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  1. Any one want a 5month old patterdale need gone asap
  2. lamping weather, ✨=

  3. any lurcher pups Bristol area,

  4. my old mans brown austin allegro,, he paid £50 for it..me on the back seat with 4 wet stinking lurchers!!! lmao
  5. i can remeber when i was about ten yrs old & out with my old man, and brother who was 13 at the time we was on the plains with a dog each, any way the farmer came racing across the feild in his big 4x4 & shot gun pointing at us , as he pulled up ,only a hare has got up and bolted ,well me being young ,the lurcher i was holding pulled out the slip & started coursing this hare , the farmer started to line the gun up to shoot the dog, my brother has only ran in front of the shotgun , the farmer nearly blew his head off his shoulders, and shot in the air!! well all this happened pre b
  6. just read a article from a family member from ireland !! the treatment of spanish coursing dogs [bANNED TEXT] not needed at the end of the season, to put a dog asleep is fair enough ,but to put a tube or stick in it,s mouth so it can't eat or drink for several days is just sad, it might be a cheap way to kill a dog but to see a dog suffer like that is SAD , it would be more humane to drown um !!! just seeing the pic of a pile of greyhounds dead with tubes in their mouth made me blood boil , senseless suffering ,i,ll try and get the link up but i,m shit with computers!!!
  7. me & the old man went to pick up a lurcher pup , a good 3 hours drive , when we got there we seen he had about ten kennels , all different breeds AND x,s with litters...all the pups were skinny as f**k .took 1 look and walked out .with a 3 hour drive & no pup,,,but ur pup looks healthy ,so best of luck with it mate , we all learn from mistake's? all the best
  8. would the pigs stick together against dogs or split ? every pig 4 itself.... !!! would'nt like to bump into one with its young!!!
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