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  1. Always good for them to keep coming back, keeps the pellets flying and the food coming White
  2. Al, it's nice to see someone else on the ball. You have to forgive me as I don't follow the media, so what news is out there I'm slow at receiving haha. I know individual companies and organisations can track you and have access to data uploaded and downloaded but the Gov itself, I though were a little behind or at least with broadcasting the news anyway. I do take C-theories with a pinch of salt more than the next person as they either haven't happened yet to be "truth" or actual proves facts and how they'll slot together or they based on history with little proof than the internet
  3. Cheers Barry, not heard of this issue before. I imagine something like that is mechanically and could do with being seen too. Is there any other AA folk out there who have experience this too?
  4. Welcome to the forum Lloyd! I wouldn't worry about your little hiccup, we all make a little mistake once starting up Seems like your deep into your hunting and share a good amount of experience over the different sports you're into, it'll be good to hear how you get on in the field and write up on here. As for shooting yourself..... Just avoid the eyes Nice intro pal and good to get to know you more over your stay at the forum. Plenty to read up on and people to know. White
  5. It's not so much what you have to hide for the average Joe or Joan. Many companies would go f***ing nuts to have any information on what you're we searching for, what online shopping you're doing and what you're purchasing, what your texting and messaging to your friends....anything they can obtain about you for sales. Yes, the Gov will use it as "were looking to track down extremists and monitor their websites and incoming and outgoing data" of which MI5 are well aware of there trails! Why do the Gov need to know why what you're doing with your data- albeit mobile or PC? Next they'll
  6. Here comes Urbanfly with his loom band rifle sling
  7. Looks like perverts will pay anything for a bunch of elastic bands worn by a kid...... Has to be fake
  8. Excuse my ignorance but.... This being from the Gov who couldn't be trusted with laptops and CDs holding very important and classified information? So much for a "war on terror" when the Gov leave the key in the front door, blinds open and still leave the TV and lights on to scare away the burglars. I have no faith in our gov and it actually scares me when things come down to our personal information being intruded on or to be sold to the highest bidder to line their own pockets. I may be paranoid after my years of researching conspiracy theories but can anyone say there's not s
  9. Do you have to have an account/profile to vote? Stupid question perhaps but I thought something like this would be open universally. White
  10. A belated welcome to the forum Alectoris! I don't know how I missed this if TO and JJM found it too. It seems like you love the sports as much, if not more than the rest of us being a very active hunter (as we know from your attendance here- hahaha) The forum is full of great threads, topics and members. You'll enjoy it here and there's always something new to learn and great folk to connect with and let your hair down and laugh with. I'm sure we can get you a more appropriate flag soon but we do look forward to hearing more from you too. White
  11. Just a heads up, its on when you edit your profile and a matter of looking in all the flags. Glad it got sorted for you though White
  12. Don't take it too hard pal, I'm only speaking from the outside looking in as a member. It's down to the Mods and Forum owner/s to consider their efforts for the site. Admittedly, if there was more customisation for the flags and any other features for members, there would be more pride in your profile and role/actions on the forum... So, yes, it would have a positive reaction but like I said. If they see you as a contributor to the forum, I'm sure they'll be pleased and happy to help you and other members out. Don't worry about how often or not you get on here, after all it's a forum for
  13. No harm in asking is there should of said £100 and sent him to the summit of Ben Nevis for the bare faced cheek Remind me not to bargain with you or I'll have to hunt you down..... When I return from Thurso
  14. Haha it's a shame your 98 is a .177 or I'd help you cull your rifles to make room White
  15. Damn you Dan! hahaha Some lucky chap is going to love this and have a hell of a deal
  16. No harm in asking is there Not at all pal, I'm not having a dig either but I'd have sent him a personal message. Just so there's no embarrassment for either party. Hey ho, you're the winner of a beautiful rifle and at a good price (greater for £330 too) I hope you enjoy it and look forward to any write ups you make with it White
  17. Just copy and paste into a new topic and see if a mod would kindly remove these posts no harm done and I'd happily post on your topic. Welcome to the forum anyway pal. White
  18. I think that's a good price as it is, don't think I'd go much lower :-/ White
  19. Do you have a scope for it and if so, do you make sure you zero is it in every time you use it? As for PCP's, I know Vermin Hunters TV Simon Pittaway uses a BSA Ultra and his misses one too- from someone used to air rifles, he's impressed with the cheapest BSA. The R10 is good on all specs but I'd wait until you have the money to get one with a decent divers tank and other bits. Pretty sure the Super10 was replaced with the Scorpion, another great rifle. Best getting out there and shouldering a few- as I'm being told too Need anything pal, just give me a shout White
  20. That's excellent Salty, you seem to have taken it quite naturally. I know quite a lot of people just starting out and half of them wouldn't haven't been able to keep up with you in the past year alone. The forums full of great stuff. Since I've started here, I've generally got better at my primary sport (air rifles) and learnt so much more than books teach. I've also picked up a few more sports and hobbies, my latest being ferreting and using paracord. Just to give you an example of what things can lead on to. It's a great community too, plenty of folk to share experience with and als
  21. Thanks Rez and I will look to get them kitted out. Some nice scopes as well I've moved from Telford where my local was and had the AA's, my new local sells second hand naff and overpriced everything :-/ May pop to SFS on a day out and see what I come across, may ask about tuning the rifles up too- should be enough left to just do that White
  22. As to the TX200, is it any harder to cock or reload the other two rifles? I'd imagine the cocking arm being shorter on the HC may be a little harder to reload? Leverage can be a bitch lol White
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