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  1. baker boy


    I turn them off on my phone
  2. baker boy


    You can turn notifications off or log out and back on when you want, messages start from when you'e logged on then
  3. I had a case of it yesterday, 2 incomers noseing around my kennels while walking their dog,, I went fckn ballistic, really out of character for me as Ive mellowed over the years, apologised to them when they came back down the hill
  4. Fckn deviants......
  5. Is that even legal..
  6. It was 1 of the american "news" channels CBS CNN or something similar, they were questioned on it and pulled the pics
  7. Whats the name of the hospital
  8. So we need to not make cost our number 1 priority, if we learn 1 thing from this its that we need to turn our backs on china and start manufaturing goods in the UK again
  9. Over 70% of the test kits that came out of china failed and were sent back, where is this minimum standard you speak of
  10. Why the fck would any government trust china to provide this gear is beyond me
  11. Fckn china probably
  12. yeah but my youngest is 34 lol
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