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  1. I thought carbines was more about how it all works with a shorter barrel, as to the size of the shooter? I'm a big lad too, I've used carbines and never an issue. Never really shot a "Standard/Full Length" barrel to a time I've thought about how it works any differently but I don't imagine that being an issue either. I'm going for the HW98 because break barrel, spring powered rifles is what hunting and air rifles is all about to me. So having a Weihrauch is a dream come true, and with it's groovy stock The AA's I've always considered a really pretty rifle but a "meat and potatoes",
  2. Hahaha Rez, she's adorable really it's one of them, if anything ever happened to me. I'm afraid she'd sell my stuff for what I told her I purchased them for The AA's are something I've had my eye on since buying my first rifles and my current ones. I think they're the British equivalent of the HW's but I think they have a few bells and whistles when it comes down to styling, from the choice of wooden stock to the fish scale grip that comes as a standard... Alike the BSA's, I like to think should there ever be a problem, they're on the doorstep to send stuff off.and minimal cost for shi
  3. Not a great one and not a bad one all the same. Could do with trying some Air Arms, BSA, Weihrauch, Theoben and a Diana... Try and give them all a whirl and think of what you're missing when you move on to PCP hahaha What PCP are you looking at anyway? White
  4. Hey guys, I've got a little money coming my way soon and I have already lined up a HW98 in .22 as I've wanted one for a while and now looking for another rifle to finish me off for a while. The misses has "allowed me to have 4" LOL bless her. I can't quite make my mind up between the TX200, HC and now the Pro Sport but what is the Pro Sport like? I know it's an under lever still, concealed within the stock but what makes it £100 more and what benefits is there and compared to the other 2 models? Anything will help White
  5. Tbh pal, i copied the image from my FB profile (thumbnail size)
  6. ahh right.. can you keep two hobs together or not? Of course you can pal, they do play fight a lot - sometimes to get too carried away though but they'll be fine. Probably no,different to the Jill's really. White
  7. This forum doesn't boost pages to the top, I'm afraid
  8. It's a shame Dan. Can't you just lend it to me for now I'll take care of her haha. Could be an idea to post where abouts in Shropshire you are pal, I know it's a big place myself. GLWTS White
  9. Bloody hell dan! If I had my FAC I'd take this off your hands right away GLWTS White
  10. His profile says West Lothian/Edinburgh- that's in Scotland to you
  11. Welcome to the forum, Dave. What a nice intro and I hope you find everything you need to increase your knowledge here! Maybe even share some of your own at the same time for others to appreciate White
  12. Welcome to the forum Salty, You're quite right, there's plenty to get stuck in on, on this forum but don't feel like you're annoying us by asking questions, that's what were here for! It would be nice to know what field sports you're into and any experience you have, to, maybe what you'd like to get out of the forum. We hope you enjoy your stay and hope to hear more of you, White
  13. Welcome to the forum Eric, You could do with editing your into for many reasons. One would be to include an introduction about yourself, as the title suggests: maybe that your name is Eric, your from Derby, any experience you have, what sports take your interest and anything you'd like to achieve by joining us all on this forum. There's plenty of sports, skills and general conversation to get stuck in on. We hope you enjoy the forum. Regards, White
  14. Welcome to the forum bud, Remy is a wise guy and he has a good tip to take in. Personally, I'd find myself an open rifle range where you're exposed to the elements and stick to going all year round, on a regular basis. With the seasons changing, different winds speeds/directions, temperatures, etc. It will all impact on your shooting and you'll become a better marksman than someone firing indoors. If they have static targets at different distances, try to zero in at different ranges and learn how far away that is as best as you can- for when it comes to being out in the field. As
  15. Only the noobs are from Northumberland
  16. Ok, £22, as L7 is a decent lad haha
  17. If that's the game, I'll raise it to £21
  18. If I can scrape some pennies together before someone beats me to it, I'll try and get this ^_^
  19. No worries dude, only when I quoted you, I saw what you put
  20. I think you've got carried away with the fonts, it's confusing to read :S
  21. She's a beauty! Don't see why you have to let her go :-/ Under lever or side?
  22. Just waiting for a little money to come through and I've already lined up a HW98 and an AA TX200/TX200HC The misses will be p¡ssed but let's not go there yet White
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