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  1. Str


    Hope your granddaughter is on the mend foxpack,nice thought from the local keepers well done to them.
  2. Str

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Nice looking dog,looks strong and robust.
  3. Str

    Full Springer or Cocker

    How are they on recall? Do they get there heads down and go or are they obedient?.
  4. Str

    Spaying lurcher bitches

    I had a terrier spayed at around 2 years old because my other dogs were males,it saved a load of hassle.regards putting on weight I would say say there waist gets thicker but not fat if you know what I mean, it also make there coats abit softer you notice this more in terriers that are hand stripped but it’s nothing to worry about.it doesn’t affect them as workers one bit I would go for it .
  5. Str

    Full Springer or Cocker

    I would get one and train it then buy another two pups are not easy ,There’s a terrier x spaniel for sale in bushing section have a look at the vids to see if that style of hunting would suit you as it’s very spaniel like the way it hunts.
  6. Str

    Full Springer or Cocker

    I’ve a full cocker that hunts fox scent like he does pheasant sent and I dare say pre ban they would get stuck in if need be, cockers are very versatile dogs you could bush,go beating or picking up with it but if it’s strictly bushing for bigger stuff then I would go for a cross.also if you get a spaniel from top working lines they hunt like f**k and if not trained it could end up three fields away while out bushing.
  7. Str

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Smart team there kevj.
  8. Str

    Be careful who you vote for!

    Don’t worry paddyluke I’ve broad shoulders.
  9. Str

    Be careful who you vote for!

    Katchum you’ve never worked in the pits or have done 12 months with no wage and I doubt your the sort that could do 12 months on strike so your not qualified to say what you would or wouldn’t do in my situation but your good at spoiling grown up topics like you do mosts days and hours on here, I suggest you get out more with your dogs instead of being constantly on here.
  10. Str

    Be careful who you vote for!

    Sorry to hear you lost your house tatsblisters, i did the full 12 months on strike plus my dad was on strike hard times, it’s a labour run council we’re I live, it’s not perfect but better than when it was Tory run, I am not a big fan of Corbyn but I will never vote conservative because of the past.
  11. If it were me I would be open and state my price for your pups ,you have obviously spent a few pounds buying your dogs so it’s only fair you get a good return for well reared KC registered pups,if somebody really wants a teckel they can either pay up or shut up.
  12. Str

    Bloody dog

    Most dogs no matter how well trained they are will try it on now and again regardless of what breed they are, try recalling the dog in the garden or somewhere it can’t escape from,shout the dog if it doesn’t come when called race across to the dog and grab it by the scruff and tell it off properly so it knows it’s been told off then quickly move a few yards away, crouching call the dog in a kind voice, you will find it will quickly come to you, when it does make a big fuss of the dog, this method very quickly learns the dog it’s better all round if they come when called, dogs soon learn if there owners legs don’t work and act accordingly. I bring my pups up with this method so they grow up thinking I can always catch them.good luck
  13. Bedlington stud dog Yorkshire!!
  14. Str

    An hour bushing with dog and gun

    I let him go to ground in rabbit sets which have also held Fox’s in the past, I’ve done this since he was around 7 months so I can reinforce that he comes out when shouted out which he does, he’s not the sort of dog that just runs round like a silly b*****d out of control, so in answer to your question he could drop to ground but it’s unlikely and if he did I am confident I could shout him out.cheers.
  15. Str

    An hour bushing with dog and gun

    I’ve had a few hours this aft with the dogs pushing game out of cover for me to knock over with shotgun, we ended with 5 rabbits & 2 pigeons, the terrier also managed to push a fox out after he had fallowed the scent for 3-400 yards before pushing it out, the terrier doesn’t yap when on scent or chasing he’s the only terrier ive had to do this but I’ve noticed through not yapping he can get much closer to game.