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  1. For #2 on the forum, you forgot to add location and pictures What sort of offers are you looking for?
  2. Windows 8 and all that jazz? Been a Mac person for a while and the software I use is very different and more "advanced" in ways to freeware, not to boast but my knowledge of MS and Android is definitely old school or none at all hahaha. The use of sites like Photobucket do seem to be universal on all desktops, tablets and mobiles. So using it as a forum can keep us all in sync and help each other out. Not to say not to use the THL website to upload pictures if you can, just to those who can't, there are other options and time saved from not having to send everyone pictures or waiting unt
  3. The vocalist by any chance? Haha
  4. The only problems I find with MS Paint, if it's still the case, is that the images don't save automatically as JPEG, so image quality isn't always good and most can upload via the THL website. I know with mobiles and tablets mostly, you can't upload to the site and the use of Photobucket (amongst other sites) come in handy, both web based and app. I also like the desktop site for PB as you can crop and add filters etc to your images and then store them in folders, Cloud Storage, without clogging up your computer Just my opinion and preferences at the end of the day but as a helping
  5. Alright, GLWTS bud, good rifles so will be gone in no time
  6. Does anyone actually rate Steven Tyler from Aerosmith? I enjoy his music as a band but worthy of a signature model from Hohner? White
  7. Lol I'm just not enjoying seeing this guy everyday <------ Rubs it all in when newbies and everyone else share all the fun haha Just wondering what's happening and when it will be sorted, shouldn't be too hard right?
  8. Just pop me a PM later if you get stuck I'm not educated on the 'droid app but I'll do what I can. Glad no offence was taken haha. You're a local lad too, wouldn't want any knocks on my door White
  9. snap!! I fecking shit on computers Lads it's about as easy as using this forum and so far, you've seem to be doing well haha If you take what I said as a step-by-step whilst using the PB site, it should become clearer on how to do it. If you struggle, I'm more than happy to help if you PM me on what you're stuck on. White
  10. Offtheradar, not at all pal. I've been part of this forum for over a year now (2 accounts) and you won't believe how often I have to post this on a near daily basis lol, the same with lads asking for permissions. I'm just looking to make lives easier for you all and myself, not to have a dig at people. Reg the Android app, I haven't used it due to being an Apple fanboy, lol, but as the image above shows, you need to use the IMG code and not the HTML codes. If it's not on the app itself, maybe there's something in the settings to make it an additional option with the HTML. If you stru
  11. -This goes for classifieds, documented hunt pics and any relevant posts- Hey guys, I've seen a recent rant about noobs asking for permissions and I thought I'd add my recent THL pet hate..... I'm fed up of seeing people posting "can't upload pictures, message me and I'll send you them" or whatever poor excuses you come up with: it's just idleness!!! It takes you all but 5 minutes to set up a Photobucket account, download the app or use the website, upload your pictures or videos in a THL folder (so, you're less likely to delete them by accident). Next step and easy peasy to lea
  12. Use Photobucket. Create account, upload pics in a THL folder, on each picture, there's this... Use the IMG codes. So easy, even my mum can do it!
  13. In my grandads honour, him but as for commercial players, Larry Adler. I also had both models of his Hohner bloody great if you can play them.
  14. Even more of a bargain for a beautiful shotgun. I've passed this on to a few non-THL friends, not sure if it's something they'll be able to afford yet but I know they'll be interested for sure! Maybe I could get them to join at the same time GLWTS Bob, hope you're keeping well too and have a good weekend! White
  15. More luck with the wife mate haha. If you take half the bills, we'll talk... I wasn't planning a shopping spree pal
  16. Just post your Photobucket pictures up, simple enough.
  17. That's and I was hoping I could share your permission God loves a trier White
  18. Great rifle and a good trade if you ask me, especially coming from a PCP to a springer, a gas ram is a good start Atb buddy I hope my word helps White
  19. got hw 90 gas ram anygood Are you asking for an opinion or to trade? Lol
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