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  1. They are out there . Its knowing the [BANNED TEXT] people don't dive in and get anything .. but good luck
  2. When I was in process of my sgc I went to the doctor with the form and it cost me £100 for it to be signed and emailed back to the firearms department .. there was no mention of any medical history when I got my visit...
  3. The landowners asking me to control the foxes as lambing is just round the corner. yes hes giving me the go ahead for deer aswell . I'm based north of glasgow
  4. Hi I'm currently a holder of sgc (3 years). and I'm thinking of applying for my fac .. I have alot of permission for shooting crows,pigeons ducks phesants etc . I help out quite often on a shooting estate . Do you think I will have any problems applying for a fac.. I'm looking to have a 243. For Fox . Roe Deer ...and a smaller one for rabbits and stuff..
  5. Surely if allowing permission. It would not be a problem.. but reading up on it there is different rules for different rules for n.ireland..
  6. Out of curiosity is it legal to shoot pigeons on a Sunday???
  7. Some of the dogs bred down the line from many years
  8. Still plenty working lakelands out there as I said I have a family history of them for many years all worked , And kept around close friends ..alot of people may own or have owned a working lakeland but to breed for years and have a decent success is a bit different....but hey the so called dog men on here say they dont exist ....
  9. Need to have sparrow legs to get decent use of these
  10. Good but swet like fxxk in them.. and stink very quickly..
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