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  1. I'd not be stepping up to the plate for todays britain
  2. He wont be getting the cosh or a straight jacket, just a nice cosy few months away from the nasty people who drive him to do what he did cos god fcking forbid it couldnt possibly be his fault
  3. Theres a suprise, few months in a comfy hospital and back on the gravy train
  4. Can see it now mate, £100 more for the blue lol
  5. Says £150 for whippets and £100 for others in the advert
  6. White pakis we call them up here
  7. Yanks wont want them without their HRHs
  8. We're like the nig nogs of the 50s-60s...we do the work the english wont do
  9. Yeah its 2300, the govt are thinking of starting a crowd funding page to get big ben ready to chime on time https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/01/16/government-appears-pull-plug-big-ben-brexit-bongs-despite-boris/
  10. Aye theyre like a fckn plague up there, I was driving thru Glasgow on the M...8 and theyre on the grass verges
  11. Thats gonna go down a treat with the antis..
  12. Turned their backs on white children https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-51093159
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