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  1. sorry to hear that bud, lets hope your date comes through soon....fingers crossed mate....
  2. can't beat a nice joint of moose on the bbq.....there's no way this bbq would have stopped.....
  3. there are a few fake olive oils out there that you should check first....there was a program on this the other week...they were saying that a genuine olive oil usually comes in a green glass bottle as it stops a lot of day/sunlight from penetrating the oil...whereas clearer bottles in day/sunlight can get tainted and a bit bitter.....and some companies are adding canola oil (rape seed oil) to it but advertising it as olive oil....always read the label bud.....
  4. i have heard that mentioned before about the tomatoes....another good diet is the Mediterranean diet, apparently these countries on the med diet don't have prostate cancers because of the good food they eat....
  5. i can see the appeal of living the way you have chosen to live, it looks a nice way of living, we lived in a american motorhome for six or so years and loved every minute of it, but how do you cope living so close to each other...for me, that would be the biggest draw back, i couldn't live amongst that crowd... what with you being a real country person and older in life, do you actually enjoy living in a floating city or is it a trade off you have to do for the services for your boat....i have never like having neighbours and the older i get the more i don't want anyone near me....
  6. 1/2/3pcs Strong Light Zoom Flashlight Outdoor Multifunctional Portable Household Small Flashlight Telescopic Zoomable Lighting - Electronics - Temu Canada ADCLICK.G.DOUBLECLICK.NET 1/2/3pcs strong light zoom flashlight outdoor multifunctional portable household small flashlight telescopic zoomable lighting at the lowest price at... i seem to be getting these temu adds at the moment.....
  7. what's wrong with scotish notes? why aren't these companies taking them?.....
  8. well, apparently back in the 60's-70's the police started to use volvo's and bmw's as they were more reliable than other makes of cars, which has been carried on through to todays vehicles, also these are considered more safer/faster and more capable than other vehicles when needed, it was mentioned that these vehicles don't cost as much for the police force as it looks....i hear what your saying tho bud, but would a nissan x trail be better than a x5 bmw for the job, or a ford ranger over a volvo xc90....etc. etc....starting out with a better package is probably more economical in the long te
  9. i would imaging having these vehicles it covers all aspects of driving, off road on road and winter conditions, also, these vehicles can probably carry more sizeable emergency equipment for motorway use rather than a car sized vehicle...that's my guess at it tho....
  10. i have seen people do a galv dip on a chassis with great effect, but having a look on the net i can't find an exact price, it seems it varies from company to company on per kgm2 of steel, one company was $45 kgm2 what ever that works out at? if i was doing a full resto i would look into doing that but at this moment of time i was going to just lift the body off and work with what i can get to, but that is a good shout mate.....
  11. i went to Birmingham around 15 years or more ago now and there was a breeding program/feeding station for red kites up along the m40 (i think it was) and back then we must of seen the best part of 100 birds, and by the looks of it, it has been a successful program which has spread down across to your area, maybe they follow a motorway as the feeding stations are set up close to them.....
  12. nothing really special just an older ford f250 diesel truck, it's 34 years old with 210,000 ish miles, i like the older trucks, i've got my eye on an older square body chevy k10 at the moment.....lol
  13. thanks for your input guys, much appreciated....the products that have been mentioned seem to be on the right track, after reading a lot more about products and methods it seems like a lot of people are saying/doing...sand blasting it clean, degrease it off, apply rust converter/inhibiter, then epoxy primer and topcoat....sounds like some sort of a plan.....should keep me busy for a while....lol
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