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  1. If yous are in the market for a spade lads I would highly recommend
  2. Wondering how to go about asking for new permission. Only ever hunted the land around my house for a couple mile with my uncle, but there’s been a lot of cattle sheds being built and a lot of land being cleared in the process this year taking with it most of the rabbity spots that used to hold quite a few. So I’m needing to look a bit farther afield now but a lot of the sheep farmers around don’t take to kindly to lads with dogs especially lads that are digging. So any advice? atb
  3. Well she’s a 1/4 fell But I always refer to her as a Russell bitch
  4. Very close to Northern Ireland
  5. that's her so yous can get an idea of her size
  6. Father was similar height wise but a much tighter dog and mother was quite leggy. Think she was the smallest of the litter and is dwarfed by most other terriers shes beside. Just wouldn't want her to run into any complications. Think i just need an old type Russell like her father for sire.
  7. Purely just because I’d like a pup from her myself as she’s proved herself over the last couple of seasons. A Bayer through and through but does the job and is able to get in anywhere
  8. just wondering if i could breed my Russell bitch, shes four and very small about 9 inches at the shoulder. Just wondering if it would be a good idea given her size.
  9. Looking for a lakeland round donegal/derry area, anyone able to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated. Atb
  10. Definitely know what you mean and you're right, just wanted to hear some other views.
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