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  1. Hey guys, Been seeing a few cattys up on the forum lately, some real nice ones too and it's starting to grow on me to take up a new sport. Whats a good starter kit for a newbie or what parts would make one up? I've also noticed some ball bearings come in different gauges, if someone would kindly educate me? I'm aware of the differences between AR pellets but I'm not sure if the ranges of bearings have the same effect? Anything and everything to help will be appreciated. White
  2. 1) I have a pair, only as I have only enough room and can afford to keep two. However if you have more space and can finance more, then go for as many as you can actually take care of. Maybe start with 2? Mine seem to enjoy each other's company as I'm not able to be with them 24/7 and even when I do, they enjoy playing as a pair and watching their characteristics bounce off each other. 2) I keep mine outdoors but in a sheltered area of my garden: out of direct sunlight and covered from any strong gusts of wind or rain. All in consideration to keep them in the best of health and comfort.
  3. www.wellbeloved.com/products/ferret-food I know there's other brands out there but none that supply locally. I don't feed them dry food all the while (as mentioned above) and knowing what this brand is like for quality, they seem to take in account for the ferrets diet and requirements. Most cereal based foods can contain a majority of plant based products to make up the food and not meat, which ferrets (as well as cats and dogs) need. Have a read up and check out other brands too, also, ask around other folk on the forum too about cereal based foods for ferrets and any other pets you
  4. I give mine chicken wings too. They strip them but don't eat the bones. I also have alpha dry food on offer for them too. Plus they have had lambs liver, and I'm planning on trying them with some fish. Also I give them one egg a week. They seem to be doing well on the above . I'm not sure why they don't eat the bones as I know older ferrets will. Maybe they are full by the time they get to them.? I don't leave food in hutch for hours because of the hot weather. I might offer them the bones again later on in the day to see if they want to eat them. I feed mine a good mixture of stuff, o
  5. Post an introduction about yourself on the Intros section of the forum. Don't ask, in fact, NEVER ask for permissions, a big pet hate of this forum is newbies asking for permissions but see if there's anyone who comments who lives local. Get to know them a little whilst reading up on this side of the forum for hints, tips and anything beneficial for your first outing. Once you get to know some people, they may be happy enough to take you out with them. Welcome to the forum anyhow and we hope you enjoy it here. White
  6. First of all, weeks or months? Bit of a difference lol Secondly, I'd get them some tunnels, you can pick up cheat from pet stores for cats/kittens or visit your local DIY store more so, pick them up cheap there too and different lengths. Thirdly, are they biting or nipping? White
  7. Quite a few Telford lads on here looking for permissions, although I know that's not what you're offering, but it sure helps the lads on here and of whom have contributed to the forum for a good while. Good lad and I hope all works out for you, could get some experience out of it yourself White
  8. I was only going to recommend posting this in the classifieds anyway, just so people looking for ferrets find them better
  9. Edit your title if this is now sold. Just helps mods keep track of posts.
  10. Burls are nice hard woods, I know ones from the roots give an excellent finish to anything from guitars to this beautiful catty. If I had the cash, I'd actually have this. GLWTS! White
  11. Step one. Bin it Step two. Buy a android, windows or IOS phone. Step three. Chill knowing your phone isn't an outdated piece of sh¡t, even if it's brand new Haha I'm messing but blackberry have had their heyday a decade ago and they've gone down the pan since, pushing out the same model with different names or cases lol. As pip said, some shops will do the work for you White
  12. Are we now living in a society who either shun you for hunting or only accept headshot killed animals because that's how you kill people in Call Of Duty or something? f***ing dickheads, personally I would have said they were killed by Mixy: as that's what the Gov and other organisations consider a "humane" death, diseasing the poor buggers. PC gone mad. White
  13. Just another suggestion.... When a newbie joins, they're required 5 approved posts to continue posting on the forum. However, I get a little uncomfortable seeing people with anything less than 50 posts posting on classifieds, products ranging from £5 to £1000+. Personally, I don't think I'd trust anyone who's just joined the forum to sell something without knowing them on here well enough or feel like they have any other motive on the forum but to sell or shift on something dodgy and make a run- just what comes to mind! Would it make more sense to have a policy to post a reputable amoun
  14. Ideally, you could do with doing up your profile and getting stuck into the forum. We're not really reputation based on this forum but seeing a newbie sell items on this forum, for as much as you are wanting for this item. It would be nice to know more about you (especially your location for the sake of the sale) before any money is exchanged. For you to own something as great as this, you must be in the sports at least to appreciate this forum too White
  15. These two gent's can't have said it better Get stuck in in the ferreting side of the forum chat. There's loads of great people on here to guide you in many ways and in the Classifieds, there's a ferreting section too, for your supplies. Welcome to the forum, we hope you enjoy it. White
  16. I never get why people use springers as a gateway to PCPs, they're for people who can't handle the recoil and enjoy the real sport of shooting air rifles Hahahahaha! Welcome to the forum pal, hope you're enjoying shooting, are you at a club? White
  17. You must be Foxi, if your dog is Roxi? Welcome to the forum pal, you seem to be enjoying the sports as it is and should enjoy it here. Plenty of topics to join in and make yourself at home. White
  18. Hey buddy, welcome to the forum Beautiful dog and a great area to live for hunting sports I did use to live in Wellington for a few years before moving back home Enjoy the forum. White
  19. Thank you TO, he's messaged me and sent me something or other. What a guy! I've actually PM'd BB as well, seeing as I still use his rifle sling he made for me, one off as far as I'm aware Both great guys and I hope someday to be as good them. White
  20. Looking to buy any length or style of paracord you may have lying around. Wanting to buy cheap to learn how to make a few bits and bobs. White
  21. What's the pipe one? I was always tempted by it as a gimmick but the main feature was never used as my technique. Get some Hohners White
  22. Windows 8 and all that jazz? Been a Mac person for a while and the software I use is very different and more "advanced" in ways to freeware, not to boast but my knowledge of MS and Android is definitely old school or none at all hahaha. The use of sites like Photobucket do seem to be universal on all desktops, tablets and mobiles. So using it as a forum can keep us all in sync and help each other out. Not to say not to use the THL website to upload pictures if you can, just to those who can't, there are other options and time saved from not having to send everyone pictures or waiting until l
  23. First page when you click on members, other than Earth, there's a page full of them with no more than 100 comments between them, all ranging from '08-12. That's just one page from 2603. Just my opinion but anyone who has been active in the past but hasn't post in 12 months should receive a message to check up on them and their interest in the forum still. Anyone who's posted but not been active in 24 months should be messaged regarding their account to soon be deactivated unless there's activity. Anyone who hasn't posted at all within 6 months or at all from all time, should be automatic
  24. If you need it ASAP, you either need to check out the ferrets part of the classifieds or check gumtree. White
  25. Ferrets or terriers? Best getting a mod to move this to either section of the classifieds.
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