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  1. An evil bast@rd "On Tuesday, incoming President Joe Biden announced he would nominate transgender Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine (born Richard Levine) for assistant secretary of health. Levine, a male who identifies as female, faced harsh criticism for removing his mother from a personal care home during the COVID-19 pandemic after he had directed nursing facilities to admit people who had previously tested positive for COVID-19. The elderly are at particular risk for the virus."
  2. .. Biden picks 1st transgender person for Senate-confirmed post APNEWS.COM WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Joe Biden has tapped Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine to be his assistant...
  3. Its too little too late mate
  4. The British governments havent tho have they, we were promised on the abolition of the death penalty that life would mean life, we were fckt over again
  5. If he only did 1 thing right in 4 years it was killing that evil c@nt
  6. What did you want him to do, go out with a colt 45 in each hand, he went up against the machine he beat them the 1st time and was robbed the second time, they wernt going to mske the same mistake twice.
  7. Bound to get extremes on both sides
  8. Israel's virus czar says 1st dose less effective than Pfizer indicated -- report | The Times of Israel WWW.TIMESOFISRAEL.COM
  9. Hacked emails allegedly detail how EU drug regulator was pressured to approve Pfizer jab despite ‘problems’ with the vaccine — RT World News WWW.RT.COM An alleged cache of email exchanges between EU officials and the European Medicines Agency show that the drug regulator was...
  10. Big wheels keep on turning....
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