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  1. Longers7

    2X25 Yard Quick Set Long Nets

    Yeah still available. Cheers
  2. Hi I've got 2x25 yard long nets for sale, made by Nelson. 6oz, no tangles or holes. Fantastic nets and very well made. Also have approx 20 spun poly purse nets, looking for £100 for the lot. Located in Bristol. 07983439782
  3. How much are they?
  4. Longers7

    Useless Ball Bearings

    The bands on the catty you had off me would be to powerfull for 6mm steel anyway mate, 12mm steel would be to heavy. I'd stick to 9.5mm steel for target practise, then use hexnuts for hunting when you feel you are accurate enough.
  5. Longers7

    Bows To Catapults

    Looks good mate, love them bows!!
  6. Longers7

    Nice Hunting Catapult

    Cheers mate, and glad your happy with it!
  7. Longers7

    Nice Hunting Catapult

    Now sold, cheers
  8. Longers7

    Flat Band Shooter.....

    Lol, always the way mate!
  9. Longers7

    Nice Hunting Catapult

    Selling this catapult, it's oak core with walnut faces, zebrano and black spacer palmswell, it fits lovely in the hand, and slips in the pocket great for when out mooching, comes banded with double hunting bands, £30 posted
  10. Haven't made a flat band catty for a while as I only shoot tubes, so for a change I thought I'd make a little one up, it's oak cored with walnut faces and zebrano with a black spacer Palm swell, finished with 5 Coats of tru-oil, I'll be putting it in the miscellaneous section for sale if anybody is looking for a catty, cheers
  11. Longers7


    How much was he eating, and how much is he eating now? Is he down for moult? Is his keel sharp? What's his hunting weight? What's his weight now?If honest with you mate, it's a bit difficult for anybody to answer your question on the Internet without seeing the bird and knowing the birds history, if your worried about his health, then a good vet is your best option.
  12. Longers7

    G10 Mule

    Good work! Where did you get your G10?
  13. Longers7

    Pickle Forks

    Some people aim with them some instinctive, but you definately need to flick, some people twist the pouch 90 degrees, this causes the ammo to rise above your hand,
  14. Longers7

    Pickle Forks

    They take a bit of getting used to mate, at first you WILL probably smash your knuckles to bits as well as the catty, but they are accurate, lee (BPR) that used to be on here used to hunt with his to great effect,