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  1. Is there anyone who puts together decent shovels without me having to buy and modify something?
  2. Just out of curiosity what is everyone's preference Dog or Bitch? Personally I prefer a good bitch they are often smaller, more sensible and therefore more versatile this is just my opinion and it would be nice to hear from others about their opinion and reasons why.
  3. Hopefully this dickhead starts well! Only 6 months in the pic but she is nearly 14 months now
  4. The smell is just the food sitting in her swollen gum I’m sure
  5. Flush the inside of her mouth with salt water?
  6. Hi lads, my bitch took a bit to much stick on the weekend and has a bit of a swollen face she is eating but food is getting stuck in her face. I’m cleaning it regularly but I was just wondering what methods are best to prevent infection in this area because it smells a bit funny?
  7. The pup i kept back from a summer breeding 5 months now dam with pups and the Russell is the sire
  8. I have been looking for stuff like that for a while with no luck where did you get it from??
  9. Thanks for all the genuine advice lads it seems there are many ways to skin this particular cat so to speak.
  10. Im intrested to know how you decide at what length to dock a puppies tail or what you use as a guide?
  11. My black bitch as a pup, she has turned into a lovely sensible little worker now
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