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  1. Bushhound

    Morning mooch

    Best time of the day
  2. Bushhound

    Greyhound racing online

  3. I've bet on greyhounds in the past ,just want to know which bookies stream races live on inet before I go through the login crap.cheers
  4. Bushhound

    Where's black dog trading gone?

    Cheers for that
  5. Bushhound

    New GZk orange/yellow 1mm

    It was red and white band 1mm 32/30 I think from slingshot I can't remember but he was straite with me and gave me a full refund
  6. Bushhound

    New GZk orange/yellow 1mm

    Got the red and white handset 5 shots and a smack in the mouth,shit even the guy who owns the catapult supplies says he won't supply gzk again as they have had the same complaints
  7. Bushhound

    Dogs dinners

    There's a woman around here who makes burgers with horse meat.....she's called tes co.
  8. Bushhound

    Dogs dinners

    Surley your in the best position to eye up the quality of the horses and put your name down on it for when it croaks it!
  9. Bushhound

    First try

    Any good?
  10. Bushhound

    Smart meters

    I was going to write exactly what you said but couldn't be bothered so thank you lol.they save you nothing.atb
  11. Bushhound

    Recommend dog kennel & run

    I don't know any builders, I know someone in every other trade lol.
  12. Bushhound

    Hamilton hound

  13. Bushhound

    Hamilton hound

    Seen this breed on crufts,they said it was a hound that works on its own and popular in Sweden but that's it,does anyone know anything about them.just interested and if you don't ask you still don't know and all that
  14. Bushhound

    Old school classic

    No wonder the fish stock is goin down,you could single handed empty the sea,,,,,,,