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  1. Terracotta Army wasn’t bad for starters Archibold.
  2. Which is it? You have always shaved every terrier in the garden? Or your latest post you have stripped and clipped dogs for years? Which is it? If clipping is the answer why have you persisted in stripping dogs as we’ll? Your full of shite and I for one wouldn’t believe anything you say on this forum.
  3. If you have only ever shaved them you will see no improvement the coat will just stay the same as you have found, if you stripped the coat for the first time you would see an improvement, how do I know that ? Because I’ve done it many times to many dogs and not once has someone said to me the coat is just the same as before, rabbit hunter all I can say to you is try it and you will be converted, it takes 2-3 hours to do one dog.
  4. I’ve had a good look round today for a moisture trap and you can get in line ones but they are only good for 10 psi which is miles away from what I need, the hydraulic shop I’ve been today said they don’t know of any 200 psi in line filters .
  5. Well it will do cos you have only ever clipped it!! Stripping is for both working and showing as it’s the best coat for both, what amazes me is the ones who have only ever clipped there dogs know best,I strip my dogs because it’s whats best for them regards protection, I put the same effort into keeping them fit,feeding, housing, obedience and hunting every day it’s all part of looking after your dogs correctly no half measures for me.
  6. It does fallout to an extent but you can speed the process along .
  7. Stripping is for showing and clipping for workers !! You have that the wrong way round, how long have you owned working dogs 18 months.
  8. Can’t get your head round pulling dead hair out? Dogs moult that’s dead hair , for somebody who’s not hand stripped a dog you know some stuff.
  9. No luck today with moisture trap!! There are some on eBay but they are coming from China which I am not keen on.Phil I know what your saying about a bottle to fill the gun but exercise doesn’t bother me in fact I like it lol .
  10. Yes still got bsa ultra it’s a great little gun.
  11. Anyone know of an in-line moisture trap? There’s an hydraulic place near me I will ask if they sell one.
  12. There’s two types of hair the outer hard coat and a softer under coat. Advice, wise men don’t need it and fools won’t take it.
  13. I didn’t say the coat wouldn’t grow back.the reason why the dogs coat changes direction is because clipping damages the outer guard hairs but the under coat is not damaged so grows as normal ,with the guard hairs damaged and the under coat growing as normal the coat grows out .when stripping the dogs coat your pulling dead coat out so there’s no damage to the follicle.you may have always clipped your dogs and that’s upto you but there is a better way .
  14. No it’s not it’s just called that by folks who don’t or can’t hand strip there dogs, when I do mine I’ll put some before and after pics up, if you don’t fancy hand stripping your dogs rather than clipp buy a mars comb £30 ish it pulls and cuts the coat rather than just clip the coat, it’s not as good as hand stripping but much better than clipping.
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