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  1. bobajob

    Shotgun cert

    Up to 12 weeks I waited
  2. bobajob

    Shotgun Refusal

    Thank you guys
  3. bobajob

    Fox Mask

    Looking for a good taxidermist scotland or northern england who has a fox mask for sale or who could do one for a friend
  4. Does anybody here make these cradles or know any website that has them ?
  5. bobajob

    Shotgun Refusal

    BASC advice is refuse to pay. Apparently they're not supposed to charge for Firearm reports: https://basc.org.uk/blog/press-releases/latest-news/basc-says-dont-pay-medical-fee/ Refuse to pay and the officer wont have any medical information on you so youl get refused certificate. Dont give them any excuses .
  6. bobajob

    Shotgun Refusal

    Good to say he will be applying for his sgc . Let's see the outcome in a few months
  7. bobajob

    Shotgun Refusal

    Best thing you could do is call your firearms team and have a chat. I wouldn't have thought it would make a difference. I had assault . Shouting swearing at the police . Couple of breaches a drink driving charge.. that was 17 years ago though but the officer brought it all up and i had to explain myself. I did have a charge 6 years ago but was tbrown out of court .. he knew about that but didnt ask anything..GIVE IT go
  8. bobajob

    Shotgun Refusal

    I have just recently got my sgc and the officer asked me for what land id be using my gun and phoned them the next day to get verifyed. I gave him a shooting estate where i do bit work. and 2 farmers . If i knew that i would have applied for F.A.C . I had letters of permission and maps of the lands i go to .my membership for basc .
  9. bobajob

    Shotgun Refusal

    But in my mates case i dont think hed be wanting to push his weight about after all hes not want refused . .
  10. bobajob

    Shotgun Refusal

    If have permission better telling them .. push it all onto them and dont give them an inch for excuse.. my opinion to him .. if you have it flaunt it P.s im pretty sure it asks for your land permission on the air rifle application
  11. bobajob

    Shotgun Refusal

    Hes got permission for alot places anyway so it wont go wrong . Suppose the better organised the less excuse if he does get refused
  12. bobajob

    Shotgun Refusal

    I told him hed be fine.. just get everything in place.. membership of an association. / letters and maps of permission ./ cabinet ready etc... not to give them a chance to say no or to wait longer..
  13. Hi. My mate is very intrested and very keen on shooting . He is from a large family of of 6.. 4 brother and a sis . All his brothers have been in the wrong side of the law very often and are well known to the local police. But him himself is totally diffrent has never been in trouble quiet family man with 2 kids and married.. doesnt keep in contact with any off his brothers . Hes 37yrs old . He is really desperate to apply for his sgc but thinks he will get refused because his family .. what do you guys think of his situation.. he has loads permission so that aint a problem .. and in scotland
  14. Anybody got any info on this ?
  15. bobajob

    Pieps Box

    Try ekosport Website on there for £178.. its a french company. Cheapest about