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  1. As anyone got a collie greyhound stud dog available
  2. Hi everyone do any of you have any pigeon decoying equipment for sale or no anyone pm me if you do thanks .
  3. Advertiser TOP HUNTING LAD Date 14/07/19 Price Category Gundogs

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    Hi got a litter of Hungarian pups for sale 4dogs and 1 bitch any more info pm kc registered


    - GB

  5. Hi dose anyone work Hungarian vizsla on here because you don't see many working ones about I work them just asking as seeking s line in the future thanks
  6. Any one breeding a litter out there in the future or now if so PM me cheers
  7. Anyone got any information on Dave platts deerhounds ?
  8. He got a kelpie X for stud it's in back of edrd
  9. Any one no were I can get a mincer from or any one that's getting rid off one
  10. Hi any one no were I can get a mincer from a decent one for dog meat
  11. He's just wants it so when he's out and puts owt he bags it in the first field not running running that's all cheers for getting back to me
  12. Hi what's the best cross Saluki X whippet or a Saluki X grew bit of advice if anyone could tell me it's for a mate ?
  13. Bellman and flint box and collars View Advert Hi got back up for sale as been let down ! pieps box and two collars for sale in good working order genuine reason for sale packing in the sport ,it is second hand ! Advertiser TOP HUNTING LAD Date 01/11/18 Price £200.00 Category Working Terriers  
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