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  1. Iv heard of heads weight 445 grams and scored good volume walking away with high silver I would just like to hear people experiences on the lower weighted heads that they have had scored
  2. What are the approximate weights of roe heads, to be in the region of a medal ? Anyone had a fairly low weight that has made a medal .?
  3. Hi my friend is in process of applying for his F.A.C.and S.G.C. He has been accepted into a stalking syndicate, has joined a shooting club and doing a bit of beating at the moment , has also had a few paid stalking days. Fully insured etc.. He has just submitted his app / references /permission etc.. the down fall is he's go a couple of charges 2 public orders and a missed court day. 2 them ended up with fines .. these charges were 11 years ago He has put them on his application.. what do you guts think his chances will be ?? He Is in Glasgow area if that makes a differenc
  4. Hi does anyone know much about this boot on what sort of quality they are ?? I used to wear harkila but they are now worse wellies on the market .. I'm looking into these gateway Pro shooters but would like a to know a bit more About them ... any information would be appreciated
  5. Sounds very similar to my problem. What did you do to address it.. ? And did it work
  6. Hi im fairly new to rifle shooting ..I was out for fox at night and after I discharged a shot the bolt had jammed . I had to use very hard force to get it to release .. so this continued for a few rounds keep getting jammed ... I then bought another different kind of factory ammunition and then again after the rifle is discharged the bolt jams... p.s if I load the rifle and don't fire the bolt works fine .. it seems to be after anytime I have fired.. anyone know what the problem could be ... p.s they are all factory loads
  7. Yip I did .. I am currently waiting on bill headed permission letter .
  8. I personally would feed it for a while but not shoot it keep a good eye on it with a trail camera . After a few start feeding on it they will gradually appear in numbers . Stick a few decoys in it will help aswell..
  9. Hi I have got my eyes on a local spot not far from a river. It is a bit of swamp marsh land and a good small splash puddle that holds loads of ducks I have started to feed it and the numbers look good .. I have been asking round about farms locals etc to see about rent/ or lease . None them own it and it belongs to a big house builder ..the land will never be build on due to flood danger etc . But I have finally got a email address tothe person I need to contact about the land... the swamp / splash area I was inquiring about is approximately 0.5/ 0.75 acre . Has anyone any pointers on
  10. In all honesty iv never had any problems at all when out shooting having to notify police etc... But I did call the plod to see about travelling under these restrictions as I was called out to a farm whom had just drilled a few fields and was having problems with pests.. I was going to be travelling around 30 miles I explained the situation. But really got a mouthful about not notifying them when I was planning shooting at all other times ... in my opinion they are just desk operators who answer phones . And she was a fecking anti .. needless to say she couldn't give me an ans
  11. Hi guys looking g for a bit of advice on what is best and what ideas have you guys got to put on /round pens to keep birds of prey at a distance from the pens .. they are quite covered but one side of a pen is fairly open. .I have hung CDs on string across the front .. it did help a bit . But still open for more ideas and suggestions.
  12. How many people actually notify police before shooting pigeons etc..?
  13. Hi all thinking of starting up.a small family shoot .. but being near to me is a massive forestry and a syndicate shoot ... what ideas could I use to keep birds on my land and not to wander ..
  14. Hi I do some post controlled duties on a large shooting estate .. I have a letter from the owner giving me permission to go and carry out duties for fox control due to this time of year when lambing is taking place . The distance I would be travelling is 40 + miles to my destination . I have asked local police on (26-3-20) where I stand if I got stopped and I'm still awaiting an answer . . Any body an ideas of where I would stand if stopped.
  15. They are out there . Its knowing the [BANNED TEXT] people don't dive in and get anything .. but good luck
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