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  1. There's a bloke on here does a bit of rattling with 1
  2. The only time anyone on that list will be made public is when someone doesn't tow the line and they need discrediting ect
  3. 1st "bought" lamp I ever had, after that ws the Blue eye, how things have come on
  4. Maxs law 2- if anyone calls me out I'll shit myself and threaten them with the police
  5. Maxs law- the further away from me someone lives the tougher I can act on the internet
  6. She looks like shes got an inner tube in her gob
  7. Some of the blokes i work with me are hiring limos and spending fortune on clothes and parties
  8. Serious, when did proms become a thing in the uk
  9. I hope he fills up a fat bird
  10. Coward and possible grass to boot
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