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  1. Two different areas or just the one? Beautiful dogs White
  2. This is a good pic. Hunting or playing? White
  3. I don't think the ultra is as light as you think, although being a shorter rifle in length it could seem heavier or more bearable to wield for that instance. Best going and trying these in person and go with an open mind too, you'll never know what will crop up and surprise you White
  4. Photobucket.com I'm sure there's an iPad app for it too but I would recommend the web based page on a desktop for ease and swift editing. Any questions, send me a PM
  5. Oh dear, well wrap up warm/waterproofed and take a hot flask with you Don't forget to write up about your day and any pics White
  6. Thank you The One, how's hunting life in Fiji? White
  7. That was me the other week in those gales, who knows why I decided to go out on that day but I could have shot better with the loopy juice Nice collection of rifles, a die hard .177? White
  8. Thanks guys, I think I'll go for the castration as they do smell a bit and leave their scent over house and I do like having them indoors- especially with the weather as of late. I think as much as I love them anyway and even if they were to make good workers, the misses would kill me if I had more! Hahaha White
  9. I always thought If I had that type of money, I'd go for a Weihrauch. A second hand HW100 or something
  10. That's a good price for a nice rifle. Yet to try one but they're a name you can trust- as far as I've experienced. I think either .177 or .22 are good would be just as good with this model but each to their own. White
  11. That's pretty good price, I got in touch with P@H and they want £ each! They're worth every penny but £160 is a lot of money and they said it will be a 3rd party vet to do it. Have you found they have less of a scent n'all?
  12. Hello, Wondering if anyone could help me at all. I have two hobs coming up to 1 years of age and I'm wanting to get them snipped. I'm just wondering if there's anywhere you can take them to have it done: commercialised or private and where in the west mids? I've been told you can get them implants too, like what we have as contraception (the coil?), is this any better overall? Also, what are the pros and cons from either operation? I've heard it's all benefits reg moods and scents but I haven't been told of any cons? White
  13. Hi there! New here too. Try scrap yards for rats, as for rabbits and anything else, do you have much country side nearby or is it all urban? White
  14. Hello, I'm new to the forum, quite use to outings with my air rifles hunting rabbits, squirrels, birds and up for any hunting opportunities as well as making friends. Due to the harsh weather lately I've spent a little time indoors and on the net, came across this page and liked what I saw. Looking to invest in a FAC and Shotgun license soon too, so I'll be looking for some company on my permissions. White
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