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  1. Hi Mate One of my jills never got mated last season I needed a hob to put over her. I know the end of May there will be kits every were. Thanks for your reply any way ATB J
  2. Well thanks for all the help lads
  3. Iv been looking high and low an not managed to fined a decent working hob to line my 2 jills in Liverpool. If any one is in Liverpool and has a good proven hob. Would it be possible to use him this year to put over them, I don't mind paying or offering kits as a gesture. An sure one or two lads on hear would vouch for me ATB J
  4. Hi mate I was speaking to your Tom last night he mentioned being out this weekend! I'll have a talk with him this week and sort something out. My whippet learned a lot that day out with your plummers mate
  5. Iv been out with Tom and his dog Finn. An he is going to make one hell of a dog! He has put a lot of time to this dog! and with his dad's help I think we will all be hearing a lot more of this dog over the coming seasons!
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