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  1. Fckn shit skins are doing it in dinghys
  2. Get a rope ladder and a couple sky hooks..
  3. No-one has said it should be compulsory, is the flu jab
  4. Going by what we pay for cranes and transport of 45 ton 360s I'd say your round about it there mate I was gonna say £2500-3000
  5. A lot of the people who have had covid 19 are suffering long term maybe life long heart and lung problems, another reason we need to be careful
  6. I dont know the why's and what's but Iknow them chinky yellow slant eyed c@nts should be stumping up trillions for wrecking western economies
  7. Be interesting to go back and read max's earlier posts, Im sure he's done a bit of a u turn
  8. Max wont be happy until most of the old folk and folk with underlying health problems have caught covid 19 to see if his baseless opinions are right and if theyre not he'll just say Fck the old folk and the sick
  9. Theres a blast from the past and a proper character to, was with him just before he passed away
  10. Max is a good clown on loads of subjects...
  11. You just had to bring max into it didntcha...
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