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  1. No, I understand what you mean. Like I've said, I think it's a good idea you both go out, Dad and Daughters day and shoulder a few rifles. Get an idea of what rifle you both suit as what's just right for you, could be too large or heavy for her or vce versa for yourself (and they DO make bright pink PCPs now!!) hahaha Once you have an idea, always check the forum and see what's available. 90% of the time you'll end up with a mean bargain! Use it as a learning curve too, the staff in the store will be able to help you with ease find the right rifle but also educate you on the rifle spec
  2. Welcome Joe, great intro and you seem to be quite active now considering the 12 year span you dropped it for, so well done What are your plans for now or still continue with the ferreting? Is your daughter the type to follow your foot steps or not really? Plenty of stuff to read up on, on the forum, people to meet and always feel free start topics yourself to request or share info. We hope you enjoy it here and glad to have you on board. White
  3. Welcome to the forum pal White
  4. Welcome to the forum pal, How long have you been hunting for? White
  5. * it's just a matter of preference on what YOU want to buy or take her to your local store and see what she can shoulder.... If you have your own rifles and are happy not having to claim your daughters, I'd personally buy a cheap rifle and put the rest in the pot for when she's confident to move up. I'd start anyone on a springer though, I'd save the PCP for later. There's a true skill to it, if you can shoot on target and know how shooting works on something that has recoil and the manual labour of reloading. As good as PCP's are, I do think they cut a lot of fun and skill out of the sh
  6. I think both the Diana and Weihrauch weigh about the same. I think on some rifles, the tactical stocks are a 'tad' lighter and can take a bashing where most woods dent. Gamo make a fair few rifles, light and easy. There's also a BSA Hornet I keep seeing advertised in my mags for £165 from surplusstore.co.uk with scope, pellets, slip case and 5% off when you present the voucher A good little beginners kit for the price and BSA do hold their value. There's also brands like SMK and Hatsan that circulate too, never tried either brand but you can pick them up cheap enough. Plenty to c
  7. You'd be lucky to find many PCP's with a bottle or pump for >£300. Ideally I'd look for a cheap break barrel to begin with, once she's learnt the basics and your funds are greater, then move on to a PCP. At least if it's not for her, there's no loss. Good luck pal White
  8. I've not used either rifles myself but if I was to choose one, I think I'd go for the Diana. Nothing wrong with the HW80 but I think the Diana range are underrated- perhaps down to problems with their PCP's has put them back a space and the fact they're "unusual" compared to the usual underlever/ break barrel doesn't get them more of name than their novelty aspect..... They look quality built and I imagine are highly accurate. I know everyone raves about the HW range, especially the and the 97. They're the bread and butter of the springer market. When it all boils down to it, you'r
  9. And this is why I hate and never vote for "The Big 3". Not saying UKIP would be any better but at least they do have a pair of balls to say what they're thinking. Sent my email, will let you know my response. Probably automated but meh, it's done I imagine there's a lot of PM's buying new computers and mobile phones and a change of websites when this law comes in perves White
  10. Ps, left my local store a message, as I know the guy personally and no doubt he'll either chip in to the collection or may have something for you to auction off I'll update you as of when
  11. No worries. Think we can all wait save our pennies up in the mean time White
  12. Hey Matts Currently overcast in Wellington, Telford now but it's been a nice weekend Where about in the West Mids are you from? Welcome to the forum, with your experience it'll be interesting to see your views and hopefully when you have a permission, your write ups too. I'm currently looking at a TX200, feel free to join in on the topic (can be found on my profile page) and share you're opinion Plenty of topics to read up on and join in with. We hope you enjoy it here. White
  13. You sound like are lass " you got 3 don't need another " I always have room for more Haha I must be lucky with mine letting me have 4, not to rub it in at all
  14. Whats the craic with you and people with low post count posting on the forum? You had a go at someone in the site suggestion section a few days back that kind of went along the same lines.. I've not got a problem with post count as we've discussed this many times over the forum but yes to that issue by recommending if they contributed more there may be a better result (and as a moderator did you help?) Back when I brought this up, to no disrespect to Walshy, details were minimum and on the face value between THL profile and GoFundMe, there was nothing to go on as to who Walshy is, Donovon o
  15. PM'd and aye, I wouldn't use a hammer and chisel on your computer White
  16. Washy, I've read all the new details and I can see why you're so focussed on helping this young lad out and my heart goes to the lad and to you, for your efforts I judged you wrong and I still apologise sincerely. I've tried the new page for a paypal, yet, it's still asking me for my card details. I don't know what's going wrong, if it's me? :-/ White
  17. I'm not having a dig pal, I'm just going off face value and what I see. I may have called your a newbie and I do apologise but what I meant by that was I haven't seen you around to actually know anything of you and your profile looking bare, I assumed your new here or barely use it, not to slander you as someone joining in aim to use the site for when you want out of it. The charity itself, if you could put up a little more details. I'll reach into my pocket and donate what I can. As above, by paypal preferably. As I've said, I mean no harm in what I've said... I'm charitable myself, not
  18. thats rich you joined in march 2014 walshy123 joined in August 2011 2nd account
  19. Could quite honestly say this looks suspicious from the start and not that I'm against charity or that personally against you but... You're a newbie to the forum: very few posts and not even completed your profile, to be asking strangers to donate money to a website which is not an organisation or UK registered charity to where there is you or your partner writing a small and less than detailed blurb, where who knows where the money will actually go to. I'd personally just ask friends and family at the moment and to people who can actually see the benefits of this charity. Wishing
  20. Looking to get me and my pal out for some pest control. Anything from ratting, to rabbits, to birds... Anything you can throw at us. We've been attending North West Shooting School (NWSS) for about 6 months myself and just over 24 months for him. I was previously at West Midlands Shooting Ground (WMSG) for about 2 years prior to moving to the Wirral. We're both very confident with our marksmanship, experienced hunters and even insured with BASA and BASC! We both own air rifles, I own ferrets and we have a personal vehicle to travel to any location we're required to work at. Both free
  21. Plenty of image hosting sites that you can join and upload images to the forum. Ps: it's spelt Baggins White
  22. With things being "cloud storage" these days, who's to say no-one will ever look in those files? Even with my offline based computer, I do rely on my external hard drive and keep it password protected but there's no amount of safety these days that won't stop someone getting in to it. Not that I have anything to hide but stuff that is personal to me and myself only. I'm hoping Anonymous come back and give us all a helping hand. White
  23. I'll give them a try before I buy anyway. Even things from the factory, in general, doesn't always mean they're in full working order. Air Arms, Weihrauch, Gamo/BSA and other brands are no exception The shop I buy from in Telford anyway are family run and always good customer support based store, the slightest issue and they'll fetch their reputable gun smith in as soon as to give it a look over or will send it away, no quibble. I know there's stores like The Air Gun Centre too that pride themselves on any rifle purchased from their store but all stores I know of do it anyway. An
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