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  1. There’s a guy here in the states using a wheaten as a catchdog. Bigger the better for a catchdog up to a point. Although smaller catchdogs can work as the bay dogs usually pile on once the catchdog latches on.
  2. Approximately 32 people die every day from drunk driving related accidents. How dare we continue to consume such a beverage that provides no utility other then intoxication. Side note: I lost my grandmother and aunt to a drunk driver. I still consume alcohol. I just don’t drive intoxicated. Imagine that
  3. Distrust of government is fundamental to a free society. Following your government like sheep is the recipe for a dictatorship. A government that doesn’t have a healthy fear of their citizens is akin to a terrier having zero respect for its owner. Democracy is a beautiful thing as long as there are checks and balances. And for the record, I’m adamantly against my country sticking our nose in other countries business 95% of the time.
  4. The second amendment is the foundation for which the constitution is based off of. Without the second amendment, the government is free to do as they will. Don’t believe me? Research the Bundy Ranch Standoff and the peaceful armed protest in 2020 in Virginia over the governor wanting to confiscate firearms. If you wish to look further, research every violent dictator in history. All of them ruled over a disarmed population. Secondly, if guns are banned the only people that would be disarmed is law abiding citizens. Criminals don’t follow the law. Hence why they are criminals. I deal
  5. Thank you. He has been on fur. Nothing to brag about yet though. Most important, he’s super stable.
  6. Thought I’d show what I ended up with. He’ll be 3 in may. He’s mostly a pet but I’ve done a few things with him and he did well. Nothing to write home about yet though. Pretty happy with him
  7. Saw a 25lb frenchie cross catch a hog. All heart lol
  8. Sometimes “just because” or “because you want to” is a good enough reason to do something. Good luck! Share pics
  9. Nice looking pup!! I’m interested to see her/him grow. Wheatens and Glens come from the same basic stock. It will be interesting to see which side of the gene pool the pup favors. Any pics of the parents?
  10. Many years ago I watched a Boston/Frenchie cross catch a hog in a catch pen. Tons of heart. Also, Google Old Boston Bulldog
  11. Loving this thread and all pics. Seems the glen and Kerry wasn’t trialed all that much. Mainly a wheaten and bull show .
  12. Coyotes look bigger then they really are. There isn’t much under all that fur. With that said, it would take a big terrier (wheaten, glen etc) to deal with one. The real issues with coyotes here is that they are usually not alone.
  13. Initially drawn to them by their looks. Love that low slung, powerful look. Then started researching the breed and the “iron fist in a velvet glove” temperament was very appealing to me. I’ve had bulldogs and terriers that ran pretty hot all the time. Not my cup of tea anymore. To each their own.
  14. Finally got me a glen after all these years. I’ve had him for a couple months now. He is 5 months old. He comes from a kennel here in the states. He’s a pet first, worker second. So no hardcore expectations on my part. So far couldn’t be happier with this little guy. He has more fire in his belly thus far then pups I’ve had in the past from working kennels. Time will tell. Most important he fits in great with my 6 year old son. Biggest issue is he’s wanting to kill my wife’s cats already. We going to see how good a trainer I am if I’m able to break him from the family cats but still have him
  15. I have a soft spot for scotties. Enjoy seeing historical pics of them. Doubt they were much of a working dog though
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