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  1. Please tell me theres no talk of that
  2. Hope it wasn't in the same sandwich
  3. Kanny Are you following the "Fck Joe Biden"-"Lets go Brandon" saga, Canadian govt have actually banned it's employee's from typing Let's go Brandon in their works emails, whole saga is fckn great
  4. You'll know him when you see him, the original Willy Wonka
  5. I read he'd been fighting the big C for yrs
  6. Was watching a news article on it earlier and a " terrorist expert " was explaining how if they upped the security on mp's the radicalised individuals could/would turn their attention to perhaps the rich and/or famous, the sudden realisation on the presenters faces was a fckn picture... I dont want to see anyone killed by terrorists but if they kill anyone I hope its the fckn traitors who encouraged/allowed the bast@rds in in the 1st place
  7. Mate, Im in no way, shape or form a conspiracy theorist but we've got a pandemic that accidentally leapt from animals to humans, where incidentally there happens to be a lab 300 yards down the road conducting experiments on, yes you've guessed it finding ways to make viruses jump from fckn animals to humans possible, you couldnt fckn make it up
  8. Something we can agree on, ya racist bastid..
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