'm hoping) thanks again bud.....
  4. hi peeps, i was given a DSLR Canon T1i or known as a D500 (09-10), i gave it to my wife to try and encourage her into a bit of photography, but i don't know if she will use it.....it would be nice if she did....has anyone used/owned one?
  5. tillylamp

    Whadya reckon?

    why don't you boil the chicken eggs first lol.......
  6. tillylamp

    What you got planned for New Years eve

    does your local still charge an entrance fee for new years eve......our local some years back was charging 25 or 30 quid to get in......what a con that is
  7. tillylamp

    A return to the salty stuff.

    the trouble is, i like to hold and feel a rod before i buy them, i can hold a rod and know instantly if i like it or not, never been a fan of buying over the net, but it will be good to see how you get on though.....
  8. tillylamp

    Sky dish installation?

    no modifications are needed bud, just have enough outlets on your lnb to run what you want, i did it myself....the dish, coax cable etc....for my motorhome i put the dish on a tripod pointing it south south east at 28 degrees iirc, this was all on a sky lnb bud....
  9. tillylamp

    Sky dish installation?

    yes you can run both, i had free sat on my front tv in my motorhome and sky on the tv in the rear bedroom off of one dish, the free sat needed two outlets on the lnb so you could watch one channel and record another, then another outlet on the lnb for the sky, i think i had four or six outlets on my lnb......
  10. tillylamp

    Dog walk by the tweed

    nice pics and nice looking dogs bud.....in the forth pic down of the river i noticed the debris hanging up in the trees where you took the pic from, that looks like its been pretty high water recently, were you standing on a bridge....
  11. tillylamp

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    lovely pic bud......spot on
  12. tillylamp

    Rip little kyle

  13. tillylamp


    some nice pics there bud.....
  14. tillylamp

    Sea Lion

    hi mickey, funny you should ask bud....a few weeks ago someone local here posted a photo on the web of a pair of otters in the inlet just down the road, i was amazed to see them there.....but they have moved on now....
  15. tillylamp

    RIP Enzo Calzaghe

    i think your right about Joe's legacy there mate, i personally think if he had met Jones earlier it could have been a different out come, and the same with Hopkins, but Jones had started to lose fights and Hopkins was 43 years old when they met....for me, they all fought to late, but Joe has it on paper with a perfect record and i suppose that's all what counts for the people that are fans......