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  1. Here you go KD, in a couple years you'll be able to buy batteries you'll never have to replace; Radioactive Diamond Battery Will Run For 28,000 Years THEPREMIERDAILY.COM This should make living off grid a bit easier!
  2. One of the overlooked facts, scientifically proven facts, is that black people on average are not as intelligent as other races. And that in itself can cause problems because they are so easily influenced, you've only got to watch them burning down busineses in their neighbourhoods then moaning when they cant buy a pack of fags or food
  3. They were partially doxxed by the liberal media and knew full well their details were to be fully exposed were they to bring in a not guilty, maxine waters as good as said she wanted more violence if the " wrong " verdict was returned.
  4. Theres talk of changing the sentencing guidelines to make sure he gets considerably more than he would normally.
  5. They'll find another reason soon enough
  6. All the pavement apes wandering around now with nothing to loot and burn, guilty verdict didnt suit them
  7. I'd do the fckr in 1 and lick the plate..
  8. The Bruce Lee bit looks a bit Banksyish
  9. You're too old to be spending all night on the nest mate.......<<<( not Packham related )
  10. Coming across as a bit Cwis Packham he is now mate..
  11. Why does someone who believes in something more than born, live, die have to follow something or other, I believe theres more to life than those 3 things, I dont ask anything of anyone, I dont want or need anyone to believe in anything that I do thats their personal choice, I dont believe in a bearded bloke sitting on a cloud making people do this that and the other
  12. You're confusing religion with a belief in God, a creator or superior being, I am a believer but I dont feel the need to follow a specific religion, If a priest, vicar, immam or whatever fck about with kids they are not men of God they are using religion to futher their evil intentions.
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