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  1. Takes a very insecure type to bite every time..
  2. If you cant/dont hunt them your musings are of no interest to us
  3. Probably threw a few fckn bones on the table and read the pattern.
  4. And some c@nt on here jumping off a mountain holding a fckn kite
  5. My old girl smoked like a fckn trooper, Woodbine, no filter, 6 kids all healthy
  6. The more people who walk away from the vaxnazi establishments the quicker they'll stop the bollocks
  7. Was in a Costa in Clifton a few days ago on some business, no mask, not asked for any proof of anything, must be some places making up their own rules as it goes along Edit, and the coffee was fckn shit
  8. Wants a thread locked because he cant stop himself posting,,
  9. mRNA is not the only vaccine available tho is it
  10. baker boy


    Fckn hilarious..
  11. baker boy


    What Is a Hypochondriac and 7 Signs That You Could Be One WWW.LIFEADVANCER.COM A hypochondriac stays in perpetual stress about being ill or suffering from a disease. Although hypochondria...
  12. You're not wrong there mate
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