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  1. Str

    With a little help

    My cocker caught his first clean rabbit this aft with a little help from a stoat I think,we had worked a hedge down pushing a few pheasants out and both dogs showed some interest in a rabbit set but I don’t have the dogs digging in holes I move straight on,we had walked another 100 yards when I could just hear a rabbit squeal but I couldn’t tell were it was coming from but the cocker could he ran straight to the set and in the hedge coming straight back with a rabbit alive,on inspection there was the tell tale puncture marks on the back of the neck and a small amount of blood ,a stoat I would say,either way it’s done my cockers confidence some good.
  2. Str

    Another vets bill

    If he’s your best mate have the teeth removed and take it from there,it’s only money good luck .
  3. The Yorkshire dales are a national park so it’s farmed more kindly, I am a regular in the dales but on a motorbike,in the summer months the fields are a blanket of butter cups with buzzards soaring above them!! It’s a very different world to we’re I live that’s arable farming,so in answer to your question it’s got to be farming practice and we’re the dales are situated which is high ground so colder temperatures especially in the winter which maybe kills viruses ,I know the rabbits in the dales get hunted get mixi etc but maybe because the dales are ideal living conditions for rabbits it enables them to bounce back,Fred 90 I am not having ago at you or anyone on here but some of the blame lies firmly at our doors.there was nobody worse than me but I am learning.
  4. Disease killing rabbits is not new I am in my 50s and I’ve seen mixi strike again and again but they have some how come back from it but its the combination of disease,land pressures, over hunting that I personally think is the problem ,I’ve heard lads on here say many times I used to be able to take 20 30 40 rabbits when ferreting but only a few now!!! They still keep going back when they know rabbits are thin on the ground and ferreting them again!! You can’t have your cake and eat it.
  5. It’s the same in my area Fred buzzards were never seen but there’s plenty now, there’s always been healthy badger population in my area but I would say they are more spread around now, I am not a fan of buzzards as the kestrel population has decreased local to me and I’ve flushed a buzzard off a freshly killed little owl but they are not wholesale killers of rabbits.i use to lamp from a Land Rover on a 3000 acre estate and shoot with a shotgun upto 125 rabbits in 4 hours the least I shot was 20 and that place had more than its fair share of badgers buzzards.
  6. There easy targets, I’ve watched summer half to full grown rabbits 50 yards form home with buzzards soaring above them, they wouldn’t do that if buzzards were a real threat, I’ve seen buzzards on very young rabbits,I’ve stud in pheasant pens with six weeks old poults which clamp to the ground when buzzards fly over because they are easy caught in pens.foxs kill rabbits but not by ferreting lamping nite vision there not as affective as I am with a shotgun lamp and land rover.you have to except that foxes etc will kill game but there not the reason for land suddenly becoming void of all game,the blame lies with folks who don’t know when they have killed enough.
  7. mixi struck this summer I went catching as many mixi rabbits as I could and I didn’t shoot the healthy ones and they have recovered despite foxes badgers kites buzzards.
  8. Mans the problem not badgers Fox’s & buzzards, farmers farm for profit that’s the number one problem for all the birds & animals on arable land especially in this country,the population is growing and there’s more demand on land for more housing and more food,not many farmers have scrub & waste land & how many keep up to there hedge rows dykes’ etc, huntings next, rifles on a night,ferreting guns dogs during the day no wonder numbers of game are dropping in many areas.ive counted upto 8 buzzards soaring above the farm at the end of my street, there’s Fox’s & badgers yet there’s still a healthy rabbit population because I don’t hammer them into near extinction, i manage the rabbit population so the farmers happy but I’ve still a few to chase with the dogs,hunters need to look a little closer to home.
  9. Can anyone recommend some wellies that have a ridged sole like on a good quality walking boots? Ive problems with my feet which makes bending my big toes painful,I can get by with my Altberg walking boots which have a really ridged sole with a rocking action so my toes don’t bend but I would like some wellies for when it’s really muddy and I’ve not too far to walk.
  10. Str

    Started well

    Foxpack 2 do you take your pics on your phone or a camera cos they always look nice and clear.
  11. In the 1980s my area was short on rabbits through mixi & over hunting,a local lad had some good permission in the Yorkshire dales ,he started to release ferreted rabbits on a regular basis and the area has never looked back, I would give it ago what have you got to lose.
  12. Str

    Good night for it

    Bet they could sell some pups of the back of that dog, Daniel do you know what percentage collie the dog was? Cheers.
  13. Str

    Good night for it

    What’s the dogs breeding?.