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  1. bobajob

    Duck feeding

    Had my first shot of the season on sat evening at the splash.. was overwhelming shot 9 mallard .. had to stop as don't want to wipe it out .. when i was packing up they were still coming in 2 and 3s .. was an amazing 50 mins ..never got a shot at the teal as they were later after i had packed up... am so glad I continued to feed the splash 3 times a month in the summer .
  2. bobajob

    Pigeons on sundays

    Surely if allowing permission. It would not be a problem.. but reading up on it there is different rules for different rules for n.ireland..
  3. Out of curiosity is it legal to shoot pigeons on a Sunday???
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    Some of the dogs bred down the line from many years
  6. bobajob


    Still plenty working lakelands out there as I said I have a family history of them for many years all worked , And kept around close friends ..alot of people may own or have owned a working lakeland but to breed for years and have a decent success is a bit different....but hey the so called dog men on here say they dont exist ....
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    Need to have sparrow legs to get decent use of these
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    Anybody tried these
  10. bobajob


    Good but swet like fxxk in them.. and stink very quickly..
  11. bobajob


    Working lakelands do still exist it's just knowing the correct people who work them and breed them for work .. could go back more than 30+ years with mine
  12. Hi all I'm looking to see if anybody has any of this stuff .. or any alternative. Must be the drops
  13. bobajob

    Duck feeding

    Well shooting season nearly finished . But I will still feed the splash 1/2 times month to keep them coming in .. and hopefully numbers double n treble by next year as they will bring all the young uns to feed aswell...p.s well I hope that's what happens.
  14. bobajob

    Duck feeding

    Teal..!!!! Bloody fast birds ..