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  1. Looking for a lakeland round donegal/derry area, anyone able to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated. Atb
  2. Hahah thanks, learning a lot
  3. Definitely know what you mean and you're right, just wanted to hear some other views.
  4. No Str, no intent to breed at all any time soon as the dogs done no work. Was just wondering after a few seasons if she proved herself, that was all.
  5. Cheers fat man, id rather do it the right way instead of taking any shortcuts.
  6. Cheers milliken, that's the info i was looking for. What should i be looking for in her working wise to know if she's worth it.
  7. Aye, hopefully I'll be on to somethin soon.
  8. Was thinking the same. It's just i have this bitch russell x lakeland that was got as a family pet and she's bolted a few out on walks, but not sure if she's up to the grade as i wouldn't know what to be looking for in a proper working dog.
  9. Wondering about your thoughts on a dog with an underbite in terms of breeding?
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