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  1. baker boy


    On the bridge just passed Bristol on the M4 Westbound
  2. "We're leaving" https://www.politicsonline.net/2019/07/were-leaving-pakistani-refugees-are.html?m=1 Fckrs will be flooding over here
  3. baker boy

    Trump Under Fire

    Sen John Kennedy said "the squad are the reason theres directions on shampoo bottles"...
  4. baker boy

    Game bred ebt ,any out there?

    I had 1 years ago, most mentally unstable dog Ive ever owned made my Wheatens look like poodles
  5. baker boy


    Rustys plane is a spitfire with the wings on the wrong way, easy mistake
  6. baker boy

    That time of year again

    Mouths watering looking at that
  7. baker boy

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

  8. baker boy


    D.H 100% knows all about it
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    Its true
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  11. baker boy


  12. baker boy


    The dogs were sold to R.E without F.S's permission or knowledge, R.E offered the dogs back if the money he had paid out was returned
  13. baker boy

    Ftao walshie

  14. baker boy

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    Live streaming the accused and asking them how they felt about their verdicts? They were going back to court for sentencing as they had already been fond guilty. The BBC had already had the faces and names up on their media site with the information. As for breaking reporting restrictions, the court has to do 3 things to comply with this (as by their own rules) 1,there have to be notices on the doors of the court. 2 there has to be information stating that the case is bound by reporting restrictions on their website. 3 (I think this is right) there has to be a clerk available outside the court room so as to be available in case reporter's ask if there is a reporting ban and any such questions. None of the above were adhered to.. Last trial was unsound, that's why TR had to be released from custody, that came from the judge that jailed him. These new charges were all they could get on him. "Causing distress to the defendants" whilst they returned to the court to be sentenced, as I said above. Exactly as the BBC reporters did to TR going into court. Asking him the exact question and going further by assuming his guilt before his trial.. "Angrily molestation of the defendant's " if you watched the video you can clearly see he was calm and they were extremely abusive. The court took one quote from his live stream (out of context) as he put the question to other reporters, saying he advocated violence to the defendents, clearly that was not the case but the court convinced him of it anyhow.
  15. baker boy

    Big Tommy Robinson news ..just gone live

    The jury had found the pedo paki gang guilty, they were going into court to be sentenced