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  1. Boristheblade

    Big numbers in one night

    Rabbits up north slower than south apparently
  2. Boristheblade

    Looking for a lamping pup

    A mate has a litter, collie grey x coursing type. Should make handy rabbiting dogs.
  3. Boristheblade

    Young busher

    Cheers mate. Certainly will be some fun times when they all rioting, can’t wait to see how this pup performs when he’s mature.
  4. Boristheblade

    Young busher

    Smart little bitch she is mate, similar to her older brother Iv got.
  5. Boristheblade

    Young busher

    Doing just fine mate. High hopes for him.
  6. Boristheblade

    Young busher

  7. Boristheblade

    Young busher

  8. Boristheblade

    Young busher

  9. Boristheblade

    Young busher

    Few pics n videos of young busher, pleasure to own this little fella, has the exact same mannerisms n character as his 2 older brothers not much phases him. High hopes for him when he starts to graft.
  10. Boristheblade

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    I thought he already had a black n white spaniel terrier that’s why I asked. Got him confused with someone else.
  11. Boristheblade

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    What made you go to the beagle spaniel route instead of spaniel terrier mate?
  12. Boristheblade

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Get through some dogs you lad
  13. Boristheblade

    Holidays dog boarding

    Do Thl members get special weekly rates?
  14. Boristheblade

    Holidays dog boarding

    A mate of mine stopped at mine n I paid him but I had a feeling the fuker wasn’t walkin them much. I don’t give mine a yearly booster either. Waste of time. My mates guna have a shuffle round in his kennels n is guna have the lot of mine when I’m away. So I’ll just chuck him some cash.