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  1. There is loads of shite about that's the problem nowadays
  2. Any one no of any decent bull greyhound pups going or anyone breeding in the near future im in no rush just waiting for the right pup pm me with any details
  3. A friend of mine asked me to pup a dog pup sprocker on here for sale pm me for details if interested
  4. There is a few genuine lads about who's got the stuff it's finding them, I no what you mean about people name dropping but that's the chance you got to take now days with the dog peddlers about
  5. After a lucas bred stud dog if there anyone who's got one pm me with the breeding cheers
  6. OK thanks are they decent enough tho for the job if you get the 15 m or the 35 m
  7. Any one got any advice on the hikvision thermal imaging on here?
  8. Who bred that Billy dog and what colour was he?
  9. Looking for a triple terrier box if anything available or no anyone please PM me cheers
  10. As anyone got a collie greyhound stud dog available
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