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  1. Str

    different collie crosses.

    Looks like a Hancock bred dog , nice looking dog.
  2. There’s mounted packs not put as many foxes out of cover as you and your lad Morton,come on fox after fox after fox! You should have started your reply with Once opon time.we will after agree to disagree atb.
  3. Str

    HW80K .22

    It looks a nice dog, I’ve a Sealyham x Russell.
  4. Str

    different collie crosses.

    Beardie/border x greyhound,didn’t like the car but lots of dogs aren’t keen on traveling in cars,good with kids,good nose could catch rabbits,easily trained,nice dog.
  5. Str

    HW80K .22

    How’s your little dog bred?
  6. Str

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    Your right shaaark it looked right when I typed it lol, they are shaped like a Labrador though.
  7. Str

    New pup. Thanks Jacob evo

    What breeds are in the dogs make up,I am asking this because of his pendulum ears like a Labrador? Nice pup looks well reared.
  8. I am not sure Fred as I’ve never bred liver pups, I’ve seen young 3-4 month old liver pups but by this time the coats are changing colour,they have liver noses & different coloured eyes than blue bedlingtons.
  9. Bedlington pups are born black.
  10. Let’s be honest you don’t get to push that many Fox’s out from cover it’s certainly not a weekly thing or monthly on my local ground, I see them but they have usually winded me first unless they are slack foxes.
  11. Sometimes Morton I am open mouthed at what you say,I had bedlingtons 1980s to 2000 Rillington strain,2 KC rillington & one 1/16 border so I am not un qualified to talk about Bedlingtons ,I like Bedlingtons they are good around kids and other dogs,good guard dogs,work wise knocking about they are very entertaining rarely get knocked up and mine used to hunt like f**k but there not perfect nothing is,they are too big for most fox earths & the Bedlingtons I’ve seen that are 14-15 TTS often have weak heads and don’t really resemble Bedlingtons.all my bedlingtons could retrieve & recall wasn’t bad but they are not smart dogs.regards chasing and catching fox’s on a regular basis well we will after agree to disagree on that one.
  12. Cheers gripper,yes he worked to ground but he was on the stockier side which limited him as it’s mainly dug out rabbit holes round here,the other Lucas I had was better to ground but I am not a digging man as they say,when they were to ground i always hoped for a bolt,both could be shouted out which is a handy thing to be able to do.
  13. Morton,my point was any terrier can be trained to do anything a Bedlington can do and I stand by that ,I agree they may not do it as quickly as a Bedlington or have the legs to climb stone walls but there’s more to a hunting than who’s the quickest terrier,I’ve been like You Morton impressed with the Bedlingtons speed & drive and I agree it takes some beating but in my late 30s I bought a Lucas terrier which wasn’t as quick as my Bedlingtons but in every way she was better at ratching about,she caught more rabbits ,she worked close & brain wise she could buy & sell my Bedlington,when dogging pheasants back to pens she worked them hard in cover but once on open fields she would drive them like a little collie,once back to the pen she would sit quietly as they were fed.me and you want different kind of dog,I want a bright dog that works close & is versatile so I can shoot,beat, ratch about with it,I don’t want the fastest terrier on the block as I’ve been there and done that. Pic is of Lucas dog sat among young pheasants upside down which is a neat trick,dog retrieving rabbit from other bank,fox cub shot in lamp & retrieved, versatile or not Morton?.
  14. Daniel you say your starting to sway towards a terrier that can do more than one thing,it’s not the dog Daniel it’s the owners that limit the dogs,a fell terrier with the right training could do anything a bedlington could do,Morton says how his bedlington hunts hares field after field! Any terrier could do that cos it’s out of control,dogs like that are a nightmare as there always too far in front which is no good if you have a gun in your hands unless it’s a Kalashnikov or as beating dogs or to flush to lurchers as they have there own agendas..
  15. Str

    Holidays dog boarding

    I look after my mates horses while he’s away and he walks my dogs in return,I am looking after them this week and I can tell you he’s got a good deal, regards booster jabs my vet only charges £12 for a booster so I always get them done,they only charge £22 for a puppy’s complete jabs.