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  1. ok Have had tried for a while and got nowhere. The new setup is appalling. This may well be the last that I ever use The Hunting Life. I really cant get on with the new layout. I hope you all enjoy the forum , but if it doesn`t work for me I have no patience for making it work. Bye Y`all. Ive had many great friends and acquaintances on here over the years but too many forum owners are updating because they think it`s fashionable and required, when it`s not. Hunting folk are simple folk. dinna f**k with their every day and they will stay loya
  2. It`s really crappy. Poor layout and feed is not as clear as it was. Not impressed, sorry.
  3. After asking whether you are insured so that they know what price to charge. More if you have insurance. And yup, my dogs adore me.
  4. Yup, and they want £30 for a consultation / prescription. Like I said, thiefs.
  5. Any idea where to buy it now without going near a thief / vet ? Vets are wankers, all of em.
  6. Did you really type that out and think "yup, thats how I want to portray myself today" ? Certainly coloured my opinion of anything you ever post again.
  7. Not as pathetic as some actress bleating on about it being horrific despite saying she knew nothing about it (any excuse to get yer pus on TV eh hen ?) Few bandwagons being jumped on here. Lousy bleating arseholes. Mans probably a right sleazebag dick, but how many waggled their arse at him to get a start and have now decided it was abuse ?
  8. Because unless you caught it in the wild, it`s a ferret. A domesticated mustelid. The minute you breed it with a ferret, the offspring are ferrets. And as for a ferret that is wild and a biter, ,,, why ? what good is it ? and why would you breed from it ?
  9. Total fannies.. Now it`s spreading to Europe ! I`ll get no peace. Nice ferrets by the way. Notice I said "ferrets"
  10. Having your dog nicked by them and then asking them to give it back and getting it, doesn`t make them good people in my book. Thieving arsewipes t
  11. It doesn`t help red blood cells it just increases your count, allowing transfer of oxygen easier and allowing quicker recovery and more training. Don`t do it, you end up with blood like strawberry jam that your heart can`t pump round cause it`s too thick. Google it and check it`s links to early death through night time heart failure.
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