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  1. Pest Stop and Victor both do battery operated electronic rat and mouse boxes, Guess Rentokill probably had the idea first. The victor which I have has worked well, can catch numerous mice, each time one is electrocuted it falls through a trap door and machine resets. Great if lots of mice present and not wanting to use rodenticides or loads of spring traps
  2. Thank you for that, seems my message system was disabled!! should now be working
  3. Can Trigger (Ludlow) please pm about a job cheers
  4. Changing the subject slightly, revering lights on my 55 x trail stopped working. Bulbs look ok, but not tested, will check fuse in morning, read that`s it fuse no 12? If that is ok, then should be the reversing switch on gear box?? Has anyone changed one, is it easy, and easy to locate?
  5. Hi, I have an old Kawasaki KLF300b 2 wheel drive quad bike. The clutch is slipping when going up hill - more revving needed. Have been told the the clutch may need adjusting rather than needing a new clutch!! What do I need to take off/do to adjust clutch? Don`t even know where the clutch is to start with, Thank you
  6. Bed bugs are not something I get called to much, but had a call to a lady being bitten by something (she is convinced bed bugs) I spent a long time searching the usual hiding places in/around the mattress, the drawers. pictures on the walls, carpet edges and underneath, dark areas near the bed, peeling wallpaper and even electric sockets - No faecal marks, no insects, no skins. Have advised to photograph her bites so that if she gets bitten again can see if it was during the night, also advised to have white sheets so that any blood spots show up. Only the lady bitten not the husband.
  7. Probably for the same reason the European Hornet is as well
  8. Thank you for the replies - will get one to try I like the idea, as Trappa said they are ready to set & go
  9. I like fourteen acre, but Solway sell them as well
  10. I would buy genuine fenn trap Mk6 if needed fpr rabbits about £10 each
  11. They are expensive compared, but like the idea of easily tying to a branch or along a fence I do like body grips and have been converting the tunnel traps I have to take them. Anyone using the new approved procull trap?? Any good
  12. Anyone use the wcs tube for squirrels? Are they effective? Been using fenn traps in wooden tunnel traps, which work well but have had the odd foul catch, wondering if the wcs would prove better? thanks
  13. Over the last 2 mornings have been up at 5am for my main job. Let dogs out in garden. Both mornings wasp have come into kitchen and others on the glass outside. It is very dark at 5am. I would have thought the wasps would be tucked up in the nest . Do wasps hunt at night? And then are attracted to the uv light in kitchen??
  14. I think your answer would be a big fat NO. This part of an article has been taken from the BPCA latest magazine PPC84 The decline of wasp populations across the UK is a major ecological concern. Therefore we would urge that, in cases where wasp nests must be removed from properties, they are not completely destroyed unless absolutely necessary. Instead, it would be of environmental benefit if pest controllers could relocate wasp nests away from human residences, a practice that is already largely carried out in Germany, where the European hornet (Vespa crabro) is protected by law. Suc
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