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  1. I know a fella that had a very good bitch she had to be spayed for health reasons, dog was never any use again.
  2. Used ivermectin for mange on a Russell before and it worked great, but I think for routine dosing its complete over kill.
  3. A lad I know had the same problem. His terrier dropped in and we got a phone call saying his dog was at eight foot in tough ground in an earth that was never deep. we drove half hour over to him and broke through half hour later at less than 4 foot. He has hellman now.
  4. I have used it. I dose for 3 days in a row. Its Good for roundworms. But not sure of its effectiveness on lung worm and tapeworm.
  5. There is other options mammut, ortovox, pipes etc. You only need collar from bellman I think. Any issue I had with stuff from them they fixed to be fair.
  6. Ye could solve it for dogs in England Scotland Wales and ireland to.
  7. Very nice. I was looking at the plastic ones by terrier tran
  8. Anybody deal with animal transit boxes. What's the stuff like?
  9. How do you stop it from coming loose?
  10. I have seen acidosis in cattle due to diet (to much cereal in diet not enough roughage) oddly enough it causes severe problems with lameness.
  11. Jigsaw not telling you your business but you would have to see the parents working. I have seen half a dozen or so in the field and what a disappointment each one was. Not saying good ones don't exist but I'd say proper stuff is on the endangered list.
  12. How long are the yorkies knocking around over here?
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