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  1. No you asked if there’s stuff still about from those original dogs I’m tell you there is ?
  2. So you’re talking about Stuff bred down from Charlie Keith snapper sally cindy grip billy etc Incan tell you there’s plenty about if you know where to look ps Keith was red not brindle
  3. I had the dog on trial up there with the worst I’d seen went back to Yorkshire and was sold on I see it two years later it was in bits
  4. That clay was a complete jacker dean Hemingway bred it was out of jud
  5. Anyone else keep this type on here ? This pup has a lot of it in his make up
  6. Couple of pictures of a young bitch I have
  7. Anyone keep any old Nuttal types on here
  8. Mine will all bite strangers but doesn’t stop them working but the ones without as much billy blood in I prefer they are bouncing
  9. All mine go back to both I have two youngsters that have Keith in there peds 5 times and also Charlie 5 times I’d say they are wheeler types
  10. I’ve had some very shy ones myself I don’t want that again I think a little terrier blood goes along way mixed with that billy blood
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