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  1. Tried to send you a message says you can't receive them
  2. Austrian Parliment just voted to make the vaccines mandatory for adults
  3. Is that it lol, have a nice day fella, you've lost this 1
  4. Im not a pway ganger ya daft twat that was 15 years ago, I told you 20 mins ago I plan and deliver major renewals, I'll leave it at that now except to say I dont own an old pit house, Ive got a really big house and a second home all bought and paid for and you wanna play Top trumps on money. Let it go fella stop embarassing yourself
  5. I dont need to dream, you're a coss who lives in work to have nice shiny things on tick and cant have a dog he wants, Ive got a proper job that pays a real wage and I dont have to live in work to earn it, got several dogs as well
  6. You're out as a coss for enviromentalists, Im planning and delivering major renewals, ok you win the last word game, go ahead have it
  7. Serious question, how old are you? pm if you prefer
  8. Some daft twats on here admitting to all sorts
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