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  1. baker boy

    kenny noye to be released from prison

    What we'd probably call tidy in S.Wales
  2. baker boy

    kenny noye to be released from prison

    I thought he died years after the event, not condoning they clout they gave him but hardly beaten to death
  3. baker boy


    You have some nice looking terriers R.H
  4. baker boy

    6 years ago today .......

    RIP all the innocent victims of the soldiers of allah
  5. baker boy

    Another milk shake.

    What an evil f***ing witch another product of this new ultra violent left
  6. baker boy

    Another milk shake.

    White man throws a milkshake over Farage, arrested for assault Paki throws a milkshake over T.R..................f**k all done about it
  7. baker boy

    The Specials

    What a crock of shit, I used to like the Specials
  8. baker boy

    care home this sums it up ..

    Thats exactly how it has been and is with my families, my mrs looked after both her parents until they passed away and my sister is looking after my old lady til she goes, too many prople turn their backs on their old folks and let them end up in shithole care homes where abuse is all to common
  9. baker boy


    Mate, question time hasnt been impartial for decades
  10. baker boy

    royal baby

    Max gives it big on here but shit himself when things nearly turned real
  11. baker boy

    Well done Alabama & San Francisco

    Stopping mostly black woman having abortions.... bad idea
  12. baker boy

    Goodby Doris ......

    Animal rights supporter in her later years
  13. baker boy


    The political elite shitting themselves https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/tactical-voting-explained-stop-brexit_uk_5cd90c15e4b054da4e8bf823?3
  14. baker boy

    CPs 10yr old tweet

    f***ing prick is letting the bullies win by not turning up, except the truth is he dont want to go and he's using the shooting community as an excuse to get out of it, wanker
  15. baker boy

    royal baby

    Jammu and Kashmir was a state in India, not a country, FACT, and there was no such country as Pakistan until partition in 1947, another FACT, if you're gonna come out with all this drivel at least make sure its truthful drivel