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  1. Much better looking rifle nice shooting. White
  2. Hahaha he has priorities Gaz nice shooting and hope it was a great barby have much else for it? White
  3. Damn Skot, that 98 is beautiful Nice shooting as well, as always, keep it up and here's to the next write up. White.
  4. Nice going, plenty of crows in Telford
  5. Well done to the lad, how is he finding it?
  6. It'll be text speak, judging by the title. I can't stand people who can't write properly these days -_- Heard quite a bit about HW80 and wouldn't mind one for the right price. White
  7. Most modern spring powered rifles are a lot more advanced in materials and function as to the old spring rifles. I like to make sure after a shot, it's reloaded and ready again for the next quarry to pop up but I always make sure the barrel is emptied, dispersed safely, before packing up and heading home. NEVER leave it loaded for when you travel home or at home. Whether you have a springer or a PCP, the safety latch it there but doesn't mean it won't malfunction at any time or moment. You need to think ahead and empty barrels and eject magazines before going home. It only takes the smalles
  8. Same as Remy. Me and the rifles are favouring the RWS brand at the moment. There's a good variety of pellets, calibers and cheap prices. I haven't any need to wash them either, just lube them up and away we go. Quite a few pellet on pellet results too, so the rifles seem to love them. Going to try a few more brands once I've used all of these, may try H&N and some AA for my .25. White
  9. When did Deben start making Geiger counters? ^_^ live near a power plant? Personally, it sounds like there's been a fault with it before you've purchased it. I'm no expert with Ferret Finders but I've had my fair share of radio devices in the past. There'd have to been something done to it for the interference to be so consistent rather than partial. Where did you buy it? White
  10. I think it's just keeping it to tradition and the older way of using calls is a well practiced method in the eyes of the law.... I'd just be grateful for that alone, than, not using anything at all. Besides, what's wrong with using calls these days? Recently purchased a shepherds whistle and it's a bitch to use, there's some skill to using some of these calls and whistles and it keeps shops going when you purchase one. Call me old fashioned but I prefer it this way. White
  11. Best editing the title so members and mods are aware
  12. I'm assuming he's done this himself rather than someone reputable?
  13. Use Photobucket pal, easy to upload and easy to upload onto here. I made a topic somewhere all about it, should be on my profile somewhere
  14. I'm off on my hols soon, when I'm back and what change I have left I'll give you a shout and we'll work something out. Obviously you have the knowledge and can help me out, with some change for your pocket too Would it be worth trying a few bands out, however time consuming it is?
  15. I'd have their run on the concrete too, for the same reason but also to get the claws down. Otherwise it will be a bugger to cut them manually. White
  16. Cheers guys and especially yourself L7, seeing as you could have tempted with the one you have for sale hahaha I'll definitely give it a good looking into and try some stuff out. May see what's going cheap on here and use it as a learning curve if something isn't to liking. I didn't consider bands but I'm assuming some tensions could actually affect the catapult too? White
  17. Well said TO, I've got so used to Hobs I sometimes forget about Jill's lol
  18. Haha I've not played it for some time, I'm sure you can do a lot of things on the game but it's as close to killing something these people get to. So unless you get a headshot or slash it's throat with a serrated Bowie knife, you haven't killed it humanely I don't know if Mixy is still about but obviously it's been used and still found in rabbits now, so at one stage it was acceptable to use it. People who lack general knowledge or an open mind to be educated or to accept what happens in the real world infuriate me.
  19. It's still a QWERTY keyboard but finding the punctuation and symbols is a little tricky. I've had a few over the years, back even before when they used the tracking balls that popped out and lost. Good business phones but times have changed and Apps now can do everything any other phone will do. Just a matter of what make or model iPhone or Samsung you want.
  20. Don't be afraid to join in, if you're used to the forum then you should know we don't bite. ........well, maybe the lurchers folk but hey 25 years of shooting, you must have some good advice to share. GLWTS anyway bud
  21. Precisely what I mean, I know post count means nothing, really. But it does identify who does contribute and (should) be reading up on topics: being what the forum is about. Buyer beware too but sometime that suggestive rule is overlooked or even then how far do you gonabout finding how genuine a person is? I'm not having a dig at anyone in particular- as I've just politely suggested joining in on the forum to a seller (Benelli shotgun) but as a given, anyone without setting up a profile or tried posting on the site before selling just sets alarm bells off to me. I know mods can see wh
  22. I love my Helle knives, however they're a little expensive new. You may find one 2nd hand for about £30-50 and they're really good knives. However, if you want to start off first with a cheaper knife to get started, Opinel are great. (As already mentioned) They come in different lengths and in an array of wooden handles. The lock feature is pretty cool too and they're small enough to carry in your pocket, as to a fixed blade.
  23. Just forwarded this to a friend who makes some good items, hopefully he may be in touch
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